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  1. And lol...

    [Fred Jetstone] 8:14 pm: Why doesn’t Bollinger get a legitimate shot? THe fans online, at the stadium, at the tailgates and on the streets have affectionately named him “Bollywood” and they all love him and believe in him and are behind him. Why doesn’t he get his chance? What do you think of the nickname Bollywood?

    [RichCimini] 8:16 pm: Love the Bollywood name, but the bottom line is, Herm isn’t a believer in Bollywood. He simply has no confidence in the guy. What can I say?

    [Fred Jetstone] 8:17 pm: Rich, can you refer to Bollinger as “Bollywood” from now on

    [RichCimini] 8:17 pm: Not enough arm strength to get the ball to the perimeter. Not enough on-field command to direct the offense. Too short. Fumbles a lot (did in preseason anyway). Doesn’t have “it” factor.

    [Fred Jetstone] 8:18 pm: Dude, is that your opinion or are you speculating for Herm?

    [RichCimini] 8:19 pm: Just relaying what I believe Herm’s feelings to be. I agree with some of it, although I think they’re getting to the point where they should give Bollywood a chance.

  2. What if Plax develops explosive diarrhea during our games? He's been in prison so long, he might not be too used to normal food. Should we leave a crapper on the field to minimize missed plays, should we force him to go into the locker room to recover, or should we sit him altogether? A crapper on the field might lower team morale, but so might leaving him off the field. Where should we compromise?

    (I mean, while we're discussing hypotheticals and all...)

  3. Roger Goodell. He's trying to reduce the amount of injuries, but instead took plenty of potential momentum away from the game. Kickoff returns have always been a big part of the game, this could especially hurt the Jets, because over the years... we've always found ways to feature productive return men under Mike Westhoff.

    Yeah but at the same time, nobody will be bitching about the next Mike Nugent's short kickoffs.

  4. Then so is Henne. Because, statistically, they're equals. And if we factor in balls that SHOULD'VE been intercepted but were dropped, than Henne blows SAnchez out of the water.

    This game is about the quarterback. That's why the Patriots went 14-2 last year. If you have a really good defense (which the Jets do) you can win games that way too. But the fastest track to the title is through the quarterback.

    Look at the last X Super Bowl champions.

    2010 Packers - Aaron Rodgers (Best QB (and player) in the NFL, IMO)

    2009 Saints - Drew Bress (Top 5)

    2008 Steelers - Ben Roethlisberger (Top 7)

    2007 Giants - Eli Manning (The one anamoly, but still top 15. Not a bad QB like Sanchez)

    2006 Colts - Peyton Manning (Top 2 at the time)

    2005 Steelers - Ben Roethlisberger (Top 7)

    2004 Patrios - Tom Brady (Top 3)

    2003 Patriots - Tom Brady (Top 3)

    Yeah, good quarterbacking doesn't win championships. Stick with Sanchez and watch him pile up the rings. ;)

    Do you know why Eli Manning won that Super Bowl? He made Asante Samuel drop an easy INT. You know who else is really good at that? Mark Sanchez. We might as well hand him the trophy now and skip the season, because we all know how it'll end.

  5. Ok, I'm just going to say it.

    *We need protectionist trade policies.

    *We're finished as a nation unless we implement trade policies that favor domestic manufacturing.

    And I'd like to trace the rhetoric saying protectionism is terrible. I bet it's coming straight from Beijing. I can never find a quantitative explanation of how manufacturing our own goods is so bad, I only hear "Well, it's just a terrible idea".

    Terrible for who? Beijing, that's who.

    Pot feels good. Heroin feels good. But they're drugs. Long-term, bad things happen.

    Cheap products feel good. But they're a DRUG TOO. We need to see low offshored prices as a drug rotting our economy and check ourselves into rehab. The leaders in China are clever people. They know that we're hooked and don't have the means to pull the needle out. Our Congress is focused on 'winning' arguments from day to day, and not on governing for the long-term.

    I realize consumer prices would go up. We'll live. We did just fine without England wiping our a$$, and we don't need China doing it either.

    The world tried that once in mercantilism...never again, lol.

  6. The biggest question mark is Mark Sanchez. And we just brought in a guy who can help him do his job better. Oh, but I forgot, our front office is terrible and doesn't know what its doing.

    How dare you question mark Sanchez!

    (Get it, get it! "question mark", "Question Mark Sanchez", "question Mark Sanchez". I'll take that post of the week, thank you very much.)

  7. How about you all just delete or dump this thread entirely? It's obvious some of you care more about "when and who starts a gameday thread"... instead of actually talking about the Jets taking the field in less than 10 days against the Houston Texans on ESPN. It doesn't matter which poster creates the gameday thread, it has no barring on the outcome of the game to begin with. You wanna make a difference in the score? Go to the game, make as much noise as possible and help give the Jets home field advantage. That's the only way any of us can attempt to "contribute" to the outcome of the score. I can't talk for the rest of you, but I'm fired up for this up coming preseason.

    I don't believe in your superstitious "home field advantage"...the only way to make a difference in the score is by the maker of this game thread. Which must be done within 24 hours of kickoff. Faba has thankfully, hopefully, fixed all wrongdoings.

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