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  1. I can't read the first post...too poorly formatted.
  2. By the way disappointing performance for all around to have to wake up in the morning to no game thread! The starters may not be playing but someone has to show up!
  3. Today we'll see who can win that illustrious third quarterback spot -- Matt Simms or Greg McElroy. The winner just may be the one who can score a touchdown. This game will decide some of those fringe roster spots and who makes the practice squad. With players' careers on the line, should be fun to watch! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!
  4. Yeah I'm pretty sure you got an 84. I was just busting the stats guys balls. Pure math ftw!
  5. i.e. (x - 81) / 7 = .412. x - 81 = ~2.9 x = ~83.9
  6. So...he did better than average. ganggreenman calculated his score to be below the average. The two don't add up. My guess is you really got a 83.9484. I don't want to be bothered with letter-scores to actually check that.
  7. Game seems to have a serious amount of motion blur. Not a fan of that stuff.
  8. I'll see if I can follow this format: Managed to sleep in today...trying to get the sleep stuff in before school starts. Went for a run. Got back and worked out. Read some textbook. (I don't know what RTFM means...) Packed a bunch of stuff and mailed it off. Preemptive care package for school. Currently doing nothing. I should probably do something.
  9. Congrats! Going into senior year means he's got that college thing coming up--is he considering playing? The first half of senior year sucks (or at least I thought it did) until the college decision gets sorted. Good luck with all that--you might need to start the VIP passes to pay for tuition haha...
  10. It's a good thing Hunter wasn't the one trying to restrain someone else...
  11. "One team's trash is another team's less expensive trash."
  12. Rumors are the Rams might throw in a conditional mini-draft pick. Or is that enough of the mini-draft out of me? lol
  13. Mini-draft day is so much more exciting when there are constant trades...you never know when you'll pick!
  14. You heard it here first: 6-10.* * That is, unless I get on a winning streak in game thread-creating.
  16. 3 or 4 yards in a tenth of a second equals a 40 yard dash in ... 1 second. Seems about right.
  17. That curved screen while the commentators are talking is dumb. In fact I don't ever want to see the commentators while the game is on. Show me the damn game.
  18. Wow our D is mad black. We might be lacking in the intangibles...
  19. Let him who hath understanding reckon the username of the Beast, for it is a human username. Its username is T0m Shane.
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