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  1. Chris Paul is a real superstar... not Melo (Selfish, one dimensional) or Amare (Injury prone)... the Knicks are not landing a real star.. just people with baggage...

    What does that mean? He's clearly not a line for one, so I'll rule out the Euclidean interpretation. If you mean he's good for scoring only--he averaged 10 rebounds and just under 5 assists in the playoffs, with no supporting cast. God forbid he takes 30 shots instead of passing it to Shawne Williams/Jared Jeffries/Turiaf/etc. If that makes him selfish, so be it. I'll take that "baggage" any day of the week.

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  2. It WAS a bad trade. You weren't going to compete no matter what this season, and you were almost 100% guaranteed to get Melo in FA after this season. I don't see how you're such a delusional Knicks homer that you can't see that having Melo, Amare, and a bunch of scrubs is better than having Melo, Amare, some good role players, and scrubs.

    I find it amusing that you say I'm delusional the sentence after stating that we "were almost 100% guaranteed to get Melo in FA after this season." This delusion, if you will, has been explained to you multiple times in this thread alone, yet you keep up with it.

  3. Well, unfortunately our streak of no post season wins in like a decade continues and the fact that we got swept proves that we gave up way too much to get Melo. I feel our team played better team basketball (and better basketball overall)before the trade. Our team chemistry, rebounding and overall defense has been pretty bad since. Melo is almost soley responsible for the game 1 and 2 losses. How are you going to not cover your man with 10 seconds to go in the game when you need to foul? Why would you take the final shot of the game when you've been cold as ice the entire game, and make it an unnecessarily long 3 pointer when all you need is a 2, and Stat was on fire? I know this is the best year we've had in a while, but we practically traded our entire future away. I think management was too desperate to sign Melo that they didn't even consider that we need rebounding and defense to actually go far in the playoffs. We needed to keep either Gallo or Mosgov, and I feel we should have played it like the Nets did, because we could have still signed him in the off season.. but instead the Nuggets got better after the trade and they at least won a playoff game this year. I hate to sound like a negative nancy, because we did decently this year, but in reality we were still just a little bit over .500. Boston played their C game in the first 2 games and we could barely handle it. I'm just tired of management drastically shifting the team every single year. Can we please have a year, where the majority of players stay on the team from one off season to the next? There's probably more ex-Knicks in the league than any other team. We've traded or dumped every single all star caliber player we've had in the past 6 years. I just pray that they don't do the same bs next year to try to get Chris Paul or some other superstar. It's just disappointing. I thought we were past the whole Isiah Thomas crap, but it doesn't really seem like it. Ah well, there's always next year.. I hope. D'antoni is a good coach, and you can tell by the difference in the way we played last year. I feel he has a good system and can develop players well, but when the entire team changes every year it's difficult to do something like that. Ok rant over! Sorry for the long post!

    I don't know if you noticed, but our 2nd and 3rd best players were injured for most of the series. I just have to laugh if you think Gallo or Mozgov would have been able to do anything different that series...I'd rather have Turiaf out there if rebounding and defense is your concern. When you have an opportunity to get a superstar like Melo, you don't let that pass, regardless of your trade history and the fact that you're giving up Felton/Gallo/Mozgov. Those guys weren't going to lead us anywhere. It's not like they just traded for a McDyess/Marbury/Van Horn/Curry/Francis type of player...

    I disagree with D'Antoni being a good coach too. You're not going to get anywhere without some semblance of defense, and he just doesn't play the matchups well at all. Having Jared Jeffries as the biggest man on the court at the end of Game 2 (or 3? not sure) was a joke. He had no chance in stopping Garnett's shot to take the lead, and he's a high school talent on offense.

  4. I think you have to start plays before you can finish them. They were horrific on defense tonight. They looked like a high school team out there on defense.

    And one of the few solid defensive players (Jeffries) has high school talent on offense. I just hope he doesn't turn the ball over when they pass it to him. It seems everyone on the team is a complete liability on one side of the court.

  5. Classic Rock and Rap/Hip-Hop. Favorite band is AC/DC, favorite rapper gotta be Eminem. I was listening to him way back before most people were (or at least where I lived)...

    Dude, you're 17/18. The Eminem Show came out when you were like ten. You weren't listening to him before anyone.

  6. Soooooo, I think not having Chauncey makes the Knicks a little more dangerous because every play will now go through Carmelo who might go Alpha Dog on the Celtics tonight. Hopefully, most of his 30 shots go in. I think he defers a little bit to Billups when he's on the floor. Tonight? Fuhgeddaboutit. He's going to try and embarrass Paul Pierce.

    The funny thing is he had exactly 30 shots, I think.

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