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  1. Brandon Shell

    I was told there would be no math today.
  2. Brandon Shell

    =============================================== Go Jets!
  3. I likied Marshall as a jet, had passion and was a baller. IMHO
  4. Brandon Shell

    Better then Giacomini
  5. Brandon Shell

    He looked good in Buffalo and also all things considered looked good also against the Raiders. Then Winters is out and he struggles with Wake in Miami. He's no super star and probably never will be, but he as with the rest of the Oline has exceeded my expectations.
  6. Wasn't Brooks primarily playing CB in the Dolphins game?
  7. ========================================== Think about it, why would the Jets prescribe heavy drugs and fail to monitor there effect, they had millions invested in the schlub, why would he not demand a different med. Couple those thoughts with a known abuse past, the odds are much more likely that he was on the sauce and couldn't perform as a functional alcoholic. The Jets took a chance on him and this is how he repays them. SMH
  8. I'm not buying his story at all.
  9. For the most part I just don't care this season and that's paying off cause this year so far has been fun watching the Jets and USC
  10. ====================================================== And no mention of Belicheck being a scumbag?
  11. White out on Sunday

    I always where all white.
  12. I am from Oregon, that's where I have always lived. I have been to other states, even other countries like Canada and Mexico. So I have been around. Just saying. LOL Home is home, JI, JN, Shouldn't post while drunk.
  13. The 2013 ji discussion thread :)

    Bump to say. Can't we all just get along.