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  1. I think he is Sam's equal,he will come around,we need to use players that want to win the game,we play to win the game. Jamison has probably been a pretty consistent we and will give you 110% all the time.
  2. Just against principal you wouldn't hire Rex back but he is awesome and the best of them all. Rex was being told what to do and he didn't like it and never stood for it. I loved he great attitude and energy! Saleh's biggest challenge is going to be the Jets media
  3. Crowder will make a big difference, he's been doing the same thing since he has been in the league, and always over looked, but he isn't selfish,he took a pay cut and hasn't missed a step, not like half the players that get drafted these days are looking for guaranty$$$ and don't ever prove themselves.
  4. My understanding The NFL Has injuries like this on a regular basis! Over coming them , getting through them is the main component to getting to the next level.
  5. I'm thinking he got thrown to the Wolves! The guy has done pretty much all be can do with Adam Gase as head coach gr
  6. I was wondering a couple months ago if i was just being sucked in to a nother season of loosing! But I feel Good ! Na na na like i know that i should! Finaly seems like we have made some good moves
  7. Defiantly bring him back and leave Bell where he his
  8. Definately wouldn't use #3 pick
  9. Whats happening with Kearse he is defiantly a keeper a d Golden Tate if he can be signed for a short term deal to add some experience. Rookie TE is only going to get better
  10. For sure we need a good centre that can pull and protect Sam a Kevin Mawai type
  11. I would have picked Mcarthy but Gase is alright
  12. Sorry Brotha in 51 not into this social media stuff very much but ill get it soon. Thanks for responding
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