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  1. I really like this guy great great value at 6th round this guy is a mountain
  2. Ok mostro lets see how these prospect pan out before we short bus anyone sweetheart last I checked we were still 6-10 last year pudding this is Idzik s first draft so lets see if he's different
  3. LOL LOVE IT....I wouldn't mind signing freeney for a year or two
  4. Crusher I get the Milliner pick its just who does the kid throw to this is why Mark struggled amongst other reasons just would like for us to go into a season excited about our picks
  5. LOL they sure did but I expect that from buffalo
  6. So are you telling me Geno Smith and Sheldon Richardson where they were drafted best for tye team? How does those picks help us compete when sheldon doesn't have an outside presence to help hom do his job? How does not having a decent safety in coverage give him 1 to 2 seconds more to get to t he QB? What does Geno Smith do when its 3rd and 8 and defenses pin their ears back and go get him because he has noone on offense that is a threat? You can only throw so many screens before they pick up on it. May if we fot Vaccaro at 9 since Austin was gone and Eifert at 13 since dion was gone and
  7. Corner believe it or not was not an immediate need and DT could have been taken in the 3 rd Geno Smith is a luxury especially when he has noone to throw to if we at least had a TE I could say OK TE is a qb best friend . Lets look at tye rest of our division and what they have done in free agency and the draft we should every year ask ourselves how can we win this division! !!! Hell even the dolphin hit the **** IT BUTTON and made sure when they play the elite teams they are competitive. We on the other hand drafted a DT that disappeared a lot when you watched his tape, Geno Smith that disa
  8. I know you guys remember whwn we have 4 former 1st round OLstarting for us..that was the year noone wanted any parts of the jets AND it allowed mark Sanchez to just manage the game now or OL is in disarray. ...lets see what this year bring but we addressed needs then even through free agency 2ise decision making on quality players. Ask yourself who does Geno throwd to? Where is our pass rush? What about saftey? Where is our playmaker? I don't care who you have at QB if you can't protect him he will fail
  9. This draft class a chance for they have yet to hit the field but let look at the glaring holes we have too guys how is Geno to be successful if he does have a playmaker hell even a good tight end which is a need. H9w do you send the defense back on the field knowing the offense is inept. This is tue quickest way to ruin a young quarterback
  10. My question is what good are they of we didn't address the holes that we have in our roster we can't score......but we have a great defense
  11. This draft class hasn't had a chance to prove its self I get it but what about the previous classes as a whole
  12. I understand all of your points but look back at our drafts.....all of them we had a few bright spots lioe rev8s, harris, wilkerson, devito, coples, brick, mangold, etc but the elite teams buiod through the draft SF,BAL, TEXANS, SEAHWAKS. do you rremember when the seahawks were awful....hell even the rams the last few years have drafted well tye beat the 49 ers then tied them...hell a few years ago the bibers were terrible but the drafted well.
  13. I don't claim to be the best evaluator of talent in the world, butto watch other teams year after year knock it out of the park draft after draft it frustrates me to no end. Is this organization that inept that we can't evaluate talent and fill our needs? We missed our safety, tight end, OUTSIDE RUSHER. In previous years we drafted POORLY this is why we always draft at the top half of the draft. I wish just once we can have a draft that promotes excitement and justify the PSL price. They are better off letting jetnation take over one draft because the results couldn't be any worse. The
  14. Do we have the same scouting staff as the previous regime? Because they should not get a check
  15. I would have taken Patterson at 13 and Vaccaro at 9 these two are the best at their position and its a need. Its not a reach if they are rated first at their position with all other targets have been drafted. This would allow us to still take Ertz in the second.
  16. The BAP was chance and he was a need our secondary did well last year with Revis out most of the year we are thin as hell at guard with "Ouchy it hurts" Willie Colon and Vlad the ugliest mammal on earth as a last resort and we STILL don't have a pass rusher or TE
  17. LOL agreed but I like the other picks
  18. Actually the point I am making is the landscape of the draft prospect available will change since there are 3 teams with 6 first round picks everyone can't trade down not enough to go around therefore, teams draft boards change to BPA which will move a lot of teams to snatch a value player like a Ertz, or other position players that we need just because of said change. You are right there aren't any "Elite Players" in this draft NONE, but certain players fit a certain scheme. We run a WC offense with a QB (for now) that is limited in his ability so to not get the player for our scheme becaus
  19. Also, please keep in mind that 3 teams in this years draft have 2 first round picks Rams, Vikings, and Jets and SF with their 13 picks will bridge an even larger gap in players from the #13 pick to the #31 and #34 the Rams want a WR so bad they would make a deal with the devil and the Vikings just dealt Percy Harvin so they too want to trade up.
  20. Uh....yes that is what I am saying we need IMPACT PLAYERS!!!!! There is a big difference between those picks and please keep in mind SF has 13 picks 1. They don't have enough roster space for all those rookies so they will have to trade some away 2. They are a team that wants to win NOW and are built to do so they will do anything to trade up for the best available player (Tavon Austin @ #9 or #13 and guess who has that pick at your precious #31....you guessed it SF. Therefore, let's not trade down for quantity this team is not a one year fix. Well have many holes yes, but we have to fill t
  21. Hey Guys I think they did a really good job except they should have picked a linemen 5th http://walterfootball.com/draft2013.php
  22. Agreed. We need to get better and I would rather get 2 or 3 impact players than a bunch of roster filler. Miami is better, New England is better, and believe it or not, Buffalo will compete. We have to take the best available players
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