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  1. This is my last post and I wanted to say good bye. You should be proud of your teams effort today. But the bottom line is that the Patriots have the better team and will be a force for years to come. I really believe your team will get better and better with Mangini's guidance. I know I goofed on alot of you, but it all was in jest. Good Luck Fred
  2. You think she is good looking? How sad, how very sad:confused:
  3. Did you get a chance to watch this vid? http://youtube.com/watch?v=og2Nj6hFGF4
  4. Your getting to emotional, calm down and take 2 tylenol and get some rest.
  5. You need to follow the logic train...I was responding to another posters quote. Thank you, and have a nice day
  6. The two most important rules in life: 1. Don't tell everything you know.
  7. They each have different themes!! But when in Rome. okay I'm cool wid dat
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