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  1. you're right, skinny people get cancer. However, there's 10 cures for cancer, 8 in which public medical doctors were the ones who found the cure (a very long time ago). But given that insurance companies cant make money with people having knowledge of the cure on a wide basis I guess that would make me alittle naive.

    "Laetrile", also known as vitamin b17 is one cure for the fungus called cancer. You can buy it at 500mg doses for about $100 on Amazon.com. Or you can eat alot of organic/non-gmo lima beans which has vitamin b17 in it. However, im not a certified doctor and what I state is only my opinion...nothing more. so please dont take my word on it. Im simply reporting what I found that the insurance company didnt tell me.

    As for the runners getting hit by cars or ailments like your son, I totally see the point to your statement, however, this expensive medical industry doesnt have to be so. If we actually had a "free market" in the medical field then by definition prices would drop and become affordable via competitive pricing. Given we have insurance companies that are being regulated by government statutes and in return given money from both sides we have a centralized monopoly of the medical field. Medical agencies that tell us what we should or shouldnt use based on their opinion of whats safe is only there to promote a particular drug and make the other illegal to use/prescribe.

    If we actually had a free market you wouldnt have to pay a bill for the rest of your life, though you pay insurance from your check every pay day for the rest of your life whether you use it or not anyway so whats the difference?

    Quack quack.

  2. This series was unbelievable. I went from completely supporting the Canucks to actively rooting for a team from Boston. I guess that's what happens when your team's two best players consistently take it on the chin and refuse to retaliate--leaving it to other players to retaliate, usually from cheap shots. That pansy a$$ style of hockey lost them the series because they absolutely refused to counter Boston's physicality. Daniel and Henrik's constant pandering to the refs and taking stupid penalties didn't help matters much.

    The chosen refs for game 7 gave the Bruins a huge advantage--they don't call many penalties (which I love), and the Canucks refused to man up.

  3. Don't get me wrong, I'm on board with the "banks suck" thing.

    But how exactly does standing around in public compel a bank to do anything different?

    They'll probably just send a crew to hand out t-shirts and take credit card apps. (and a percentage of us will sign up, take the shirt and be home in time for Jerry Springer)

    Anonymous is a hacktivist collective--there'll be a ton of denial of service disruptions and other stuff that'll cost the banks a lot of money. If they can get non-hackers to publicly protest, all the better. At the very least it brings attention to the matter.

  4. "running for Prom Queen" isn't the issue here; you just made that up.

    The question I responded to was whether a physical male who 'thinks' as a female can be on female sports teams. I think you and I would agree the answer is no. I think we can say 'no' while still respecting the kid's mental identity. In 500 years, maybe we can perfectly change a person's gender down to the last molecule, and at that point I'd have no problem saying 'yes'.

    hmmm.... This poses an interesting question...

    Let's say it's the year 2525, and there's a new machine that can totally change your gender down to the molecules. You're 100% female. And let's say you can get a PREVIEW first.

    -Currently, you're short, ugly, lonely, and broke.

    -The machine says your conversion will make you SMOKING HOT and you know from that pic you'd have a serious money-maker in your back pocket. One trip to Hef's house for a couple pictures and you've got 500grand. (nothing says you gotta date guys after the conversion)

    -Would you consider it?

    Sounds like sexual relativism. If everyone can be hot, nobody would be hot. Just as if everyone were rich, nobody would be rich. etc.

  5. Sure but in this case, people voted for the spectacle. So was he really at a disadvantage? And the advantege really isnt the point here as Bob put it.

    Who's bob? The poster named bob hasn't posted in this thread unless I missed it twice, lol.

    How do you know that people voted "for the spectacle," and not for thinking she deserved it/it is a nice gesture of unity/etc.?

    Even if there was such an advantage, is anyone going to change their sexuality physically just to enjoy some perceived advantage? I know you're not arguing that at all, but the areas where it would be, or could be perceived as, unfairly advantageous are few and far between. Unless I'm just not creative, the only popularity/sports things would end by college.

    They may or may not be allowed to participate in sports, but they deserve every legal and personal rights/privileges afforded to the majority of people today. The discussion about perceived advantages isn't really relevant until one concedes that they deserve equality por lo general.

  6. Every man and women, born of man and woman, is born of a corruptible seed.

    The human body is corruptible; the human spirit is corruptible as well.

    This corruption manifests itself in many different ways.

    The way people perceive these manifestations, as right or wrong, or good or bad, has no bearing on this: "God's wishes" is that everybody be free of this corruption, don't get it confused.

    He knew of them all before any of us, and it did not change His Love for anyone, regardless of how the corruption manifested itself.

    God’s Love is agape.

    That is the important thing to know about God, anybody condemning anybody for anything does not know what God is all about.

    Use the thief on the cross from the gospels, just to get a perspective of God’s Love, whether you believe it or not.

    For all we know about that man, he never did a good thing in all his life, and he said he deserved his fate.

    Man condemned him, but God did not.

    This is theoretically cool and all, but God also sent she-bears to maul children making fun of Elisha. And then you have the obvious observable contradiction in believing that a god is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent (assuming you do, correct me if wrong) while evil exists in the world (and free will, original sin, etc. are rather silly and incompatible with the aforementioned omni-s).

    Granted that's completely out of the scope of this thread, but you made me do it! lol

  7. Huh? Change "playing on varsity girls teams" with "running for Prom Queen".

    Whats the difference?

    Isn't it fairly obvious? There's no competitive advantage in being male (in the physical sense, assuming pre-op) while running for prom queen, while there's an obvious physical advantage in being male (once again in the purely physical sense) while playing sports with women.

  8. However, enacting the change IS a conscious choice. The desire for one is not. So, as an individual struggling with these issues, you have two choices. Change and deal with external struggles. Stay the same, and deal with internal struggles.

    That's true, but if you recognize the conflict as something that's natural and not abnormal/freakish/weird/whatever, I don't think you would have any qualms about letting the transsexual change their gender.

    EDIT: Maybe swapping "any qualms about" with "any rational justification for not..." would be more accurate?

  9. Just an observation, but invoking "God's wishes" or whatever as a defense seems to me more like a plea to avoid rationality. If one goes that route this thread will be like the sexual identity equivalent of intelligent design vs evolution.

    I'm sure EY knows a lot more about the technical stuff than me, but I believe there is scientific research that backs the fact that a. transgendered individuals' brains exhibit some or all of the characteristics of the sex that they wish to be (thus removing this from the "conscious choice" category [as if it were some sort of thought-over idea?] and b. that reparative therapy does not work.

  10. Haha! I was getting a little old for thrash metal at the time, although I did really dig Suicidal Tendencies for a while. All I wanted was a Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me....

    When my self-esteem is low, I like to read the Youtube comments for music videos. I quite enjoyed the ones decrying the "All I wanted was a Pepsi" line as product placement. Youtubers crack me up.

  11. The late 80's were terrible.

    Um, have you perchance heard of thrash metal? Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies (How Will I Laugh Tomorrow...), Testament, Exodus, etc.? The late 80's were an awesome time for music!

  12. My son whos 18 is on his feet 8-10 hrs a day has really good luck with the Nike air filled sneakers. Expensive but worth it he says. He too tried many different insoles. Good luck with all that your too young for ailments leave that for us old men.

    Yea, I think it's genetics more than anything for me. I've also got bunions, but they're not too bad just yet. It's a pain in the a$$.

  13. Just make sure you get your degree in Engineering or one of the hard sciences. You got a brain in your head, USE IT. ;)

    Haha, thanks. I'm going to be studying engineering out in California next year so it should be fun.

    Heres some words of wisdom. Buy better sneakers or shoes. To help your plantar fasciitis,especially if your on your feet all day.

    Different sneakers don't really help much, different insoles too etc. I've tried a bunch of stuff but I'm walking or standing all day and that does me in regardless.

  14. I've been working 8-10 hours each day since Friday. Thankfully I have three days off this week, but that's only because of graduation stuff. At least there's a lot of eye candy around my age where I am. Not too bad but my plantar fasciitis has been acting up, and my foot's swollen as is.

  15. Definitely an awesome sentiment, great move by Braylon. But, and not trying to be a dick, how are these kids going to school for only $10 grand total?? I could be completely out of touch with the cost of community colleges or state schools, but I didn't think $10,000 got ya very far nowadays. Still an awesome move of generosity, showing that he's got his head in the right place.

    State school's tuition is right around 10 grand per year. Community college is a lot cheaper than that though. Most of these people would probably also qualify for a lot of financial aid, so I'm sure that 10 grand is more helpful for loans and non-grant money than to up-front pay the whole tuition for some.

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