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  1. If you had to pick a single starting point it would be Jimi Hendrix.

    If you're playing that game, it would be whatever caveman smacked a rock or something that was considered music like that. Because everything is at least indirectly related to the thing that preceded it.

  2. I no expert on religion and i don't play one on TeeVee.

    But when a rapist who goes scott free discovers religion and lives the rest of his life according to religious rules. Where does he end up in the after life ? Heaven or Hell ?

    Or is he just positioning for the next big contract ? :)

    Depends on the religion, I suppose. I just find it funnily self-seeking through selflessness to act good for any type of heaven. I prefer humanism, por lo general.

  3. Go to Costco or Sams club.

    They have a bunch of different carriers and phones to choose from.

    I disagree. Buy it off Amazon--they undercut almost every carrier, and they usually do it by more than Costco or Sam's Club.

  4. Funny, the Evo was the one I was looking at, but I think it was an AT&T plan. I shouldn't trust AT&T?

    The Evo won't work on AT&T's networks...it's a CDMA phone, sold to use on Sprint's network. AT&T is the most expensive or close to it, and if you're going for that price range you'd be better off with Verizon--unless you have a specific phone you want by AT&T. The Droid Incredible S would be a good choice for Verizon.

  5. Sprint has the cheapest plans (except T-Mobile, but they're going to be AT&T now so I wouldn't trust them) for smartphones. I would suggest something like the Evo if you had to buy it now. Or you can wait for the Evo 3D.

  6. Look, he did all he could do to get below 400 lbs-he sacrificed his summer eating cookies to lose weight-what else does anybody expect from the guy anyway? It was like a health food diet-all of those great for you nutrients that help build injured tissue up that are in cookies-poor Kris-he needs to feed his family and the 6 million dollars he made last year in those 2 plays barely fed the Jenkins clan.

    It's not like he was just eating any old sugar or chocolate chip cookies to lose weight, lol.

  7. You could have a point. I'll have to read the article. I never heard of thorium until I came across these articles yesterday night and found the info pretty interesting. But I cant say I know much about it. Given China's low regulations, I think if Thorium does work it'll be shown to work from the far east. They have the manufacturing structure to attempt it.

    As for the scientist, they have a better chance standing on their own merit than the fact of winning the nobel peace prize in my eyes. Kissinger, Gore and Obama all won the Nobel peace prize so you know that I obviously look at the Nobel as a joke. To be fair though, that doesnt take away from the merits of legit people who won it. Its the nobel itself that I find to be a joke at times.

    The Nobel Prize for Physics is the most legit one. Chemistry is a branch of physics so it shouldn't have its own category. :P

  8. WAR: -> Any more news today?? Great choices! Harvey Mudd is awesome!! As are your other choices.

    Congrats Falcon!

    I'm in at Carnegie Mellon, making me 6 for 7. Not too shabby.

    My sister wants me to go to Michigan. She's the athlete so she has no idea what I'd be doing in Harvey Mudd, lol.

  9. Derp from this board got the "winning submission", with:

    'So many nice 5-techs and OLB's this draft, I almost think somebody has to fall. Some really interesting fits for the scheme will go earlier, but there should be a good option on the board at #30. The Jets will take the SEC leading in sacks and plug him into a scheme that relies heavily on pressure. Houston edges out Clayborn in this situation because of Clayborn's lingering arm injury.'

    I was going to submit something and pick a funny name. Too lazy though.

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