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  1. I imagine people will be beating down the doors for a 38-year old prima donna # 4 WR who can't/won't play special teams.

    If Seattle hadn't waived T.O., they would have let go of Braylon Edwards. I can't imagine a better preseason thread here than another "SIGN BRAYLON" one. The fact that he would have been let go in favor of a guy 8 years older would have been completely irrelevant to the pro-Braylon contignent, I'm sure.

    Yes, but the fact that they waived T.O. instead of Braylon shows that we should've signed Braylon when we had the chance.

  2. Not a single one proven invalid and almost all are willful infringement. Sammy could be coughing up a couple billion here. Probably closer to 500 mil to one billion. Insane regardless.

    That's if they come any bit close to following Apple's suggested damages.

    $1.05 billion in damages.

  3. Not looking good for Samsung...jury's already found every device in the case infringing of the first patent on the list.

    Edit: Yes on all but three devices for the second patent on the list. Sammy's going to have to hope they later go ahead and invalidate these patents. Not likely.

  4. Anyone else a failed rapper?

    I used to write my history notes in high school in verse, but with enough profanities that it could probably pass as rap if someone dropped a beat over it. I was kind of like Aesop Rock meets Eugen Weber.

  5. I hate this whole buying suits thing. I can tell in others whose suit fits properly, but when it comes to myself? No idea. I wish it was easier to buy for my height/build. Gotta go back and get my pants tailored because they're too wide/baggy--the crotch area is too long I think. That's probably inviting jokes, but I could have a third leg there and the thing would still look a bit odd.

    Also got shirts that were too big--but they fit perfectly on the arms. Can't win.

    • LOL at Tebow describing his INT. "I have to trust my guy Cumberland to win the battle". I'm paraphrasing, but he threw Cumberland under the bus, when Cumberland was already behind the guy before he thought about throwing it. Michael Vick says that and he'd be crucified by the media.

    Thanks Dom.

    The Michael Vick reference is a good one. I think that player overachieved big time.

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