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  1. Troy now has a Dinosaur BBQ. That's reason enough to go to RPI. Hockey team is pretty good too.

    They just got owned today by North Dakota or something like that. I never knew Dinosaur BBQ was a chain--my brother keeps telling me I have to go to the one in Harlem/uptown Manhattan wherever it is.

  2. Ya, the range is 30 miles until the battery needs recharging. What if youre stuck in traffic expending battery life?

    A bicycle is better than the Volt.

    If you're stuck in traffic and run out of juice...you use the gas? Letting you operate it like any other car, ie. infinitely more worthwhile than a bike for traveling wherever.

  3. You "could" be right. My thing is this, I've seen quite a few people bring up the word thermodynamics throughout my time here in the Jetnation lounge. However, I have yet to see one person thoroughly breakdown thermodynamics relevant to that particular topic.

    Im starting to think thermodynamics is just a sexy word lol. ;)

    Lol, that's just because it would take too long. Same goes for any topic in physics.

  4. I was wondering that as well. He is good and is.now 2 and 0 but he took some big time shots.

    I know the lockout changes things but that is a tough two sport combination.

    It keeps him in shape doing something he loves--which, ironically enough, is what OchoCinco is doing, except with the MLS.

  5. Looks like you got things pretty good. I USED TO have a 3.7 GPA up until my junior year and was being recruited by Princeton to play football, but after 2 torn ACLs and my grades dropping for reasons I'm too lazy to explain, I quickly had to lower my standards. But yeah, as a MA native, I can tell you that BU is a great school that has some good connections.

    I just got into BU today and they offered crappy aid, but it was pretty much off the list after getting into RPI (they gave me quite a bit of merit/need-based stuff). My sister goes there, so I've been telling her I didn't care about the decision to piss her off. :P

  6. Caltech?

    Harvey Mudd. I didn't apply to Cal Tech. Too many Asians. :bag:

    I'm waiting on three more schools, but Stanford and Cornell are the only two I have on the same level as HMC. I'm ecstatic right now--I was expecting mail from Carnegie Mellon today, but got better news instead! After my first admissions decisions consisted of a deferral from Michigan and a rejection from MIT, I wasn't very optimistic about my chances. But I've since gotten into Michigan, Buffalo, RPI, BU, and just now HMC.

  7. Congrats! Hopefully all goes well for you there and everything. I personally am waiting on four more schools, and from there I'll have to choose where to look and then where to go. Should be fun...I just want to know which states I'll have to fly to in April, lol.

    And I'm going to have to fly out to Cali at some point now! :)

  8. I agree that an infrastructure would need to be put in place - but that's unlikely to happen until the cars get sold. Catch-22? Maybe. Maybe some gov't offices kick start it with chargers at work. Or power companies like mine. Maybe I put a charging wall in my parking garage, and charge you to plug your car in. It might take some sort of entrepreneurship to get it started.

    I think an interesting idea that could possibly put a ton of those charging stations up/give them use would be those new use-once cars they have in some parts of Germany. They give you an RFID card so you can unlock any car, and you pay per minute or something like that to use the car to get around the city. It's apparently handier and nicer than using taxis. If you could get a fleet of EV's running that in major cities, prop up a ton of charging stations, and maybe it would thrive. I forgot the company that's doing that now, but with gas cars--with some sort of government subsidy that could be viable.

  9. Yeah, that's true. But it could also be because I'm not skinny at all (265-270 right now, gonna try and push to 300 over summer).

    You have me beat by more than a hundred pounds already, so that's probably why I can more easily relate with the queasy people, haha.

  10. Right now, I'm reading TJ English's The Savage City. I recognized the author of The Westies on the shelf of new releases and checked it out. It's mostly about George Whitmore and how the NYC cops railroaded him into confessions (prior to to Miranda).

    Check out Paddy Whacked if you're interested in the history of the Irish-American gangster/mob history etc. I think English has the perfect mixture of facts and anecdotes--he manages to tell a story via nonfiction without requiring much background knowledge, which I feel is one area where most non-fiction books fail. Historians tend to assume too much knowledge and it just makes the whole story falter.*

    Granted, I'm woefully ignorant of non-fiction. The extent of my knowledge is stuff I've read by like English, Solzhenitsyn, and someone on Stalinist Russia. I either read the whole thing or put it down within like a half hour. The problem either way is that I don't remember much outside of general impressions...fiction is my forte.

    And I agree with you about a library card. Two summers ago, before I had a summer job, I would go weekly. I would pick up four or five books and finish them all by the weekend. Thinking about it, I was reading at an absurd pace. Dovstoesky, Solzhenitsyn, Camus, Tolstoy, etc. all within a summer--there's a class in school that's a whole trimester about one book I read in those months, when I read everything by the author and more in that time frame. (And none of this information is at all relevant to anything. I be reminiscing.)

  11. Their claims were found to be largely false, that's why you haven't heard anything since that video was uploaded in 2008. I would post more but I'm going to school now. Hydrogen is where the goods are at that can provide electricity, not water, because H2O is composed of stable bonds--it would take more energy to break those bonds than to do anything with it.

  12. They seriously said that season ticket holders are elite fans? All being a season ticket holder means is you have the $ and time to be a season ticket holder. Don't get me wrong, MOST of the people who can afford work their a$$ off for the money, but being able to afford it doesn't make you a better fan.

    124 just died a little inside.

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