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  1. I heard something recently that made me laugh.

    You never want to put your life in the hands of people who were too stupid to get out of jury duty.

    Feel free to give Mr. Shane credit. lol!

    "If you're not smart enough to get yourself out of jury duty, you're not smart enough to be on a jury in the first place."

  2. My top 10 so far, in no particular order:

    Primordial - Redemption at the Puritan's Hand

    Wolf - Legions of Bastards

    In Solitude - The World, The Flesh, The Devil

    Amorphis - The Beginning of Times

    Flotsam & Jetsam - The Cold

    Portrait - Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae

    Demonaz - March of the Norse

    Turisas - Stand Up and Fight

    Riotor - Beast of Riot

    Moonsorrow - Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa

    Hasn't come close to 2010 so far, but then 2010 was the best year for albums for the best part of 20 years.

    You hear Megadeth's new album is called TH1RT3EN, and apparently sounds very different from all their prior albums? The three songs they've released all suck, lol. And Metallica's made an album with Lou Reed. I think the big four have officially jumped the shark.

  3. Twitter is awesome.

    Aside from the breaking news you get, it forces people to get to their point in 140 characters or less. No novella's (Green Jets & Ham anyone?) Some are funny, some are informative, some make you cry, some make you puke and some make you want to press the unfollow button. At the very least, you boys get porn spam. Yeah?

    Because now we encourage ADD?

  4. I loved that game too, but Mario 64 was probably the most influential game ever created.

    Best game != most influential game.

    I'd go with something like Space Invaders, though. But they're apparently making a movie of that, somehow.

  5. I had one report of a pop up ad but nothing else. How has this been for everyone?

    I've never seen an ad here in years. Ad blocker ftw?

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  6. This is what I just sent Bergen.

    I hope you find the this video just as interesting.


    The problem with a lot of these discussions, particularly medicine, is that neither of us are extremely well-versed in the fields concerned. One may be well-versed in the research and proposed claims of one side or the other, but without that deep textbook knowledge there's no way to really pick a side. So any argument would probably devolve into stating the claims of one side, rebutting those claims with the other side ad nauseam, without means to distinguish which claims are real.

  7. What I find most interesting about this is the supposed issue here is the use of a word. The fact is, a religious marriage and a legal marriage are not the same thing, although they do often go hand in hand. If you call the latter something slightly different, does that suddenly make everything go away? After all, any change in laws will have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on what each religious institution chooses to allow or not, but will simply grant certain legal rights to a wider variety of people. So for those who have an issue with it strictly because of the idea that marriage is religious, is it really that hard to comprehend that the topic that is being discussed is really in no-way religion-based, other than use of the same word to describe two similar, but ultimately different, ideas? Frankly, I just don't get what's so difficult about that, or what the big deal is to begin with. And this is coming from a political conservative and Roman Catholic, so what the hell does that tell you?


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  8. So the bibles worse?

    Hmm....to me It seems like every problem we have today is because we've made it our business not to follow the 133 statues & commandments that your maker told us to follow. We'll instead follow the over 2 million laws that the govt has put upon us (which is obviously failing).

    I have a question for you, a simply one actually. How did Jesus die? If you claim that the bible is worse, then I atleast need to see if you've read it before.

    BTW. Peter schiff is the man. And I seen that vid before.

    I find it quite interesting that you follow the Bible and some form of a personal god, but are incredibly questioning and skeptical about current governments/societies/etc.

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  9. So the guy expresses his opinion and you disagree with him but HE is the intolerant douchebag? LOL at you.

    Needless to say that's some faulty logic. You'd never be able to end intolerance, if you regard not tolerating intolerance an intolerant act in itself.

    An example: A: "XYZ should all die."

    B: "That's silly and irrational--I can't tolerate someone letting that happen."

    A: "You disagree with me and consider me intolerant! Ha! Look at your intolerance!"

  10. Good to hear that my favourite Canadian poster is OK. I've been to Vancouver and it is a great City. Too bad a few hundred idiots and 18-19 year old drunken clowns joined in on that.

    I preferred the police chief or whatever's explanation: they were all a bunch of "criminals and anarchists". He should've been born in 19th century Russia.

  11. And to also throw in there. I personally take B17 500 mg tablets, but given that exposure to B17 is so dangerous I guess I should leave a link to foods naturally containing nitrilosides (or b17) so we stay far away from these "poisonous" foods. Its funny how the majority of these foods are not even in my diet...so if it isnt in my diet and im not taking supplements to receive this vitamin then maybe my body would have some type of deficiency....could it be????

    Just wanted to point out the flawed logic here--which Krebs might have been banking on. Most people also don't swim in volcanoes...maybe my body would have some sort of lava deficiency...could it be???? etc.

  12. And when you respond make sure that you use your own thoughts about the matter and not some regurgitated line from your favorite website. Trust me I read it already.

    K, let me go out and do some research. I'll be back at 5.

    Are you implying that your thoughts are somehow distinct from the pro-laetrile stuff you've read? If so, they should sign you up!

  13. Man we'll just believe anything we read in the first link of google. This is why I sometimes leave certain subjects alone when I come here because people (you) are so concerned about proving someone wrong than to actually look up the info THOROUGHLY.

    Of course vitamin B17 has cyanide in it JUST LIKE VITAMIN B12. you ever heard of cyanocobalamin? Do me a favor college boy, Instead of taking "just a few minutes" to simply prove me wrong (quack quack) how about actually doing some real intensive thorough research as if you were actually interested in learning/discovering something.

    Stop wasting my time with these thoughtless comments. If you hadn't noticed I ignored you the first time. Dont be that dude to destroy this thread with that type of response/insult. Im not here to convince anyone. But if you're going to prove me wrong, especially with "cyanide" then you should have atleast done enough research to know that it would be a stupid argument from the google section. Its obvious that your researching skills are poor because you didnt realize that we take cyanide every morning when we pop our daily b-complex multi vitamin. Did you die yet? I havent and I've been taking B17 long enough to say that you need to stay off of google reading that "conspiracy theory" crap trying to make someone look like a moron when in reality im palming my own face because im embarrassed for you. A thorough book on the subject would do you much better. If you're interested I'll provide you with a name of one...if of course you stop insulting me and take this seriously if you're going to hold this convo. Or you can PM me if you're afraid that the other little kiddies will laugh at you if they see you conversing with me. :unsure:

    Or you can continue to pretend that you know what you're talking about...and in that case let me test you since you obviously know how this vitamin works. Whats surrounding "the poisonous" cyanide molecule in b-17's chemical make up?

    Best believe I'll be waiting for that answer. And dont go silent on me Genius.

    The dragon has awoken! I don't like to flex my "research skills" on an internet discussion board, and I'm a bit behind on my books list. I'm not trying to prove you wrong, because I know that's not going to work (that's not necessarily a knock on you, but rather that I'm no doctor and am probably not that persuasive anywho).

    There are a few cases of cyanide poisoning posted online--I mean, of course, there's going to be articles and whatever pointing against that too. I know you want me to respond to that final question with stuff from Krebs Jr.'s research, etc., but the point of contention is not whether there is or is not hydrocyanide, but whether beta-glucosidase is consistently available to break it down. Intravenous, it's not a problem because it goes right to the urinary tract--ingested, as seems to be the common fate, can lead to cyanide poisoning if that beta-glucosidase doesn't show up to detoxify it--which appears to be a significant risk, according to the FDA/AMA etc. To be fair, there's no way for me to significantly side pro or contra here if completely removed of bias.

    What I find more worrisome is the consistent designation as a vitamin. For one--Krebs and, originally, his son, didn't take this angle with the stuff. It was after the FDA, et al. had already shot them down. That would've allowed easier access through the system and allowed him to take up the angle that cancer is caused by a vitamin deficiency.

  14. They're not hidden at all. They're just not publicized.

    In the case of your vitamin b17, there's quite a bit of publicity. And it's all negative. It doesn't cure cancer, but does give you cyanide poisoning. Which might be considered a cure for cancer if you subscribe to the whole "shoot yourself in the kneecap and your arm won't hurt any more" mantra. It's not even a vitamin for feck's sake.

    The one thing it has going for it is what seems to be at the origin of many of your conspiracies--it is rather remunerative (for what it is).

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