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  1. You're just jealous of my avatar haha (sarcasm). Sorry, I thought Pouha was also a fourth rounder, I have to get my facts straight. It still is a little too early to judge the guy though, seeing as his injuy will have him sitting for the season. He could return and do very well next year (I'm not saying that he will), you never know.
  2. ^ serphnx, there was a penalty on that, two actually. There was a roughing the passer, 15-yard automatic 1st down, and a 5 yard offside penalty, the latter being declined. I think the rules toprotect the quaterbacks are fine, but some of the new penalties are too much in favor of WR's, they need to return the balance with the DB's. Pennington is too elusive to have the penalties matter, except for the offside/roughing the passer mentioned above
  3. I'd say there are more Pouha type players on the second day of the draft then Cotcherry type players. He was a diamond found, one of our few great draft choices. My avatar is better than a picture of cotch though
  4. Hey, you lost the bet, and you're still leaving...? That's cheating, you were supposed to leave and express your condolences if the JETS won, not the patriots. Although, I guess I ended up winning the deal
  5. The pass blocking didn't impress me much either. Pennington seems to have a better sense of the rush in the pocket, he's picking it up, rolling out, and eluding quaterbacks. He broke quite a few tackles last week, and the TD's to Cotchery and Coles were both made just in time, as he got tackled on both plays. THAT was the most impressive thing I saw out of Pennington. We need help run blocking for next season, either through free agency or the draft. The running backs aren't getting anything, because there's no hole for them to run through, although I think they should have a little more creativity and try cutting back to the other side or something, because running it right up the gut isn't working. Barlow should be getting moe carries than Blaylock.
  6. I believed in him from before Game 1. Congratulations to the man, and hopefully he can keep it up and give the Jets two WR's with over 1,000 receiving yards!
  7. Buy: He's not winning any, he's not clutch enough. Buy/Sell: Pennington starts every game this year.
  8. That's a nice article, and a nice sig on your part. Thanks for the find. I like that nickname. Now the whole place is going to be having penguin sigs. That's a nice nickname haha.
  9. It will end up being Mauer #1 Jeter #2 Cano #3 And I'm a Yankees fan But hey, last night I predicted the whole end of the Oklahoma/Oregon game. Starting with the onside kick, which I predicted wouldn't go far enough, Oregon would touch it and still gte the ball, and ending with predicting Oregon will block that field goal.
  10. Jeter is much more clutch. I still remember that Angels' series, where was A-rod then? Jeter is much better in the postseason.
  11. ^ That one was very gruesome. Whenever a guy's leg gets twisted the wrong way, that looks disgusting. Or when there knee gets stuck and they like fall over, if you know what I'm saying.
  12. Those are getting old, give up with them already. It's not funny any more.
  13. ^ I've seen the video before, it's quite embarrassing. Everybody has their moments, it's not like he um... I dunno... did something really bad. Everybody gets drunk, that's the fun part of life. The man is drunk, no biggie. Even the priests at your church have probably gotten drunk before. By your church, I mean the one that you graffitiied all over. PS: I'd rather have a drunk quarterback than a gay quarterback
  14. I don't see what's so bad about PatsFanTX, he's a knowledgeable poster, doesn't troll, and doesn't flame. He doesn't deserve to be banned (at least here, I can't speak for his actions at other boards. I might not have been here long enough to know everything though, it's from maybe a 1 1/2 wekk knowledge of the man.
  15. I just finished reading my post and it sounded like that haha. That's not what I meant, I'm no priest lol. I meant patsrule is the priest That was VERY misinterpreted, but I understand why. PS: ^ That's a good one This thread is getting too long. Patsrule, stop making new graves for us, please. We refuse to give up. You could give up with this all though, as you're essentially graffittiing (sp?) on a grave, which I think is wrong. And I'm not a priest!
  16. ^ That's the thing, Jeter doesn't do it as often. Until A-Rod performs well in the postseason he's going to get booed with justification. Enough said.
  17. Yeah, the Aussie Rules guys run, and I really doubt they throw the ball. Even if they did, I doubt it's the way we do. I could see Ben running for a first down. I think Graham probably wouldn't be a QB too, I doubt he has the instincts and what not for it. That's like telling Pennington to punt the ball...
  18. Can I have a Pennington, Nugent, or Graham one? Surprise me, Jets colors...
  19. Dude, no one's going to be looking at signs of your Church over here. Even if Jet fans pass it by, they're just going to ignore it. You're just trying to get your Church more publicity, aren't you. No one will be seeing you up at the altar, sorry.
  20. Or he can run it for the first down. They'll probably also use Brad Sm,ith. I'd like to see those two things happen. Have a punt where they snap it to a blocker who goes and passes it to ben graham for the first down! hehe
  21. Start Cottchery over Holmes, Cottch is going to have a big game against those tiny defensive backs. I think this belongs in fantasy football, but I really don't mind.
  22. I'm definitely watching Notre Dame versus Michigan (I'm a UND fan) I'm hoping the Irish will go all the way, meeting up again with OSU and this time winning. It will be tough to stop Michigan's pass rush though, I'm very scared by what could happen this game. Michigan's very good defensive end is up against a freshman, I want to see that matchup play out. I'll also look out for Auburn vs. LSU, Tennessee/ Florida. The winners in those games are the ones I picked first.
  23. What do you mean by "voting" you off the board? Is it all up to me if we win If so, I REALLY have things to root for this game.
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