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  1. sackdancer

    SIGN UP SHEET: 2019 JN 7-round mock + rules

    I'm in as GM for the JETS OR. VIKINGS
  2. I was wondering a couple months ago if i was just being sucked in to a nother season of loosing! But I feel Good ! Na na na like i know that i should! Finaly seems like we have made some good moves
  3. sackdancer

    Henry Anderson

    Defiantly bring him back and leave Bell where he his
  4. sackdancer

    Wide Receiver

    Definately wouldn't use #3 pick
  5. sackdancer

    What are we doing at WR this offseason

    Whats happening with Kearse he is defiantly a keeper a d Golden Tate if he can be signed for a short term deal to add some experience. Rookie TE is only going to get better
  6. sackdancer

    Shoring up the OL

    For sure we need a good centre that can pull and protect Sam a Kevin Mawai type
  7. sackdancer

    It came down to money for McCarthy

    I would have picked Mcarthy but Gase is alright
  8. Sorry Brotha in 51 not into this social media stuff very much but ill get it soon. Thanks for responding
  9. sackdancer

    It came down to money for McCarthy

    Same here ! I hope they dont fuk this up
  10. Whats on the go with Gregg Williams?
  11. Come on! Hands Down As much as i hate to say it! Tom Brady
  12. sackdancer

    Where Is Gregg?

    GW wasn't exactly who i was hoping for to fill the DC position but after seeing a few vids and reads, thats exactly what we need!

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