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  1. You are correct Paradis, I didn't, but if all is true with Philly wanting to trade up for Marriota, then this could happen as well as. Cleveland also has 2 1st rounders this year as well and have made it known that they need a quarterback
  2. I don't know what we would receive for the first round pick as far as picks, so I picked it up in the second Dorial Green-Beckham - Oklahoma WR 2nd Hau'oli Jamora - Washington OLB 2nd Ty Sambrailo - Colorado St. OT 3rd Bryce Petty - Baylor QB 3rd Steven Nelson - Oregon State CB 4th Stephone Anthony - Clemson ILB 4th Tre McBride - William & Mary WR 5th Kurtis Drummond - Michigan St FS 6th
  3. Truth be told, I would trade out of the first all together if our guy is not there and pick up another 2nd and 2 3rds and a 4th if possible. This draft is very deep in talent and we have a lot of holes and a very deep Free Agent class and a ton of cap space. We could get 1st round talent in the 2nd and pick up more picks
  4. He's got some knee injuries but that didn't slow him down I really like him over Shaq Thompson the kid plays angry. Trade back in the first and pick up a 2nd or 3rd and make that happen.
  5. Great job Paradis and win4ever I love the breakdown and analysis it takes time to do those things!!!!! Thanks guys!!!
  6. I think it all depends on what we do in free agency this is a deep free agent class
  7. I could agree with this more and if this is our draft, we will absolutely make the playoffs for we would now have on of the best OL's in the NFL with Brick, Tre Jackson, Nick Mangold, Brian Winters, Brandon Scherff. Ground and pound would return to NY
  8. I just don't understand why we could trade out best defensive player. We finally have an established DL that is pretty damn good and there is a lot to be said about chemistry. We have other needs that we need to address like DB, ILB, OLB, WR, OL, and QB. I can't see trading for a pick for a player that may not even pan out.
  9. Agreed. He needs his hand in the ground the man is a DE not a OLB stop experimenting with these players. Its sort of like on Madden when you change someone's position the overall rating changes. If we move to a 4-3 we will have a DL comparable to the Rams and a deep rotation Coples, Richardson, Wilkerson, Snacks.
  10. I love Sean Mannion QB for Oregon state kid is a field general and a 4 year starter. He is very good a pre snap reads , but tends to no step into the pocket at time to throw his drops get deeper and deeper
  11. I would also take as a second rounder Hau'oli Kikaha - OLB from Washington. He is a bad motor scooter
  12. Offensive Starter WR - Devante Parker or Amari Cooper and Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley LT - D'Brickashaw Ferguson LG - Tre Jackson C - Nick Mangold RG - Mike Lupati RT - Spencer Drago QB Geno Smith, Sean Mannion, Matt Simms RB - Chris Ivory, Powell, LaMichael James Defensive Starters DE - Muhammed Wilkerson NT - Damon Harrison DE - Sheldon Richardson OLB - Quinton Coples and Brandon Graham WLB - Demario Davis MLB - David Harris OLB - Brandon Graham or Brooks Reed CB -Brandon Flowers CB Dee Milner, Walter Thurmond FS - Calvin Pryor SS - Jarrett
  13. QB Sean Mannion - Oregon State STRENGTHS: sports an NFL-caliber frame, has the arm to make every throw and is a classic drop-back passer with limited mobility. When he feels secure in the pocket and has the time to step into his throws correctly, Mannion's touch on intermediate and vertical passes is as impressive as any quarterback in the country. He lofts the ball with perfect trajectory over the shoulder of his receivers and allows them to go get it, demonstrating pinpoint accuracy to lead his target away from defenders. Mannion has an easy, natural throwing motion and he's well-versed
  14. Cuts Percy Harvin Chris Johnson Calvin Pace Jason Babin.... Jeff Cumberland Re Sign Jarrett Ellis Harris Snacks Powell Free Agents Brooks Reed - OLB Walter Thurmond - CB Brandon Flowers - CB Mike Lupati - G LaMichael James - RB...we need to create matchup problems on third down and a kick returner with speed Draft 1st. DeVante Parker or Amari Cooper -WR 2nd. OT - Spencer Drago - Baylor 3rd. OG - Tre' Jackson - Florida State Trade up for fourth. QB - Sean Mannion or WR - Tyler Lockett -
  15. I would take him first round in a minute then Tre from Florida State in the 3rd, people forget one of our most successful years we had Faneca, Woody, Mangold, and Brick all first rounders and it showed me MAULED TEAMS back then. Every team right not that wins the super bowl has a damn good O Line when are people going to get it? Kudos sir
  16. I would love this draft if we can make this happen. People don't realize it starts with the O-Line every elite team has a very good O Line and being that this free agent class if the best in about 10 years we should be able to make our impression felt. Sean is underrated also. I would add Tyler Locket WR from Kansas State as well
  17. Well said, it's not the destination it's the journey it's how you get to your destination and your pitfalls and triumph on the way. How can you understand how precious your opportunity is unless you have road blocks and adversity along the way.
  18. Agreed. Vicks situation is still remembered because it got so much press. The coverage was unbelievable I agree what he did was horrible, but ask yourself, would you be where you are today if you weren't given a second chance?
  19. khesanh

    Game Balls

    I am actually going to watch sports center tonight
  20. The important thing was no matter how much the refs tried to give them the game they held strong
  21. khesanh

    Game Balls

    I have got to give it to Geno steel nerves this game.....we still need a secondary help
  22. khesanh

    Game Balls

    I haven't had this feeling in a longtime my heart is pounding! !!!!!!!
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