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  1. And lol... [Fred Jetstone] 8:14 pm: Why doesn’t Bollinger get a legitimate shot? THe fans online, at the stadium, at the tailgates and on the streets have affectionately named him “Bollywood” and they all love him and believe in him and are behind him. Why doesn’t he get his chance? What do you think of the nickname Bollywood? [RichCimini] 8:16 pm: Love the Bollywood name, but the bottom line is, Herm isn’t a believer in Bollywood. He simply has no confidence in the guy. What can I say? [Fred Jetstone] 8:17 pm: Rich, can you refer to Bollinger as “Bollywood” from now on [RichCimini] 8:17 pm: Not enough arm strength to get the ball to the perimeter. Not enough on-field command to direct the offense. Too short. Fumbles a lot (did in preseason anyway). Doesn’t have “it” factor. [Fred Jetstone] 8:18 pm: Dude, is that your opinion or are you speculating for Herm? [RichCimini] 8:19 pm: Just relaying what I believe Herm’s feelings to be. I agree with some of it, although I think they’re getting to the point where they should give Bollywood a chance.
  2. I dunno, he also said this: "Herm is in the top 10-12 coaches, with potential to go way higher. Yes, he’s involved in game planning, but he really lets his coordinators do the bulk of it. Herm is more of a big picture guy."
  3. If he keeps flailing his arms about, he might over time lose those chins...
  4. What if Plax develops explosive diarrhea during our games? He's been in prison so long, he might not be too used to normal food. Should we leave a crapper on the field to minimize missed plays, should we force him to go into the locker room to recover, or should we sit him altogether? A crapper on the field might lower team morale, but so might leaving him off the field. Where should we compromise? (I mean, while we're discussing hypotheticals and all...)
  5. Yeah but at the same time, nobody will be bitching about the next Mike Nugent's short kickoffs.
  6. Watch Blade Runner if you haven't yet. I had never even heard of it before Netflix suggested it, but that might be due more to the fact that I was born nearly 15 years after it came out.
  7. Nice! I'll be living just outside LA for the next four years.
  8. Do you know why Eli Manning won that Super Bowl? He made Asante Samuel drop an easy INT. You know who else is really good at that? Mark Sanchez. We might as well hand him the trophy now and skip the season, because we all know how it'll end.
  9. I used to love multiplayer online games, especially like the Call of Duty series, but I can't stand it now. Such a repetitive timesuck.
  10. The world tried that once in mercantilism...never again, lol.
  11. That's a rather indirect way to compliment his pecs.
  12. If only you guys played against Chad Henne...he's like super good at throwing INTs.
  13. http://forums.bestbuy.com/t5/iPods-MP3-players/Is-it-possible-to-get-an-Ipod-Touch-2nd-Gen-Screen-Replacement/td-p/59303 Info there might be helpful. The cost to repair it seems to be around $100-$150...if it is, just buy a new one. I have a first gen still going strong...it's soo slow with some stuff though. Connecting to Wifi and switching apps...it's jailbroken but I didn't add anything performance-draining.
  15. Damn, I guess we won't be getting any sacks if that's the case. We all know that no sacks get near your a$$.
  16. I shall go with d. all of the above.
  17. How dare you question mark Sanchez! (Get it, get it! "question mark", "Question Mark Sanchez", "question Mark Sanchez". I'll take that post of the week, thank you very much.)
  18. I don't believe in your superstitious "home field advantage"...the only way to make a difference in the score is by the maker of this game thread. Which must be done within 24 hours of kickoff. Faba has thankfully, hopefully, fixed all wrongdoings.
  19. Wait, so it was just Tom having sex with himself?
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