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  1. Guys I deleted a few posts in this thread. I am all for joking around, you guys know that but please think before you type. I think this kid is a minor...like 16 years old or so.

    I've been fending for myself since age 12. :box:

  2. Hell yeah. This group isn't just a bunch of hackers. They are human activists and this is their way of non violent protest.

    They aren't a group as such. Anyone can claim the banner as a member of Anonymous, post videos, etc. as if they were the head of the group. But there is no head. Some of the stuff some members that choose to consider themselves members of Anonymous do some beneficial social activism, but there are quite a number of others that are willing to pull a Lulzsec or simply hack groups to increase in popularity/get respect. The problem with all this is that they don't have any clearly defined goals, and anyone can try and make their ideas those of the group to legitimize it. Not always a good thing.

    For a good example of this, check out the Anonops twitter page. They're a smaller, more directed unit of Anonymous, and they've tweeted "TO PRESS: MEDIAS OF THE WORLD... STOP LYING! #OpFacebook is just ANOTHER FAKE! WE DONT "KILL" THE MESSENGER. THAT'S NOT OUR STYLE #Anonymous". It's some random guy or group claiming to speak for all of Anonymous.

  3. Ahh so you want proof but your counterpoint is based on guesses and speculation. Nice! :)

    That wasn't meant to be a counterpoint. That's just one other surmise one can guess at without any concrete proof. IF you would like another, how about "for all we know, Rex Ryan might have pissed in Braylon's Wheaties and that's why he went to the 9ers." I can go on and on. All I'm saying is it's completely illogical to state we could've signed Braylon for the same money without any evidence to back that up.

  4. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We could have given him a one year deal for the same price! $3M would have done it.

    Now listening to the media trash this move :(

    People keep saying this. Can you provide a source or link to back that? For all we know, the Jets offered 3 to 4 mill but Braylon was insulted or whatever, took to the open market, found there was no market, and was forced to sign a similar (or possibly even poorer) contract with the niners.

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