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  1. Here what it could look like if you choice is not Chris long 1st pick – Vernon Gholston, OLB, 6-4, 258, Ohio State 4.67 2nd pick – Tyson Jackson, DE 6’5 292, LSU 4.87 3rd: pick –Heath Benedict, 6-5 330 4th pick – Jason Shirley Height: 6-5. Weight: 330 5th pick - Josh Barrett, 6' 3" 231, Arizona State or Quinton Demps 6’0 205, 40 Time 4.53 TX El Paso Caleb Campbell, 6’2 “223 4.53 6th. or Kendall Langford, Hampton,DE 6’6,294 , or. or Bruce Hocker, Duquesne Height: 6-4. Weight: 205. 40 Time: 4.44 7th pick – OG Kerry Brown, 6' 6"303 lbs We could even get Chris long in the
  2. Luis Castillo Height 6-3 weight 290 Trevor Price Height 6-5 weight 286 Aaron Smith Height 6-5 weight 298 This is what I am say guys if we are to stick with the 3-4 it starts up front like you said you have to have a large nose and a large end to make it work, but you also have to have a pass rushing DE to accomdate yes Shaun Ellis had 5 sack that came as of late this is true but we don't have the size for a 3-4. The good thing about a 3-4 is the rush can come from anywhere that is what make that scheme so special, and with Long you get that pass rush. We can draft al
  3. I think we need to go Defensive End there aren't many in the draft and we need one really bad. there are a tons of good OLB's in this draft as well as O-linemen we can even pick up a decent Safety in latter round, but we need to focus on what we need most and that is front seven, O-line
  4. I would love to have him, but the fact of the matter is we need a D-end really bad and the draft doesn't have many nor does free agency
  5. The reason the Pat and the Colts are good is because they have an offensive line and the reason the pats D-is so good is because the have a D-line and in the 3-4 you have to have those big linemen to keep the O-line off of you linebackers. This was evident when the Ravens and the Eagles played the Pats. The Ravens punched the Pats D-line right in the mouth and exposed the old and slower linebacking corp of the Pats. and on D the Ravens got to Brady a lot and disrupted is timing. Tom threw for two TD's but so did Kyle Boller
  6. Well I would say that just yet let's get an O-line and D-line first then we can make that assessment
  7. But we will still be short a D-end this is the size and type that we need to run a successful 3-4 D this also is what the Ravens had in their championship year LDE NT RDE 6
  8. Howie Long was 6-5 270 he turned out pretty good I think
  9. Hey Joisey this is khesanh down in Texas I will see you at the Dallas game yes?
  10. Well, they blitz that many because they know Chad can't beat him with his arm so why defend the pass?
  11. Hey Brenda we missed you at the Jets opener (Khesanh in Texas)
  12. I am interested to know what would you do with those picks with the current available rookies in the draft next yr and the up and coming '08 free agent market?
  13. well to be far we did draft those guys when we had a 4-3 defense and these are nothing more than 4-3 players, but did you see how well the defense played when Pouha was in the middle? He is a run stuffer and 3-4 nose for the time being. I really wish we could have drafted Lamarr Woodley
  14. If we don't pass block better this week, we may have to put in Brad Smith by the end of the season
  15. I am just very upset that we didn't go down the field not once. We had 1-on-1 coverage with the safetys up at the line of scrimmage and Chad didn't go down field not once. you can beat a team like the Pats without stretching the field
  16. Get better girl so we can see you at the opener From Big K and Ashley from Texas
  17. I have to second that he sounds like the real deal I am down in texas 30 min from Galveston and I heard about him, not much but enough
  18. I like Zak Deossie is the 3rd round
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