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  1. I think if you look at things as they stand now, the Jets are essentially in the aft championship now today. In this I mean that we have improved each year under Ryan and sanchez. Its not any stretch to put us as the top contender for the SB this year. I just don't see any team that can legitimately contend with us. What I am hearing free agency wise is that we will sign aso from the raiders and team him with revision for the greatest db tandem in history. We will also sign Edwards on a cheap incentive laden deal. Holmes is gone to the skins. CFO Artie gone as we sign Aso. Brad Smith signs an incentive laden deal to help our cap numbers. I thnk things look good for us. Anything short of a SB win this year is a disappointment in my mind. Thoughts ??

  2. Moga NFL selections of the week are in. Last week was a push. Lost on the Dolphins-BIlls game (damn safety) and won on the Packers-Eagles game.

    Lets get right to it.

    1..I like Carolina -3.5 over the Bucs. Carolina is alot stronger than people think. They had multiple-multiple chances to get in the endzone against the Giants and just didnt convert. The line is low due to the questionable health status of QB Matt Moore. This line is screaming coin to be put on Carolina. Take this game and collect a nice payday. Panthers 24 Bucs 10

    2.. I love Minnesota giving 5.5 over the Dolphins. Minnesota is rested and eager to get back in the W column after a close loss to the Saints. The DOlphins are just the kind of team who will fold under the noise anbd chaos in Minnesota. I think this game is going to be a blowout. Call it Vikes 31 Dolphins 13

    3. I like the Eagles/Detroit OVER 41. Both teams will have 2nd string QB's, but I expect scoring out of both offenses. I like the Eagles to likely win by a margin of 27 to 23. The over of 41 should be easily ecclipsed.

    Upset pick: Bengals over the Ravens. Huge emotional let down coming for the Ravens. They are very bruised after that MNF game and the Bengals are already a little desperate. Bengals home opener getting 3. I like an out right upset. Bengals 20 Ravens 17.


  3. I would like to pose a question to all.

    If you read all of the preseason pubs and listen to the NFL experts and pundits, >90% have us winning the SB. Everyone is talking Jets SB. I cannot remember there ever being this strong preseason consesus as SB winner. At the very least we are already in the AFC Championship as a result of last year and our building in the off season. My main goals along the way for the Jets SB win would include:

    1. Sweep the Division BY double digit wins in each game

    2. Pummle the Dullards by 21 each game. Ryan ought to throw a punch at Soprano after the game.

    3. Eclipse the Ravens D stats of 2000

    4. At least 10 Probowlers

    5. LT > 1000 yards, Green > 1500 yards

    6. Sanchez > 30 TD's with less than 7 INT's

    7. Revis defensive player of the year

    8. Leon Washington > 5 special teams TD's

    9. Rex Ryan coach of the year

    Thoughts? Additions?


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  4. I think it is very obvious that these last 3 wins have out us back in the front runner for the playoffs. We are playing the bet of any team in the playoff race. I see Miami losing 2 of their next 3, Jack losing 2 of their next 3, Baltimore losing two of three and Denver winning maybe 2 of their next 3. I think we need to start running scenarios about us winning the division. Screw just the wildcard...I want the division. We deserve the division...we have earned the ****ing division.

    I see us winning the division. The Patriots are not playing well...and will probably lose 2 of their next three.

    We will win the AfC East.

    I like our chances of getting the rookie offensive player of the year in the Mark Sanchez, defensive player of the year in darrel revis,and rookie coach of the year in fat rex. i thinking we get 10 pro bowlers.


  5. And "Miami didn't beat us?" and "Jags whom we basically beat?" What a crock of ****.

    I beg to differ...We lost, they didn't beat us. There is a difference dude.

    There is not one true Jet fan or player who doesn't know in their heart of hearts that we are the better team and that own the Dolphins. Both times we lost because of BS flukes. 1st time was wildcat, second time was Theodore Ginn Jr....we still are the better team and 9 times out of 10 beat them. I do not respect anything about the Dolphins... their organization sucks from their stadium down to their fat cheerleaders.


  6. Hear me out on this. I wish sometimes that the NFL playoff seeding was more like college football. We are seeded 9th or 10th trying for a playoff spot, but are much better than that. We lost to Miami twice (they didn't beat us) and this we lose in a tie-breaker with them. We are playing playoff football now and deserve to get in the playoffs. If there were a true NFL power rankings system, we would probably get the nod for the playoffs from the voters. I wish there were some remedy for us to get in based on how we are playing now, and that would nullify those losses to lesser and inferior teams like the Dolphins, Bills (once) and even Jags, whom we basically beat. Thoughts?


  7. The press-conference was rather hilarious.

    Reporters completely froze.

    Female reporter: "Bart, are you being sarcastic."

    Bart: "No."

    Bart Scott owned those reporters. I wish he would have called out Parcells....I was so hoping he would have went postal on the whole fins organization. He was close...you can tell he hates them and is pissed they stole two games from us.

  8. Who cares what they say. They have already lost 3 games to terrible teams this season. Thats the difference between being a mediocre team that will have trouble getting a wild card spot and fighting for a first round bye.

    We rightfully should be 7-1. This is such BS. I wish there was some kind of recourse for us. We are a 7-1 team.

  9. At this point, the NFl Network and ESPN are a ****ing disgrace. 90% of their coverage has been about Favre and the Paclers game. They keep showing continued highlights and rehashing and rehashing it. Rich Eisen and Steve Mariucchi keep felating this guy over and over again. I feel the NFL Network needs to just add another Favre channel to the newtork. All Favre all day.....

  10. I love Bart Scott. This guy does not take any ****. We beat the living **** out of the Dolphins and out gain them 375-104. we beat there as everywhere up and down the field, and but for a few BS plays, we end up losing. The Dolphins didn't win, we lost....big difference.

    Scott was interviewed and mocked the **** out of the Dolphins...he called them a "SB team" while smirking. I love the fact that Ryan Co. dont take any **** and go down swining. Ryan was furious...you could tell he waned to scream and yell "The Dolphins suck"..but he didn't. He held back...God, I was hoping he would go postal on the fins. Scott was hilariious though. You could tell he was mocking the fins and basically saying they sucked and that the Jets deserved to win. This was a tough loss, but I sure as hell love the talk and bravado of the Ryan and Co. He doesnt back down to anyone....I love this guy.


  11. I think a lot of people on this board are a little ignorant about qb development in the NFL.

    It is very rare for a rookie qb to come into the league and play at a high level. PLease remember than we cannot compare Mark Sanchez to recent rookie phenoms Joe Flacco or Matt Ryan.....or compare development to Peyton Manning, Ben Rothlisberger or even Eli Manning. ALL of those qb's had > 3 YEARS playing qb at a collegiate level. Sanchez had 16 games. The development of Sanchez is going to be delayed much longer than you all realize. Even Chad Henne in Miami had 4 years of experience starting at qb at Michigan. He is much further along in "game" experience than Sanchez. You cannot underestimate that experience. I'm worried that Sanchez is going to need much more time than fans and media and even coaches realize. Sanchez played with some of the best talent in the nation at USC and he did not play in many close games or have many difficult situations to face there. He never even played in weather colder than 55 degrees. He had a pretty much "silver spoon" experience in college. These are all things that are gonna take time to adjust to and there will be growing pains. Do not compare him to Flacco or Ryan. Both of those guys faced alot more adversity than Sanchez ever did in college.


  12. Would everyone please take a fucing chill pill regardiong Sanchez. The guy is a rookie, it happens....he still showed alot of moxy truting his cannon and trying to pull the trigger, even in overtime. The guy has shown us enough good things that we know we can trust him and hitch our trailer to him. The refs sucked this game and missed a **** load of holding calls. On at least three INT's there was defensive holding that was not called. Rex better go nuts and call out the ****bag refs in the post game presser. Sanchez, for all of his mistakes has the "it" factor. Statistically he didn't look good, but the guy has a cannon of an arm and is not afraid. He is and will be the franchise qb for 10+ years. This is all in the rookie learning process. I have total fauth in Rex Ryan to tutor this guy into a SB champion QB. Ryan has SB rings and is a winner. This is a bad day for the Jets, but next week we get back on the wagon and get an easy win over a ****ty Raiders team.


  13. Calvin Pace is a true NY Jet. He blasted Chad Henne and the Crappy wildcat after the game. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/13/sports/football/13jets.html?_r=1&ref=sports

    I love Rex Ryan's no excuse mantra and guys like Pace not cowering to the media. We will hang 40 on the Dullards when we get them in our house in a few weeks. I am on the record stating that we will shut them out and skin the wildcat alive. There is no way in hell Ryan lets this game go without retribution. He was pissed as hell last night. It was awesome to see a coach with so much emotion...

    Thoughts on Pace? I cant wait till he gets back in game shape.


  14. Well folks, we are back for another year of The Moga selections of the week. Without further ado:

    1. Vikings -4 over the Browns. This is stealing money clones. The Browns were 30th against the run last season...The Vikes will shred them big time. Will bet $220 to win $200.00. Call it Vikings 27 Browns 10.

    2. Indy -6 over the Jaguars. The Jags are a mediocre team. The Colts have to much firepower at home. Call it Indy 34 Jags 17. Will bet $220 to win $200.00

    3. Atlanta/Miami total over 43 I see a high scoring affair here. Falcons 31 Dolphins 24. Will bet $220 to win $200.00

    Total bets $660.00 to win $600


    Moga III, MD

  15. As we all celebrate a great day in the naming of Sanchez as the starting Qb for our beloved Jets, I have also debated the strength of this years AFC East Qb's. I discussed this with several football officiniados whom I know...these guys know the game (in the interest of disclosure, most are Jets fans.)

    AFC East Qb's.

    1. Tom Brady - no suprise here. He is a great QB, and even with a gimp leg, the "gay one" will likely be in probowl form. The leagie has set up rules to ensure that he doesnt get hit. You can expect many 15 yard freebies given to the Patsies because of him. Anyway you slice it, Brady is the class of the AFC East.

    2. Mark Sanchez - A suprise, but not really, if you look deep enough. Sanchez comes from pedigree. He has what is essentially akin to a Harvard Medical Degree in medicine. He comes from the best of the best and has played with the best of the best. He has excellent mechanics and a big time gun. His first play as a pro was a 50 yard bomb thrown on a rope. This guy has earned the starter as a rookie and is an amazing talent. The fact is, Trent Edwards and Chad Pennigton could not carry this kids jock. He has moxy and has the "it" factor. He is in the Brady mold.....I can safely say that he is clearly the second best Qb in the Afc East.

    3. Trent Edwards - He has shown some flash, but is essentially a poor kids Billy Joe Tolliver. He has a weak arm and checks down to often. I think he has not shown anything to make me think he will be a star in this league. He doesnt have the arm like Sanchez or the accuracy of Brady. He is a "C" starter......a distant third in the AFC East QB's.

    4. Chad Pennington - Penny is simply fraud. He has no arm and we all have seen simply seen that he is not a winner. We cut him and he is living on a shoe string doing things with smoke and mirrors in Miami. We know that he is not a true all pro type QB...Dolphins fans are clueless.. Pennington is a nice guy, but a loser...Thank God he is not associated with this team and franchise anymore.


    Moga III

  16. With Brady back behind center they are the best team in the league.

    The 2009 offense has a great chance at being better than the 2007 one. It is more loaded and the defense is also younger.

    They are going to go for 19-0 once again, whether you like it or not.

    Please....the Pats chances and success has come and gone. Brady will be a shell of his former self. He got married, has another kid o the way....many Qb's dont ever come back as good as their former selves after injuries like this. The Jets and pats will be in a dog fight for the East crown, but our defense and HC has the edge here. We have team speed on Defense that hasnt been seen since the Ravens SB year.


  17. FM, as always I love your optimism. But keep in mind, if Sanchez starts, it will take a little while for him to get comfortable and we have to go 4 games without Pace. I think the Jets could have a tough start, and lose many fans to suicide, but will gain momentum and be a pretty good team by the second half.

    Yes, conventional wisdom may think a rough start is awaiting us, but Sanchez will have possibly 2- 1000 yard RB's behind him. That will take the pressure off him big time.

    I see us winning the first 4 of 5 out of the gate. Wins over the Texans, Titans, Saints, Dolphins put us at 4-1. We could be 5-0 perhaps (not likely) and at worst 3-2. We get guaranteed wins over the Bills 2x and one more to the Dolphins, and without looking at anything else we have 7 wins. This teams stellar pro bowl defense will easily carry us to three more wins. This year looks great for our chances. How can you disagree?


  18. Oh my God yes.

    Is anyone else as excited about Moga's return as I am?


    If I recall, I do not really like you that much, but thank you for the welcome back. I'm back here and plan on delivering "Moga picks of the week" and calling out posters as needed here.

    This place sure beats that dump of $hit in$$$ider with that tub of lard Sooth running his scam over there.:Nuts:

    Moga III

  19. Clones, as I review our schedule and look at the upgrades we have made on this team, I think we get 9 to 10 wins easily.

    I think Sanchez is starting by week three and he will be a rookie of the year candidate. While the schedule looks difficult at first perusal, you have to thrown in the fact that we get 4 auto wins with high likelihood wins over the Jills and Dullards. That leaves only having to win 6 games, in the remaining 12. Not many teams get to start the season with essentially 4 wins in their back pocket. I like the way Sanchez is working and I hear Greene is going to be a monster. Channel that with Keller and Stuckey playing pro-bowl ball and you can see we can easily get a wild-card spot. I have not even started talking about our defense yet. Vernon is looking fast and playing lights out so far and Lito is looking great also having taken one of Clemens balls back to the house. Things look good for us people. If we stay injury free, we could win the division. This is going to be a historic year in Jets football.

    Moga III

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