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  1. No thanks, we'll take our chances. I think the Jets can win this if they stop the run, which I think tthey will do. In the passing game the Pats best receiver to look for in my opinion is Watson. Besides him, they have no capable #1-3 receivers. We're not surrendering, so shut up with that. Do you want us to surrender because you're scared you'll lose? I think we're gonna take this one from you guys. If we do, will you please shut up?
  2. Will you ever stop with this? I guess no, so I'll just ignore your posts. The offensive playcalling now is MUCH better than the Hackett/Herm era. We also know how to use the clock right. It's so...unpredictable...I never thought I'd use that word to describe a Jets game
  3. I view the Jets as a team. If we don't play like a team, then how did we win last week? It's a team because when one player fails, or messes up (Mike Nugent), you've got the whole team to back you and find a way to fix the problem and still win (the rest of the team). We act like a team, the players back others when asked about their play. etc. Also, I gotta agree with Green DNA's post too
  4. No, that's what he was saying with Gallery in. He'll still have the same expression on his face though, because Slaughter is just as bad
  5. No, because D'Brick won't be a bust like Gallery I think it's a good move of moving Slaughter into the starting rotation instead of changing every player's pposition on the offensive line. And for Raiders fans: look at the bright side, you're protection can't get much worse than what it was last week
  6. I like it much better than Herm's press conferences. I didn't expect him to say anything haha. Thanks for the info by the way.
  7. That's funny. As a Yankee fan, I appreciate the post SJ. I hope your Mets team and our Yankees team can meet up in the World Series, because after this year Pedro and Glavine are going to be older and it's going to be that much older. I could see Omar getting you guys one of the very few brand names in free agency, maybe Zito. Good luck.
  8. I like it how he doesn't talk much, I love it even more how it pisses off the media. I'm surprised he'd be looking out for a new kicker already, I'm surprised he would even mention that to the public! He's spoken very highly of Brad Smith on many occassions. Could yuo possibly find the exactr wordings of the interview, or was it just like a TV/radio thing? Thanks.
  9. I think the Jets take this game. It'll be a tough one, but because of the Patriots' lack of receivers the Jets will play 8-9 men in the box much more often, which will also help slow down Maroney and Dillon. We still need to get a more effective running game, or else Pennington will be less effective. If the Jets running game doesn't improve, look for Pennington's numbers to decrease, but probably only later in the season. This game could go to either team, but after last week's impressive performance, I gotta go with the Jets. Hopefully another game where Pennington outshines Brady. Vilma's going to get a sack.
  10. Congratulations to Chad! To compliment the nice words I'm putting up my first avatar, a picture of Chad's famous waving for the first down after scrambling for a first down last year. Keep it up!
  11. He might be happy once he starts all 16 games this year. He will be relieved, of course, by how good he did the first game, but his main goal is to start every game of the season. He's not going to be fully happy until that point.. Then after that he'll be talking playoffs... Do you like the avatar?
  12. I'm going all out on this one. C'mon Quinn, double my money! Let's go Fighting Irish!
  13. Wow, only a fool gives a 15-year contract. Now he risks the chances of him getting a career-ending injury this year and still having to pay him 67 million $. He's not even one of the best goalies, he's probably not even in the top 15.
  14. Give him a chance, it's only his second year. See how he responds later in the season, don't just judge him from this year and from his rookie season, that's just unfair. Sometimes it gets players a while to get used to everything in the pro level, just let the situation play itself out. He could still be great. He just had a bad day, I think he can respond to it well and play better next week.
  15. You should still be fired up, but not as much as last year. Don't lose your faith!
  16. I really doubt he'll get injured. They've been watching his pitch count and his mechanics and everything very closely ever since he got injured and missed the most part of a season. He might get a minor injury, unless there is a freak injury where he gets hit by a ball etc. Unless in AAA if they let him pitch away and not watch what I said above.. He has loads of potential and could be great. That's not a gaurantee that he will be great, because you never know what will happen. As long as the Yanks don't trade him I'll be happy (and if he stays healthy.)
  17. It's up by the USER CP. Look right and it's the sixth one on the little green strip.
  18. Why are there some people on this board that think that the Jets have made bad decisions in drafting before the first game was even played yet? Why are you writing off Kellen before he has even taken a start? You can't judge a player by how good he did in the preseason (although it will sometimes give indications.)On top of all this, you guys are rooting for the players the Jets draft to fail just because you think it was a bad choice drafting them! True Jets fans wouldn't do that. You won't be able to tell if they were bad decisions for probably 3 years, so don't go rooting against a Jets player for 3 whole years, just so you could come back with bragging rights! Also, all you people have been complaining about how Kellen is nowhere near as good as Leinart, Cutler, or Vince Young, but you haven't given any valid reasons why. So far, your reasons are because "Kellen is a girl's name". How does that translate to him being worse than Leinart, Cutler, Young, or even Omary and Brody.
  19. Jets 14 Titans 10 Pennington throws for a touchdown to Cottchery. Billy Volek (or whoever they're going to start) throws a touchdown back. Both teams punt twice. Vince Young comes in to try and kickstart the Titans' struggling offense, and he gets picked off by Kerry Rhodes, which gets the Jets great field position. Then, Derrick Blaylock runs it in for a touchdown. The Titans try and come back but all they can get is a field goal.
  20. I guess this is what happens when your team goes from a Super Bowl contender to a contender for the #1 pick. This year is so different from last year, I still keep thinking like, what if... what if pennington and so many other players hadn't gotten injured? I'm still going to go crazy during the game, but not as much as last year's season opener as well. Now, I'm not thinking about winning the Super Bowl, I'm thinking about how the rookies will develop, how the players will do in a whole new scheme. How Bryan Thomas will fit in in the regular season at OLB? Will this be the position where he'll redeem himself and come out of being a "bust"? *1st post* , this is a nice-looking board, I'll stay here.
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