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  1. I've started to dislike casually drinking coffee. I think over the past semester my mind/body has associated coffee with stress and sleep deprivation, so now whenever I drink the stuff, it's just an unpleasant experience. Tea, on the other hand, has never tasted better. Can't beat barry's tea.
  2. I'm only 19 but my mind is old and when things get for real my warm heart turns cold...
  3. Look at that tackle!! A hard-hitting, downfield-blocking wide receiver! Yeah baby Braylon time!!
  4. I like the cold, it's just the air gets to me. The rest of my body keeps warm from the running itself!
  5. Rather big change running in a NY winter vs California...I can deal with the cold/wind, but the air itself bites at you. Have to get used to that...because right now breathing deeply hurts.
  7. You know what's awesome? Dining hall food. No, wait, it's not. Can't wait til I'm home!!!
  8. Can whip out the Braylon jersey again. Championship time!!!!
  9. Well there goes all that I have ever lived for. The people want Boom Boom!!!1
  10. I have lived to see the resurrection of BoomBoom. I can now die happy. Vive le Boomboom!
  11. BRING BACK GREENBEANS!!!11 (lol jk...commenting every post is too much work. It's cool POTW is brought back in some form. I likey.)
  12. Here's the same crew at Daytona Beach for spring break:
  13. Has it ever stopped anyone? (I suppose it probably has. But in terms of deterrence, not really...)
  14. I'm legal in some countries, just not the one I happen to reside in. Que mala suerte!
  15. ****. I can beat humans but I stand no chance against the almighty spammers...
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