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  1. I hate being OCD about random things. I have to lock the car when I get out and then press the lock button again when I'm in the house to make sure it's locked. Bathroom locks are the same way--I test that thing repeatedly. When I commuted to school, checking to make sure I had all my books was another big one. Other than that I'm all normal though. Just so you know.
  2. I'm currently babysitting and the kids are asleep. There's no food in the house and the only working channel is News 12-the others are scrambled for whatever reason. This is cruel and unusual.
  3. Snarky bastard. Don't take the mini-draft lightly!!
  4. Is the DVD rewritable? I could use some blank DVDs... But seriously, this is my entry.
  5. JETSFAN5180 is the one and only true butt pirate...
  6. I just randomly join their conversation. It tends to flummox them.
  7. McElroy is actually damn fast. He's got that randomly deceptive extra gear. Reminds me of college Brady Quinn. Possibly not the best comparison.
  8. I'm pretty much the most famous poster since T0m Shane... but it's really because when you're always riding a subway to the last stop, you usually end up on a near-empty train. So occasionally there will be a group of day-laborers also in the train, and their conversation sometimes turns towards you.
  9. McElroy believes his arm strength is better! And he scrambles like Falcons-style Mike Vick! SUPERBOWL!!!!!
  10. I hate when people start talking about me in Spanish on the subways and stuff. I mightn't look Latino, but that doesn't mean I don't speak la lengua. I like just randomly jumping in those conversations for sh*ts and gigs...
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