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  1. So to tell the short version:

    Manish from the Daily News tweets that Mangold's bonus is on hold.

    Mangold acts like he didn't know about it.

    Manish offers to let Mangold in on the details, not realizing Mangold was joking.

    The best part is that Manish then went and deleted the tweet about Follow me and I will DM you the info. I can't find that tweet so it looks like it was deleted. Too funny.

    Did you just recap a recap?

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  2. Yeah, there's a video of it, but for obvious reasons I'm not gonna embed it, just put a link. Look at it at your own discretion. I was a kid, so I didn't remember it well, but it must've been a highlight I was watching, as this was 1989.

    Good thing the trainer was a former Nam vet...I don't think your average trainer would think to pinch off the bleeding in that scenario.

  3. Was Cena your guess for me?

    I liked the fact that I was scummy for wanting Brett dead D1 and JT dead D2. :lol:

    Nah, I had you pegged as Kane because I was The Undertaker. Which Bleedin made incredibly obvious in my attempted death scene--I28 picked up on it.

  4. In my experience, Cablevision's phone support is good, but their in-person support is excellent. Granted that's if you go to one of their offices, but one is close so why not? They give you stuff for free and crap because they think you drove up there because you're angry, when all you want is a new remote. :lol:

  5. (this post is intended to be economics not politics)

    Futures traders drive the price up. Not so much crooks involved as markets doing what they do. (but in this case causing a little unnecessary pain)

    There's been talk in Congress for several years about treating oil as a commmodity critical to national security and limiting trades to those who explicitly plan to execute the contract (aka buy the barrels).

    I rather like the idea, but I don't know where it ended up.

    I heard this brought up just yesterday--apparently Obama has been considering it or something like that.

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