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  1. Looking to buy 4 tickets for the October 14th game with the Eagles. If interested, contact bfogarty@threedmetals.com
  2. I realize it is a long way off however with all things being equal in next years draft, I would much rather see the Jets draft another OL (preferably a guard) with next year's #1 pick. I was at the Tennessee game and Barry Sanders would have had difficulty running against the Titans. I watched Walter Payton play for the Bears for his entire career and it was not until he had a better than average OL that he was able to display his true talents. I have no idea if the next Anthony Munoz or John Hannah is available in next year's draft however Brandon Moore is average at best and Pete Kendall is nearing the end of the line. With two #2 picks in next year's draft, the Jets have the option of waiting for a quality RB to slip to them in round 2 or can use the their two #2's as an option to move up. Either way, we have a QB who is one more hit away from retirement and no real receiver that can be considered a breakaway threat so providing Chad with better protection is critical to this team's success - let's continue and build through the OL and fill in the remaining spots with our 2nd and 3rd round picks.
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