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  1. Gunnails

    Drafting Odds

    What be the hit rate for rounds 1-3?
  2. Gunnails

    Trading before draft day

    The Gray Catbird or Dumetella carolinensis. Or you can just call it a bird.
  3. Gunnails

    Looking at the schedule....

    =================== Nothing in my PM's, if he reaches out I will let you all know.
  4. Offer a conditional 5th round pick, if the Jets can get him up to speed then trade him for a 2nd.
  5. Gunnails

    Jets Sign Jerimiah Attaochu

    Someone posted that he is a beast on special teams, so he could have a big impact.
  6. Jets have 4 QB's, why do only three need to be ready to play and which one is sitting out?
  7. If you were to fill a cooler with the most popular beer in America, guess what beer it would be?
  8. I'm a fanatic so I would sacrifice a Pats fan and a few Dolphin fans that I know.
  9. Gunnails

    Petty Cut

    ========================================= Well that was nice.

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