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  1. Ok, so you take that ugly ass guard from mary land who couldn't play a lick, then you trade for that sorry ass tackle from Cinco for another sorry ass tackle in hunter but not on this guy at 25 years old and at discount? Sounds just like jetnation
  2. We will have 4 first rounders on our O line and 2 on the uptick of their career in Carpenter and Martin
  3. Before all the crap happened a very productive first round pick and can play guard or tackle and injects young in our oline with Carpenter, and Martin in the lineup Willie Colon, Brick, and Nick are getting older now we can use that pick in the draft for another position. We have a lot of injuries on the oline every year, remember when Nick went down and his backup shat the bed? Yea don't want those situations again
  4. This would be the best Oline in the NFL if we take him
  5. A big hell yeah for me too maybe Mannion if available in the 4th
  6. I agree as well very good analysis!!!! Bravo voice of reason
  7. Yea, Santonia was a huge punk but he had a legit injury which frustrated him but he still was a punk
  8. Has Brandon Marshall ever taken himself out of a game and benched himself even being bipolar? No he just balled out
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