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  1. Google's making some significant strides in unifying their OS among different devices--by finally clamping down on an app interface --the "holo" theme that's becoming the standard with apps. Also, stock 4.0/4.1 is sexy enough to not need major cosmetic changes. But it's still a major pain in the ass for developers to make apps that are functional across all screen sizes/processors etc., and it remains to be seen if any of the major OEMs/carriers will get better at pushing updates.
  2. These conversations about getting looked weird faces for using a Windows laptop in class are funny, in my opinion. I guess it depends on the school. At mine, engineering and computer science are the two most popular majors, so there's a good diversity of devices. I currently dual-boot Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) and Windows 7; in general it's probably 50-50 between PC and Macs. I kind of wish I went the OSX route because AMD's proprietary graphics drivers don't really work well on Linux, but I need the Terminal and the Unix architecture for programming. I don't think "openness" really matters in desktop OSes--you're unlikely to be making significant changes to the kernel on any Linux distro, and none of the OSes are restrictive in what you can and cannot download. Unless you're talking about the philosophy--in which case choosing between Windows and OSX is a wash. And Linux has too many bastards submitting bug fixes for random things that just change some hexadecimal value to something like 0B00B5 . Real clever, a$$hole.
  3. My parents were at that game...70,000+ to see Ireland beat Italy in Giants stadium, must've been a fun night after that! Unfortunately I was too young to remember that.
  4. That "Advanced Curveball" game is actually a lot of fun once you get the mechanics down. Trying to hold on to some sort of high score is tough here... EDIT: Holy crap I got shat on in Level 7.
  5. I have no idea how to move in Radical Pong. (Trying to sneak in some high scores before Sharrow takes them all...)
  6. Alan Wake's atmosphere kind of makes it scary, but the lack of variety in baddies and gameplay makes it dull after a while.
  7. That 360 degree Snake game is the most ridiculous thing ever.
  8. Dunno, I think he got you on the CPU thing. lol
  9. Anything in Jock Jams is automatically tied for the greatest thing ever. PARTY PEOPLE!!!! (Also, you gotta love the guy wearing the "Free Mike Tyson" shirt in the video)
  10. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? P vs NP? What are the values of g(k) and G(k) in Waring's problem? Are there infinitely many Fibonacci prime numbers?
  11. **** Italy, they flop more than a level 5 Magikarp. Boom, roasted. I'd like to see both teams lose; seeing as that's not possible, I suppose I'd prefer England followed by a quick exit for them in the following round.
  12. You know who this will help? All the receivers who do DOWNFIELD BLOCKING!!!!?!!
  13. I was babysitting last night.
  14. There's a red pixel near Revis' Crotch in the banner. It perturbs me greatly. I hereby request that it be removed. Your most humble Servant, War Ensemble
  15. And I just got home today from my school's summer math thing--get the end of math core out of the way (LinAl/DiffEQs2 + Multivariable Calculus). You win.
  16. Nah, Paul Simon beat the Chinese to it. I wasn't trying to say that the quote's not original, but that the lyric itself was also a reference to the song. Which is pretty clever, and I wish more artists did that. Incidentally, Eazy E paid a lot of respect for the Beastie Boys with some of his samples:
  17. That line's in reference to a Paul Simon song, although I agree with the message.
  18. That's a baller car. Get him to tune it up and race on the NJ freeways!! No? Okay.
  19. It's cool. A lot of fun, but absolutely no downtime. Sometimes I wish I could just sit down and read for day, or sleep for a day, but no time. There's just so much else going on, which is awesome and annoying at the same time.
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