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  1. It's awfully quiet. I think it's getting done. I also predict we get Braylon. You have to remember that if they are restructering Sanchez contract etc, it takes alot of lawyer/contract crap.

    I thought they couldn't restructure Sanchez's contract? LT's is being restructured though.

  2. You have to get the money aspect out of your head....it isnt an issue.

    How do you discuss signing a player that will command $10+ mill per year without considering the money aspect? That's like trying to have sex without a boner. Or something like that.

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  3. I hate phone interviews. Granted I don't like to talk on the phone in general. I find it hard to understand what people mean, ie. when they're serious or not, without seeing their facial reactions. Makes me very nervous when I can't picture who it is I'm talking to, and puts me off my game in general. Makes sense if you've got a big pool that you're trying to narrow it down, but give me something in person definitely. That makes it infinitely easier to identify with the interviewer.

    Granted, the extent of my experience is like 7 college interviews, so...

  4. 2010:

    Kyle Orton: 7.3 YPA, 20 TDs, 9 INTs, 87.5 QB rating

    Chad Henne: 6.7 YPA, 15 TDs, 19 INTs, 75.4 QB rating

    Mark Sanchez: 6.5 YPA, 17 TDs, 13 INTs, 75.3 QB rating

    Sounds like Sanchez is the worst of the three.

    And maybe we could talk about Mark Sanchez having the most dropped interceptions in the NFL. Do you think that trend will continue forever?


    Sanchez had 15 DROPPED INTs. No other quarterback had more than 8.

    Yes, our quarterback blows, but at least we aren't pretending like he's some sort of godsend. Frankly, he's better than your quarterback.


    Why are we talking about last year?

    Want to bet you're not the 2nd best team in the conference in 2011?

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  5. Half of his 15 dropped INTs get caught (like every single other QB) then he doesn't even get a chance to make late plays.

    And while we're counting, Henne had one dropped INT. So that means Henne threw 20 balls to the defense and Sanchez threw 28. But whos counting?

    OK, you win. Henne clearly throws way better interceptions.

    Wait, what?

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  6. Over 300k of them... ouch

    Seriously... that sucks and you know if Sony did the same thing with the PS3 people would be ripping them apart.

    The primary difference is Sony went all in with Blu-Ray, Microsoft did not with HD-DVD. If HD-DVD won out, Sony would be stuck selling their games on a dead medium. Microsoft can (and did) just stop selling the extension and forget it ever happened.

  7. I rode both ways. There you go again judging others. I dont give a rats a$$ what you did there. Whats next a hidden message unveiled with an onion pen. How about you go take your meds and a nap and come back later.

    Selective deletion.

  8. As an avid video gamer, I can say it.

    Until very recently, older games and game systems either required a seperate machine running slower CPU's, or the original console hardware and cartridge, to be able to play. There was no back-tech to play older games or current gen PC's, and apart from Sony's PS systems, not much back-tech to play older console systems games.

    Only recently has there been some advances in third-party software to play older things on current systems (in the PC realm), consoles are (generally) still screwed.

    A book made of paper is effectively eternal (for far longer than my own lifetime, if treated well). It requires no added technology to utilize or enjoy, it provides full featured content in and of itself.

    A Kindle (for example) may be great today, but your Kindle book file in 20 years will almost guaranteed be multiple generations of out-dated and obsolete. You (the owner) will hence be required to constantly update the equipment, software and teh data itself to newer, more current formats and tech as time marches on. You will be required to keep a watchful eye on such things, lest you miss a step, or the conversion software become unavailable, or quite possibly no conversion software is created. Lord knows it's not in the publishers interests to create conversion software, they'd rather you rebuy it in a newer formet for their newest tablet, pod or holodeck-e-reader.

    If we both do nothing, my book is as perfect as the day it was printed. Your Kindle is a formerly expensive obsolete paperweight, and the file your book is in no longer supported and may or may not work at all by that point, assuming your 20 year old Kindle still works. If you've upgraded systems over that period, perhaps multiple times, you've invested and reinvested money to do so, and if you're able to convert your files, you likely will ahve also invested into the conversion software (perhaps freeware, but I doubt it).

    Beyond all that extra hassle, I have a nice looking library of books in my home, you have a cheap POS plastic pad, hard to read in sunlight or low-light, small, cold and disposable.

    As for Libaries: No thanks. I'm an owner, not a borrower. I would say more, but this is not, in fact, the JI Poli-Sci section. ;) Lets just say Public Libraries are the very FIRST places that should be 100% digitized and digitally (online) distributed, and the costly physical plants/property/books liquidated.

    Eink screens are pretty readable in sunlight, and Mirasol's tech should be really good. I've never had trouble with them in sunlight...

    As for libraries, you're an owner not a borrower because you can afford such a luxury. Others can't, thus the necessity of libraries in my opinion. Now if only we could get parents to bring their children there...

    I don't see the software itself of the books becoming obsolete--there's nothing to add imo beyond epub, and even if there was there's no reason for it not to work on future devices. There's no one "Kindle book file" because they can read PDF, ePub, etc, and I don't think the standards for those file types will change in the future. And technically your book in the future could rip, suffer water damage, text could fade, etc. You can't really backup books unless you've got a ton of money and space, lol.

  9. Only thing that sucks about the previews, at least on Kindle, is that they give you the first 20 or so pages of the book, beginning with the introduction, acknowledgements, etc. Doesn't allow you to flip around and get a feel for the book before you buy.

    The only thing I really have experience with is Google Books, which lets you start from anywhere and kind of limits you as you keep turning pages. Some sections are occasionally completely removed but it works well enough. You don't know how many book quotes I've found for papers based off remembering a word/phrase and searching that in the book--even for copyrighted stuff.

  10. I'd kinda be digging some HTC stock right now, but gold is a nice option for security. It's a precious commodity that will always be treated as such. We price gold in dollars because dollars is the common currency--but the common currency is itself only valuable because we assign it a value. Money can get to a point where it won't buy you bread, its status in exchange/barter doesn't inherently increase its value. There's a reason money was originally backed by gold, and that's because gold is more permanent in its attractiveness.

    Gold per pound may only be worth a cent tomorrow, but I would trust that not happening more than any currency suffering massive inflation. Everything's subjected to the same market--and there are a ton of people that have lost a lot on supposedly solid investments.

  11. I despise online shopping. I want to look at the thing I'm buying before I buy it. The trend to "all shopping is online shopping" is another bad one IMO.

    Shocking for the VERY blue/liberal Northern VA, wouldn't you agree?

    And yes, a move is in the works.

    Most places let you read a limited version, or at least a number of excerpts from the book before buying. Amazon preview, google books etc.

    One of the best things about ebooks in my opinion is that all the stuff before the new copyright laws (ie. like pre-1954 I think?) are pretty much free. Project Gutenberg etc. are awesome.

  12. The problem with all-electronic books and music is simply this: you can't browse a store, find a gem, discuss it with a fellow music/book lover or a store employee. The actual discovery of new books/music was a huge part of the enjoyment for me. I remember hearing Candlebox at a Tower records and buying a CD long before they ever hit the radio. "Blossom" is still an awesome tune. The same goes for the "beat" writers. Found an old copy of On the Road by Kerouac and that lead me to Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allan Ginsburg, William Burroughs, Louis Ferdinand Celine, Bukowski and others. Now you target a book/band and download it. The process is so streamlined that it basically ensures Oprah's book club books are all anybody reads anymore.

    Barnes and Noble's newest Nook ereaders have fairly strong social features--sharing books, starting book clubs, etc. I think that covers much of the same thing if you have friends under the same ecosystem. If you don't, there's still nothing stopping you from talking to fellow music/book lovers...

    The thing that killed Borders was they refused to embrace the ereader stuff until too late. B&N now has the Nook, which they've cleverly made to complement their in-store offerings (ie. you can only do some stuff, like try out a book, in store). I've always preferred B&N over Border's though. Their signature edition books are very very handy and cheap, and they have a good and nicely-ordered selection of most everything I'd want. There's a certain small bookstore in Stroudsburg, PA that holds my heart, though lol. Great selection, the guy that runs the place knows everything about every book, they have all the rare/controversial books other stores might neglect, and it's just so logically laid out. I could browse that place for hours and it's not that big. Every time I go I leave with over 10 books. :bag:

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