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  1. sackdancer

    It came down to money for McCarthy

    I would have picked Mcarthy but Gase is alright
  2. Sorry Brotha in 51 not into this social media stuff very much but ill get it soon. Thanks for responding
  3. sackdancer

    It came down to money for McCarthy

    Same here ! I hope they dont fuk this up
  4. Whats on the go with Gregg Williams?
  5. Come on! Hands Down As much as i hate to say it! Tom Brady
  6. sackdancer

    Where Is Gregg?

    GW wasn't exactly who i was hoping for to fill the DC position but after seeing a few vids and reads, thats exactly what we need!
  7. sackdancer

    Simms on Gase and Bart on Bowles

    Everybody's gotta put there big boy pants on and stop bitching and play to win who ever the coach is! whatever schemes they are using! They have to be playing for each other!
  8. sackdancer

    For all the chad-haters

    How can you not want the Chadster to do well? He's only 31, he hasen't had the tools to help him out , Anyone who is around him now like Jericco, Coles Baker are all coming of thier own around and with Chad They will be in the AFC Championship game and he Be one off the top three GB's Your ON
  9. sackdancer

    JN Fantasy Football League Sign Ups Inside!!

    I'd love to jion how do i
  10. sackdancer

    If The Jets Make The Playoffs

    Thats right and Indy are jinxed Payton manning doesn't have the calm that Tom Bradey Has and thats what wins play off games

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