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  1. Yeah, I was going to ask that--can't a player already on the team just send out copies? Why does Sanchez have to use his own prepared stuff and not just give them all his copy of the playbook, or even last year's edition? (Assuming they update and revise it, lol)

  2. War. Natch I have the LTE stuff. Great. Also the Liquid Trio Experiment (without Petrucci) Now that Portnoy has left DT, dunno what will happen to any of these side projects. They've also released this insane boxed set that includes every note I think they've recorded. A bit much maybe, don't have that.

    I think they're planning some sort of side project between Rudess, Petrucci, and Marco Minnemann (one of the drummers who auditioned for the new spot). Maybe they'll add Levin along and make a new LTE. Rudess also has some cool solo stuff, an album Notes on a Dream which is a bunch of DT songs played on just the piano.

  3. wow...just...wow

    They lauded the Pats on having two firsts and two seconds, and criticized the Jets for not having a second rounder. Isn't he grading this draft that just happened--not next year's? And you gotta grade teams based off the picks the teams actually have. They added a "slew of talent"...I think that writer has no idea what's going on. There's no other reason to be so intentionally vague.

  4. I see what you mean but then why not go for upside at a position you are notoriously weak at?

    Because they take time to develop...by the time they may be talented enough to start, it mightn't be a need any more. So there's no point in trying to fit needs now with guys that won't be ready for a few years.

  5. It looks like they're just going with value picks, I guess, I'm not really sure. But why would you add a 4th RB? What are you going to actually do with him? Why not take a chance on a safety or OLB? And why go 2 linemen instead of 1 dline, 1 OLB when you can just keep Pouha in the middle and Devito on the end? In other words it seems we are drafting players to sit on our bench when we could be drafting potential starters.

    Pouha's 32 and DeVito's nothing special...if you feel that the guys you drafted are going to be something special (or at the very least might), then it makes a lot of sense to make the move. Plus, now we can play a lot more 4-3 when needed, adds a ton of flexibility. Rex doesn't run a set system, so I think it fits perfectly for him--he'll play guys where they'll make the biggest impact, so I don't think there's going to be much of a question of utilizing these guys.

  6. Doug, you ever check out Liquid Tension Experiment? It's Portnoy, Rudess, and Petrucci from Dream Theater with Tony Levin of King Crimson on the bass and chapman stick. All instrumental prog rock stuff, but they experiment/improvise a lot more. (Check out Three Minute Warning for a solid half-hour long improv.)

  7. Staying with Dream Theater, here's a fun high energy piece that opened the Metropolis 2000 - Scenes From NY tour. Saw it in LA.

    That entire album is sick...it's something you gotta listen to in its entirety at one time to fully appreciate. The Dance of Eternity is awesome...all the time signature changes, random ragtime thrown in, etc...must require a ton of skill to play.

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