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  1. yes, but i like signing the post....it gives it more authenticity.'' Moga p.s. I would pay hard coin to meet some of these *******s intral life...I drop that fat bastard heart attack waiitng to happem=n Soothsayer first, I'd then bury Bergen Jett, dump that white trash klecko73 in a ****ing dumpstrt and then finish out with an ass kicking of Chesepeaka jet....one of the lease knowledgeable and spliness cowards I know. Moga III, MD
  2. Well I am happy to be back to a site not overrun by a bunch of slothenly *******s. Those bastards over their can kiss my ass for all i care. They have three mods....Soothsayer, Cheseprakejet, Kleckl73 and bergenJet who all take bets on how many people they ca ban in a night. I want to help make this site the best New York Jets site on the internet and I will attract more posters who want to get My pcks and analysis and just BS fun I will provide. Moga III, MD **** the Soothsayer.
  3. I need a new home for bull ****ting and betting footballl. WShat say you....is it cool if I move my business here? Let me know. Moga
  4. Last week was a +$300.00 week. Some more picks to come tomorrow. Moga
  5. Eagles -3 over jets $220 to win $200.00 Our boys are just overmatched. Look for Kellen to get time in this game before it's over. Call it Eagles 28 Jets 17 GB - 3 over Washington $110.00 to win $100.00: The Redskins are a fraud, I look for a pissed off Favre and Co. to come out and get revenge on the skins after last weekends loss against the Bears Cleveland/Miami OVER 45: $110.00 to win $100.00. This game pitches 2 putrid defenses. and there will be alot of points. Look at this one as Browns 31 Dolphins 24. F. MOga III
  6. Panther safeties from a year ago won't be on the field...Mike Minter retired, and nate Salley is struggling with a knee injury. The Rams will exploit this, and cash in big for points. On the other hand, Steve Smith could have a 3 TD, 125 yard + performace against this well known opponent to him....what this all spells? Points. Moga III
  7. I kind of like under/Overs....just because you can just root for scoring and it makes it easier to root. PLus the refs seem to have less of an impact (that is just my own bias). I would have thought last night was going over....so close, but yet alot of people probably lost coin on betting the over. You might be right regarding this game, but I think this is an UNder/Over game being missed by bettors. The line is reasonable, and a 23-20 game hits it. That is not that many points to attain. Moga
  8. I think the Rams try and open it up with their offense at home. I see a high scoring affair, something like 28-24. I think the Rams can put up points with Marc Bulger, Stephen Jackson, Randy McMichael and Torry Holt. The Panthers also have firepower (more than you think) and will stay in this game. This is the game I feel most comofortable about. I also love the Eagles at GB. They have fared very well against this team in the recent few years, and GB is as devoid of offensive talent as they have ever been with an aging Brett Favre. This Eagles D will come fast and heavy against a depleted GB team. Brett Favre is a "has been" who throws too many INT. This is a good spot to take a road favorite. F. Moga III
  9. Hola homies, The Frank Moga NFL selections of the week are here. After a terse week of negotiating, Jetnation.com has acquired the rights to sponsor the Weekly selection event. I will make 3 picks every Friday night throughout the season. I will bet against the spread. The pool is $4000.00 large this season. When the coin is up, so are the picks. I expect nothing but insults, denegrations, and "I told you so's" from the Monday morning Qb's here. On to the picks. I will put them up first and defend them within the thread. There are some degenrate gamblers who are waiting on these jewels...gotta get em up. Lets start the games. 1. Steelers -4.5 vs Browns. 2. OVER on Total points scored in Rams/Panthers (line is 41.5). 3. Eagles -3 vs Packers. Comments? We'll lay $300.00 ($100.00 per contest) of the $4000.00 allotment. The juice on this play is 30 bucks. Franklin Moga III P.S. Mods, please make a sticky.
  10. hate to say it Hosses...but I think De La Hoya is going to get rocked in this one. I think Mayweather os a scum bag piece of $hit who desperately needs to get the piss beat out of him.....BUT...De La Hoya, the 34 year old "celebrity" golden boy aint gonna do it. Call it Maywetaher by TKO in the 6th......prolly be 4 rounds to 1 at that time. Hate to say it. Mayweather is a bad human being, but he will win this fight tonight. Moga III, MD FACS
  11. Quick question for all; Q: What is the difference between a Pats fan and a bucket of $hit? A: The bucket Franklin Moga III, MD FACS
  12. Yeah, I was ripping some of the regular crowd there and making my most hated list, and then like 3 days later AFTER the thread had died, some chicken $hit 15 year old pu$$y moderator comes homes after staying with his grandmother in Hampton Virginia for the weekend and tries to be a tough guy and permantly bans me for "crossing the line".....calling someone a moron. Funny thing is, I couldnt log on and thought something was wrong with my browser.....lol. Billparcells PM'd me here to let me know I had been banned.... Pats fans have the most leeway on "that" site...weird f-ing love fest with the "protection" of patsie vermin. The resident douche bag Patsfantx is posting away there with full immunity....piece of $hit surfs all day on his 386/25 Mhz computer with a 28.8K modem powered through his mothers trailer. Pathetic actually. The sad thing is, it is a good site with some good fans, but the mods are another story. Some of these jokers need to realize this is a f-ing internet message board, not the Supreme F-ing court...oh well....it's my gain.... I feel a little liberated being able to post without being threatened to be banned every f-ing day....If I am banned here, I will try my luck at TGG....... Regards, Franklin Moga III, MD FACS
  13. Was banned for calling one of the regular butt licking posters a "moron"..There are rules there for favorites and then for the rest of us.... Them the breaks. Moga III
  14. At least the homo mods here are what they are...there is "another" site where the chicken $hit mods try and be tough guys and ban people to get a reputation as a "tough guy"....gayest dudes in the nation (outside of South Mass pats fans). FM III
  15. I am still feeling this site out...please alert me to the scum bag heathen pats fans so I can acknowledge them accordingly. Moga III, MD FACS
  16. Thanks Hoss. The only thing better than hating on pats fans is hating on the gay mods at a certain website that shall remain unnamed. Moga III, MD FACS
  17. I don't know, but I just felt like saying this. Those low down, scum sucking, walking abortions bandwagoners need to be taken the F out. Thanks...I feel better now. Moga, III MD FACS
  18. The guy is a fing load...he can plug up a hole. I read an article about him in the NYT a few days ago...I am suprised noone took a 7th round flyer on him. MOga III
  19. MOD: Please ban him I feel this was a personal attack. Thank You for your consideration. Frnaklin Moga III, MD FACS
  20. Yeah, that sucks....why remind us of the obvious. Moga III, MD
  21. I like this already......I plan to be an equal opportunity basher here. F. Moga III, MD FACS
  22. Nice work Bitonti..... I remember you from previous betting posts. Will you be available to post my selections of the week next season. F. Moga III, MD
  23. I hope "Brady is gay" is still widely stated here. Gay jokes for moderators is fine....but Brady is a homo must be known stated fact here. Moga III, MD FACS
  24. I will plan on applying for moderator privlidges after a few years here. Just thought I would let you know. F. Moga III, MD FACS
  25. Well, I think that is fair......there is no business for serious personal attacks....but are people "senisble" enough to know what is serious and what is not? To any pats fan: Thanks for the quick reply. MOga III, MD FACS
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