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  1. Yeah, but I you'll have to take the good with the bad. 95% of what those girls have under their ultra-thin tanktops are silicon based and have no bounce to them.

    I'd rather stick with nYc and know that though it may not be year round I atleast can spend an entire summer looking at the hottest women this city has to offer with real equipment in the all black or all white spandex.

    You're going to miss the tri-state.

    I really doubt that most of the college chicks, especially near my school, are going to be having fake titties. Nevertheless, the nicer weather, close beaches, and generally more laid-back environment is conducive to a higher level of attractiveness, which I consider tangible, in and near LA. NYC stress isn't good for the looks. And, apparently, I like using commas.

  2. 11 or 12 is too young. your like ou Jets Nation Jimmy Neutron Boy genius. Kids need to be kids.

    Kids should still be forced to go outside and do a bunch of stuff besides playing games and going on Facebook. But if a kid really desires it, I'd find it hard to stop him.

    It was kind of easier for me because I have an older brother, so he kind of protected me a bit when it came to what sites to go to. I think that's the reason I'm posting now on JN and not TGG, haha. If a kid were to do something arguably productive or creative on a computer, I wouldn't stop him. I don't know how usual that was, but when I started on the intranets I went to four sites: a photoshop-style site, JN, tutorials on how to make a forum (the one I made looks worse than the original JN lol), and a basketball simulator. Some of the trial-and-error stuff you experience on the internet is educational, even if it's completely un-educational areas.

  3. Heres a true story..........a buddy of mine buys his kids 2 apple laptops for Christmas ages 13 + 15 he tells them both boys NO PORN. So about a month ago unannounced tells the kids he needs to see there computers. He finds porn on the 15 yr olds. He takes the computer out to the driveway and runs it over with his SUV. Do you think the kid got the message?

    All I see is a guy that wasted ~$1000. The kid will just start streaming porn, deleting his history or whatever to remain hidden. It's not like he will ever stop watching porn, he'll just be more careful about it. Especially after he's started with it, I don't think it's as easy to repress his sexuality. I guess it's better than trying to guilt-scare the kid out of doing it ala Christian schools.

  4. This is easy to say, too, but what do the kids do? They just open an account using a different name. Even the most diligent parents on top of their own kids all of the time (which is tough enough) can't stop them from logging on at a friends house.

    I think you have to go with protection over abstinence. Wait, we're not talking about sex here? Damn.

    Prohibiting facebook will only increase the child's desire and curiosity to get a Facebook account, and may lead to them using it on the sly. But if you leave the option open and educate your kid about what may happen, it's probably a lot easier to deal with whatever problems may arise. It amounts to leaving the lines of communication open--if your children are comfortable communicating their feelings, both positive and negative, you're doing something right. They won't fall into any deep emotional distress if they know there is someone close and familiar to discuss their issues with.

    You can let them use Facebook without it becoming a testing-grounds for their self-worth or a privacy concern by limiting their account's viewability (i.e. friends only), making them friend you as a parent, etc.

  5. So where's the $10,000 reward coming from? Maybe she's a poor hot white girl? Or maybe I'm just an a-hole.

    It's just a thought, but I'm sure a family would probably be willing to trade whatever money they have saved or could amass to guarantee the well-being of their child.

  6. THIS

    LOL at cyber bullying. Like do kids really take that crap to heart? It's just the internet. Chances are if someone hacked your facebook page it's because you clicked on a pop up or something and got your password stolen or left your account logged in on another computer. If you are seriously pursuing legal action against an 11 year old for hacking a 12 year olds facebook page and putting inappropriate things up then I feel sorry for you. Kids will be kids. Talk to the parents, don't take em to court for that! C'MON MAN! Everyone's so quick to throw a lawsuit around these days. Cyber bullies. That concept makes me laugh. Everyone's a bully on the internet. Your step daughter will get over it, it's not a big deal (unless there's more to it than that, but then it wouldn't be cyber).

    I was actually googling examples of cyberbullying and came across the trial the thread starter was talking about. Needless to say, what they had put up is beyond "kids being kids" and deserves some form of punishment, if only to make sure it never happens again. Do you really think that bullying (of the physical or cyber kind) has no psychological impact on children? It has led to suicide on multiple occasions in the past, and who knows what other problems it might have caused for the victims?

    Keep in mind we're talking about 11 and 12 year old girls--do all girls of that age fully understand the internet? No. And parents need to do what they can to protect them from it.

    (This is all coming from the guy that started posting here at age 12, lol)

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  7. Where you going? Never mind the school of the brilliance your going to. Go find a close by community college and offer to tutor the single mothers in Algebra. The mommies need you. Do the right thing dammit.

    Lol, I'm going to Harvey Mudd out in Cali. It's small but very good in math, science, and engineering. Only like 200 kids in each year, but there are four other colleges and they all pretty much share the same larger campus. And one of them is a all-chicks...I'll set up my base of operations around there.

  8. Only lifelong commitment you should make is to yourself and your education. you should be concerned about how you will turn your brains into booty. tutoring large breasted dimwits and rewarding them with shots of tequila followed by a night of regret should be your focus.

    Ha, yeah. It helps when the school I'm going to has had their gender ratio change from 2:1 guys to gals to even, and now, female-dominated (if only slightly). Seriously, what other engineering school can say the same? MIT keeps it even but they have to deal with Massholes.

  9. I'm done with school on Thursday!


    I have to get a laptop for next year. Deciding between a Vaio S and an Envy 14...preferring the Vaio S plus extended battery sheet at this point in time. I guess I'll see if anyone wants to offer a higher-res display or other compelling option between now and the end of the summer. Wish I could wait a couple years and get one of those fancy 3D processors or whatever.

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  10. I don't plan on getting into a lifelong commitment any time soon. Is it really either partner's fault if, 10 or 20 years down the road, they don't share the same feelings they once did for their wives/husbands (this goes both ways--not trying to defend anyone in particular but speaking por lo general)? Should they suffer to try and keep things together when it obviously isn't working? (There's a degree to which, if they did love them, they would make an effort--but I mean, if that feeling can no longer be found, can they be faulted for giving up? At that point I think it's as futile as reparative therapy...)

    Granted, one shouldn't just try and have covert sex with others, hiding it from the wife/husband in order to preserve the marriage. At least be honest about it; it will not work otherwise.

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