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  1. Before all the crap happened a very productive first round pick and can play guard or tackle and injects young in our oline with Carpenter, and Martin in the lineup Willie Colon, Brick, and Nick are getting older now we can use that pick in the draft for another position. We have a lot of injuries on the oline every year, remember when Nick went down and his backup shat the bed? Yea don't want those situations again

  2. The fact of the matter is ladies and gentlemen, we have had a pathetic front office for many many years and very poor talent evaluators to boot.  For the first time in a very long long time we have a front office that not only can evaluate talent and sign FA's that can contribute in and out of our division, and have had to dump these piss poor contracts to have cap space that we gave to non worthy players, and coupled with the best FA class in 10 to 15 years, AND the #6 pick throughout the draft is what make this team so dangerous. 3 #1 picks on our O-line we have 7 # 1 picks on defense that are starting and 7 total that have pro bowls be it they are new additions and Free agency is not over and we still have the draft 

  3. jarvis Landry was damn good as rookie last year. We just acquired Kenny Stills whos 22 and a speed demon. He broke out for nearly 1000 yards last year. Wallace had double digit tds and we couldn't even get him the ball deep. God forbid we ever get that working it's game over. If he stays of course. Jordan Cameron is red zone threat and lead all tight ends with catches over 40 yards last year and he barely playEd. Clay could still be coming back as well. Lamar miller had better numbers than ivory. So pls bro. Stop. Especially with head case wrs. Brandon marshall??? Good luck

    Brandon  Put up good numbers with crap QB's his whole career even when he was in Miami.  I fear Miami this year more than I do the Pats there is no Vince and the WR are garbage so we can triple team gronk and still send the blitz LOL

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  4. 3rd tier QB running your team with no wide outs , a so/so O line and no identity at running back or tight end... But super bowl


    We went to your house in week 7 with nothing on our roster....NOTHING!!!!! and you won by 2 points....you let Geno Smith put up 237 yards on you with NO receivers and Tom only had 261.  We put up 107 yards on on 21 carries that's 5 yards a whop.  We lost because our defense as usual was on the field all damn game because our receivers last year couldn't start in a pop warner game.

    Week 16 we lost by 1 point Tom threw for 182 1 TD and Geno 210 and 1 TD so tell me again how we are not suited to not whip that ass this year again?  You almost lost to us TWICE with a junior Varsity team last year 2 games with a 3 point difference when we had zero talent, now we are suited and booted so please believe we are going to get in you in Foxboro and at Met life this year.  And you guys have the Nerve to not bring back Vince!!!!  Yeah "Can't Wait"

  5. How in the entire f**k you see we haven't built to beat the Patriots our roster even before the draft on offense consist of



    WR - Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerly

    RB - Chris Ivory

    TE - Jace Amaro

    OL - Brick, Nick Mangold, John Carpenter, Breno Giacomini Willie Colon, 



    DE - Wilkerson, Richardson

    NT - Kendrick Ellis - Damon Harrison (6'4 350) pounds

    OLB - Quinton Coples (Via draft) Vic Beasley, Antwan Barnes

    ILB - David Harris, Demario Davis

    CB - Antonio Cromartie, Darrelle Revis, Buster Skrine, Dee Milliner,

    Safeties - Calvin Pryor, Marcus Gilcrest


    The Patriots have lost both of their CB's and Vince may be going to the Texans and they already do not have a receiving corp and have lost an O-lineman.  The package that Todd Bowles employs will allow Gronk to be double teamed while still allowing the blitz.  This is how we have become better and built to dethrone New England.  The reason Ryan was brought in was to be a game manager and to no muck it up.  Our O-line now has 3 1st round picks so now we have a legitimate threat in the playaction passing game with Marshall and Decker on the outside and a 6'6 Amaro in the middle so you CAN'T put 8 in the box.  As for the Dolphins, your deep threat took himself out of the game and benched himself he may not be back next year and I think you lost Odrick and Randy Starks and Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler, and your secondary should be called a thirdary.  Yes, you have Suh and Wake which is an AWESOME combo but with your week secondary...or lack thereof...it's a liability even with Geno.  Our front seven will eat you offensive line alive and so will Buffalo's front seven.  You can not win if you have a weak offensive and defensive line....trust me I know because I am a Jets fan

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