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  1. I've never really liked any sugary cereals, except I guess Cap'n Crunch. But I think those things might be made from discarded razor blades--the roof of my mouth is raw after a bowl. Can't their brilliant food engineers come up with something like it that isn't sharp/unpleasant? I do have a soft spot for pop-tarts though. Wild berry is the greatest, most elusive flavor ever.
  2. I've only had one from the free espresso/latte/cappuccino machine in school, so I'd say that's probably it. The actual beans they use aren't nice but there's enough milk in the latte to make up for it. Can't complain with it being free. I can't wait until I'm out of college so I can actually worry about getting my own food. For the summers I just eat whatever's around because that's what I've always done.
  3. With the number one pick in the 2012 New York Jets mini-draft, Mike Tannenbaum selects a new quarterback. (O-Line can be addressed later in the draft)
  4. I'd rather have a shot of the cheapest vodka than drink espresso...coffee and latte's are my cup of tea.* * That's probably the worst usage of that idiom ever. Woot.
  5. I like tea and oatmeal because I can run right afterwards without seeing that food again. But my breakfast time shindig usually ends up being tea and oatmeal--run--coffee and bagel--start my day. Irish tea is the sh*t--can't beat Barry's tea. During the school year, my morning becomes: wake up ten minutes before class, get a muffin and a coffee at the stand by the classes, eat that in class, get another coffee after the first class, etc. until lunch. Free coffee ftw.
  6. I struggle to understand the coffee and bagel morning breakfast duo. It seems like the most natural grouping and they taste great together. But my digestive system simply cannot handle it. Why must this be the case? Am I damned to a tea and oatmeal breakfast future?
  7. I definitely agree with these. The Bane backstory twist actually meant nothing as far as I can tell, which makes it useless as a plot device. Same goes for the Alfred storyline. And the climbing scenes were stupid. But yay for some nice working out montages. Can't have a good movie without those.
  8. I think it's my fate in life to never have a name that's properly spelled/pronounced. And I thought ensemble would be easy. Alas, congrats!
  9. Regardless of the subject content, I don't think JN does roll-over ads intentionally--at least page-takeover ones. You might want to post the same thing in the feedback and suggestions area so Greenbeans etc. can see it. I've never gotten anything political or obtrusive, but it might still be a problem with their advertising stuffs.
  10. Yeah, I'm making sure to watch it--and all the bad symptoms that go along with it. My doctor thinks it's best if I don't do anything about it unless it becomes a real concern because treating it could potentially be worse for my health if I don't adapt well to it. And the college life doesn't really leave me much room to change my diet or sleeping patterns... I said "it" a lot there. I think I sound dumber when I type on my phone.
  11. I can't tell the difference between my contact lenses being inside-out or rightside-in. It's rather annoying. None of the "tests" seem to help. The thing looks like a perfect semi-sphere from both sides and there's no laser etchings. Both sides fold into a taco. Maybe the damn thing's reversible and they're all ****ing with me.
  12. Yeah...I've been keeping track of my metabolism and everything since I started being active again lol. I'm always afraid that if I stop working out my metabolism will drop to normal or slower because it doesn't have that extra "kick" (I don't know if that's a valid fear, but whatever). In the meantime though I can deal with the symptoms. I'm considering walking on to my college's track team--I can keep up with my sister who runs D1, so competing in D3 at some event that no one wants to do probably isn't that unrealistic. I want to be forced to work out and everything according to a schedule--but I also don't. ha
  13. How about you just go ahead and give me both tickets? kthxbai
  14. 22 minutes late. Lackluster performance by the maxman here.
  15. I suppose I could get it treated and end up on the other side of the spectrum (hypothyroidism) but I've learned by now how to keep my weight. If I did that I'd probably balloon really really quickly and have no idea what to do with it. I guess I don't have much to complain about, relative to people with serious (i.e. life-impacting) health problems, which is probably some people on this board. So just ignore my rant.
  16. Know what annoys me? People that say they want a faster metabolism. You can have some of mine if you want, hyperthyroidism isn't all it's cut out to be. I started working out at the beginning of the summer and I'm eating approximately all the time just to keep my current weight while gaining some muscle (I guess what most people would consider "cutting"--but that's only because I'm physically incapable of bulking up lol.) I'm 6'3 170 and have managed to maintain that (woot!). But this metabolism sh*te keeps me awake all the time, forcing a caffeine dependency, which creates a vicious circle of not sleeping. Twitching eyes blow. Last year I spent a few months swimming heavily and went from 170 to 155 in a couple of months. It was not cool.
  17. She has some sort of ghastly quality that I can't wrap my head around. I thought originally that that was just an impression left over from the LOTR, but a quick google search seems to have confirmed it. Maybe it's the lighting and stuff that makes her look hot in one picture and frightening in the next? It also might depend on how much of her collarbone is exposed...
  18. We would've returned here eventually, once that 100,000 post was written...
  19. It's fun when it's in Cali and you have all your friends there, but the not sleeping part kinda sucks. When my eyes start twitching after I've been staring at a computer screen for hours...I'm just happy caffeine exists at that point.
  20. Y tu. I won't be around much longer--a few weeks until I'm back in school...there'll be no free time then.
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