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  1. Is Eli Manning overrated?

    He played well when it counted, two time Super Bowl MVP, I hate the nerd, but it is what it is.
  2. Most embarrassing top 5 QB bust

    ,,,,,,,,,,, ummm Jackson
  3. Most embarrassing top 5 QB bust

    If I had to put money on it Darnold
  4. Most embarrassing top 5 QB bust

    Wait, I’ll go with Mayfield
  5. Most embarrassing top 5 QB bust

    Changed my mind so Allen
  6. Most embarrassing top 5 QB bust

  7. Why is Revis doing this?

    He is dead to me............
  8. Good, sounds like justice prevailed.
  9. Brandon Shell

    I was told there would be no math today.
  10. Brandon Shell

    =============================================== Go Jets!
  11. I likied Marshall as a jet, had passion and was a baller. IMHO
  12. Brandon Shell

    Better then Giacomini
  13. Brandon Shell

    He looked good in Buffalo and also all things considered looked good also against the Raiders. Then Winters is out and he struggles with Wake in Miami. He's no super star and probably never will be, but he as with the rest of the Oline has exceeded my expectations.
  14. Wasn't Brooks primarily playing CB in the Dolphins game?