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  1. Sperm: Those comments were expected from an ingrate like you. Moga
  2. Folks, we need to draft a qb of the future....Sanchez fromm USC is coming out into the draft....We need to get him. He has good size and a big arm and has excelled at a top program. I think we may get him at 17, but if need be, we need to parlay some picks and get him Having him under Farve's direction for a year or two would be an added bonus. Draft Mark Sanchez. Frank Moga, MD
  3. **** looks like i am going 1 for 3 for this weekend.... CTM...you were dead on....The Bills game was a sucker bet. Vegas was telling us something when they set the line so low....they were daring people to bet and lay the points with the Bills. The Dolphins IMHO are a better team than we are right now. Moga
  4. Ordinarlily I would agree and this screams trap...but the dullards will not be able to stop a pounding Marshawn Lynch. The Bills may even win a squeaker, but they are only laying 1.5. Call it Bills 27 Dullards 20.
  5. BergenJets banned me over at JI before I could even begin posting the picks, so it was not started this year. Moga III
  6. Well, it is time to start posting the Moga Selctions of the week again. A contract has been signed with Jetnation.com and it's subsidiaries and Frank Moga Enterprises Inc for the rights to the weekly football selections. Any reproduction of my picks, in any way, shape, or form without express written consent from Jetnation.com or Frank Moga Enterprises Inc. will be subject to the full penalty of the law. I will be picking three games this week. 1. Jacksonville Jaguars (-6.5) over the banged up Browns at home. A rested Jags team will hammer the hapless Browns who will not have an answer for an "en fuego" Maurice Jones Drew and speedy defense. Call it Jags 28 Browns 10 2. Teaser bet. Patsies at home teased down to -1.5 against the Rams and Philly teased down to -3 against a very over rated Falcons team. 3. Buffalo Bills -1.5 against the Dolphins. Buffalo is a team that has not been given proper respect. This line is a very value packed line. Those are the picks. Thoughts, criticisms, etc.. are welcome. DO NOT POST THESE PICKS OVER AT ANOTHER JETS MESSAGE BOARD. There will be legal repercussions from my lawyer, Harry F. Schwartz, Esq if done. We will track ISP numbers and have other ways of tracking you down and prosecuting you to the full extent of the law. Please enjoy the picks, and may my football accumen bring you some cold hard coin to get you going for the holiday season. Sincerely, Franklin Moga, MD FACC, FASNC, FASE, FAHA
  7. its funny its all good. This is this site I have should have been on in the 1st place. EWvery ****ing post doenst have to be a """uhmmm" am I going to be banned for that post. As long as bergen, and Klecko stay on as regulars and are not made mods, things will be good. Its good to be posting again. Frank Moga III, MD FACC, FASNC
  8. I didnt deserve ****.......people do far worse things than why u banned me. I was ready to deliver the goods to you and embarass you and you saved face and banned me.....the site lost a good poster that day. In reality, my rwu productivity shot up since the banning.....and I am still not sure why I was banned. That's the funny thing....whatever.....u not being a mod anymore is reason enough to post on a jets message board again. Moga
  9. fair enough sperm...... but me wanting to punch him in the face had nothing to do with my banning....he didnt personally do it.......Bergen did. Point taken though. Moga
  10. Sorry to hear that...I picked up some nice coin with the Ravens today and got lucky with a late TD cover in the Penn State game yesterday. Season has been ok......Im up, but not with any sizable coin
  11. Bergen knows he ****ed up....but doesnt have the sack to admit that he banned me to save face. Thats all JI past drama though. Pauliec, lets talk weekly picks. You making any coin this season? Moga
  12. Paulie; I HAVE SOME nice parlays for next weekend.....if you stay here...ill release the to your PM FOR FREE. Moga
  13. Can we stop with all of the circle jerking? Moga
  14. Bergen banned me for life when I was ready to call his bluff on my MD status.....its all good though, I am glad to be gone from that site. I wouldn't mind punching that fat **** Soothsayer in the face though.. Moga III
  15. U never answered the question about >>>>>>> ? Moga
  16. Mac: what up dawg.....its like a reincarnation of all of the worlds biggest internet *******s..... Moga
  17. No hard feelings on my side....I always thought you were a roaring douchebag and was hoping to get a chance to kick ur ass..... you were going to be called out and proved wrong and I know you had to ban me to save face......kinda funny how things turned out for you and your fat ass friend Klecko Its all good though. Its time to bring Jetsnation to the next level and be the number one jets site. Game on. Moga III
  18. Just want some names and who made the decision. Also, can one of you guys send me the complete thread of what happened. since my lifetime ban by bergen and kleck i ahvent stopped by much. I arrived there to late to see what happened....threads were locked and deleted. Moga
  19. Kleck and bergen.......you two guys have some splaining to do. Why the f*** did you a-holes ban me for life on JI? I want answers and I want answers here. Truthfullly, I am tickled pink that that site is burning to the ground, but I have no doubt you 2 guys were 100% responsible for my banning. Explain things here....lets make up, or are we going to continue the feud? I want answers. Signed, F. Moga III, MD FACC
  20. I really want to boost this site up to take over that site and get rid of alot of *******s power over their. we need more redgistered posters and we need the mods to be leee political and not ban people bc another certain mod doesnt lke them. I got banned because I wads ready and willing to prove I am an MD....I trusted one mod to gie him the inforamtion....but the mod who was about to be outted dhowed what a piece of cretin **** he is and banned me before I could pull this off. One of the worst disgraces i have ever seen in inernet message board history. I know this is not a nice tihng to say, but if I ever met Bergen Jet I would flat out tear that fat peice of shyte limb from limb. never has a man needed more of a beat down than him. Moga
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