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  1. You all gave up on the Nuge too soon! --one of the two guys with a Mike Nugent jersey. The other being the infamous 124.
  2. It makes it easier to engineer thinner/sturdier phones. Plus it would go against the Apple aesthetic to have a removable back to their products.
  3. It's generally not worth the while, in my opinion. Although it can be done. I'd just keep the new one if that was me.lol
  4. Joke's on you for thinking he goes for that sex.
  5. They don't look all that nice to me...it's Air Force Ones or nothing here. On second thought, I'll make an exception for the Answer V and VII.
  6. I blame the place I was babysitting at's internet connection.
  7. It's time to reclaim the fame, bitches!
  8. Every so often I'm getting ads that take up the screen--at the bottom it says something along the lines of "your page is loading...". The URL still says forums.jetnation.com. I izn't a fan.
  9. It's all about firstrowsports.gov --the others are impostors.
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