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  1. Keep politics out of sports-concentrate on the budgets and economy.

    Ideally, you should go one way or the other. If you're going to fund new stadiums, you need to have some control over the prices--otherwise you're enabling consumers to be price gouged to line the pockets of a probable billionaire. Unless, of course, you feel pouring that money into a private company will provide more valuable benefits, where some control over the investment isn't necessary. On the other hand, you can completely refuse to fund these stadiums and leave consumers to make up the cost. Ticket prices would be purely regulated by supply and demand as in free market capitalism, but that seems to be where we're at anyways. So...

  2. These people are all scumbags. If it's true about the ballfields promised/not delivered in the Bronx, that's particularly horrendous.

    They've got a bunch of new stuff already up, with more to come. Those ballfields they said weren't delivered are the ones directly on the spot of the old Yankee Stadium, which are set to open very soon (the only delay at this point is waiting for the sod and all that to stick or whatever--the rest is pretty much done). They've got a new skatepark which I see from the subway--I'm surprised people actually use it though.

    They've been late and missed several deadlines, but they're almost done now. Most of the natural fields were replaced with synthetic turf and all that--they're much nicer than what used to be in that area.

  3. Agreed. Saw them a couple of years ago with Priest and Testament. His voice sounded fine.

    Well that's good. A lot of bands' vocals are f'ed up live but really good on records--see Dream Theater with James Labrie. Metropolis Part 1 is awesome live, except for the "lake of fire" part towards the end--at least from what I've seen on Youtube. He's perfectly okay when he decides to rap though. :lol:

  4. There are a lot of good government engineering jobs. You can work there and be half way to a pension before you would even finish grad school.

    I keep hearing that the private sector gets like 25% more pay on average unless you have top secret or similar clearances.

  5. 21 years too late. All pale shadows of their former selves, and in the case of Anthrax, a pathetic money grubbing joke.

    It would have been sick 21 years ago, although I still like the latest albums Megadeth have put out. Dave's vocals are probably horrible live at this point though.

  6. ESPN's live baseball games suck. The commentators talk about absolutely everything except baseball--what they just ate, favorite plays, what they're doing for the weekend, etc. I don't give a crap about any of that.

  7. I like ESPN's NHL talk when they have Barry Melrose and Barnaby discussing it. I hate how they often have the random sporscenter guy moderating the discussion when he knows nothing about hockey and even admits to that much. Barnaby's the man though, so that often makes up for it.

  8. It mightn't be summer, but the big four (Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax) are going to be playing at Yankee Stadium in September. Of course, they choose to have it a couple of weeks after I land in Cali. Bastards.

  9. Were you not aware that you were buying a Beastie Boys album?

    Lol! I didn't buy it! Their older stuff sounds a lot more natural than what's on this album--their voices would've still been distorted and all that stuff, but I just feel that it didn't work for most of this latest effort. Other than a punk-ish song, an instrumental, and one other song. A ton of 1-2 minute fillers.

  10. My review so far. I don't like all the funky stuff and most of the distorted voices, sounds way too overdone/overproduced for my liking. That overproduced sound seems to be the problem with most bands past their prime; Megadeth, Metallica, and pretty much every other genre has had some share of this problem. With that said, I love Make Some Noise and the instrumental Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament. Didn't like the Nas song and a bunch of others so far. OK is a rather apt way of describing the song of that name. Say It sounds like something from Prodigy; I'm not a big fan of it but it's catchy, I guess. Lee Majors is a nice song.

    Overall, I wouldn't bother to relisten to any song other than Make Some Noise, Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament, and Lee Majors Come Again. Three nice, good-but-not-awesome songs isn't very impressive in my opinion.

    *Music's all subjective and all that fun stuff. Not trying to get in the Phish vs Beastie Boys flamerfest.

  11. I would add it to my resume, but the ******* thing is too long already. Old people need more space for their accomplishments

    If I made my resume today it would suck. The only semi-decent thing might be my SAT scores...and I'm pretty sure those don't go in resumes lol.

  12. " I'm actually hoping that if (somehow, hopefully) I get invited to the NFL Combine 4 years from now, I can breka the bench press record."

    "My ultimate goals are to enter camp on August 17 as a freshman at 300 pounds, benching 385 with 30 reps of 225, 500 squat, and in shape. The in shape part might screw me, but hopefully these tips and my summer workout can help me there, as I used to be in very good shape before my injuries."

    "Seriously though, just did my first leg workout of my summer program. It's nothing insanely crazy, but it seemed like it worked pretty good. Gonna follow that and not cheat myself, as I want to be the strongest and fastest player on the team as a freshman"

    Guess who that was? :lol:

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