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  1. 10 or 12 years back I was looking into Woody and where his money came from. It's true he was born rich and never needed to work a day in his life. However he did Invest in real estate and cable TV and over doubled his money making him the billionaire he was when he bought the Jets. So yes he is an astute businessman. Next.
  2. Gunnails

    Drafting Odds

    What be the hit rate for rounds 1-3?
  3. The Gray Catbird or Dumetella carolinensis. Or you can just call it a bird.
  4. =================== Nothing in my PM's, if he reaches out I will let you all know.
  5. Offer a conditional 5th round pick, if the Jets can get him up to speed then trade him for a 2nd.
  6. Someone posted that he is a beast on special teams, so he could have a big impact.
  7. Jets have 4 QB's, why do only three need to be ready to play and which one is sitting out?

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