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  1. While I didn't make millions in the pro's...

    Too busy chasing skirt in college.

    I did manage to break 3 College records for basketball... just sayin'

    Why? What did you do that gives you so much insight into playing anything at a level past high school?

    Yeah, dude probably hasn't even played in the minors...

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  2. I was lifting five days a week. I'm not concerned with palatable. He's getting paid. Let him work. Guy is working out for 90 minutes in Maui. Not exactly a hardship. He was doing more than weight training, but I'm shocked that an NFL player was only doing 2 days a week.

    Well yeah, he should be doing it. I'm talking from the point of view of a college student averaging 4 hours sleep a night...lol.

  3. Read it.. basically he started lifting weights. Great. Our NFL quarterback wasn't lifting.

    He was lifting twice a week, now he lifts four times a week.

    (Lifting four times a week must suck...assuming you're taking one day in between, you'll never have an extra day off. MWF with a two-day weekend seems much more palatable.)

  4. Like Megamind ?

    Or like The Dark Knight

    Because the Dark Knight was literally over-shadowed by the Joker in that film

    Damn, I don't even know who megamind is. lol

    I suppose no movie goes as deep into the development of a supervillain--you know all the origins and conflicts of superheroes, but not the inner thoughts and ideas of supervillains, which you seem to get (at least sometimes) in super-people movies.

  5. By the way, why aren't there more superhero movies about the villains themselves? I mean, I suppose it doesn't necessarily even have to be a movie about some supervillain who successfully destroys the world, but what about someone who starts out bad and becomes good? Instead of the whole "realizes power --> some conflict about this newfound power or how it relates to someone close to the superhero --> resolves conflict to save day", you start off with someone who realizes their power, ****s sh*t up, and then matures and comes to the good side. It'd be like an epic bildungsroman, but as a superhero movie.

    Or you could make a supervillain movie that's a social critique--maybe the dude starts off in the ghetto, discovers a power and proceeds to revolutionize the world. But then he grows power-hungry and the movie ends with America winning. Because yay America. (I purposely made this "social critique" Hollywood-friendly.)

    Or for all I know all that's been done and I just haven't cared enough to look at it.

  6. I know that, jack, but there is absolutely no religious or political discussions allowed on JN. A rule you just violated, BTW.

    So, you've been reported to G.O.B.

    Can we still talk about a suitable superhero to have the Holy Spirit complex, or is that off line? :P

  7. Man of Steel does have the cast going for it, but the director is still a question mark. 300 was solid, Watchmen, IMO, was too beholden to the source material, and Sucker Punch was utter trash. Of course, I would have more faith in the project if Nolan was directing rather than producing. Right now, he's one of my 3 favorite directors going along with Marty & Fincher.

    Selfishly, I wish a film rendition would focus on the god complex as expertly done in the secondary story arc of The Dark Knight Returns and the underlying theme of Red Son. Everyone focuses on the Christ-like parallels with Superman and how Jor-El sent his "only son to save us," but the important distinction is that the Christ of belief/history/etc. was a man and could die. Superman has no such limitations.

    So in a world "protected" by Superman, there has to be some trepidation because of his invulnerabilities. Who is to say that his intentions are in line with our own?

    Dude, Jesus is God.

  8. Bottom line is:

    -Girls dress for girls most of the time when they go out - NOT guys

    I don't know how much I believe that. At the very least, women's clothing options are influenced by men. Women wear more revealing clothes than men in almost every social situation I can think of--do you think that's solely to please other women?

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