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  1. Pos is gonna be a thorn in our side for years. He can play ball. He is around the football all of the time. I think his stats hurt him more than they should have. He is going to be a good one. He is why I think the combin has so many faults. MOga
  2. Hoss...please ....thick skin...come on. Do the moderators play favorites and have differnt rules for different posters here. Is there a douchbag inner circle who get to play internet tough guysand ban people to try and get some self esteem in their lives. I would at least like to know what the ruls are upfront. MOga III, MD FACS
  3. Yeah, defintely a "who's in the clique" board. Different rules for different folks. The women of the board and other stepfords can go around and call people losers and morons, but if someone NOT in the clique does it, they get banned... LOL. It is all good though. Glad to call this place home now. F the patsies. F. Moga III, MD FACS
  4. This was such a moron move by that organization. You almost can't belive that NFL people could be that dumb....almost unfathomable. I can't remember a draft being so negatively criticizied...they are getting killed in the media. You got to love it. FM3, MD
  5. Well, I just found out that I was permanetly banned from that site.....LOL (didn't even know it, thought somthing was wrong with my browser). I am not even quit sure why...but am getting filled in now. Oh well, that's cool.....I will be posting on this site from now on though. Regards, Franklin Moga III, MD FACS
  6. Thanks dude....I plen to become an active member here and help this board prosper. I don't begrudge anyone for banning me, as it is a privately owned site....but at least give me a f-ing explanation. It came out of nowhere. I guess my number was indeed up. I can live with it. Moga
  7. You know it is funny...but I tried to sign on a few times this past week and found that I couldn't do so. Guess I was banned for something.....don't know for sure. It is ok though, plenty of sites to get Jets information. It's all good. Moga
  8. Bill.......yeah, sure fire "probowlers" is a bit much....BUT we defintely got quality over quantity and people need to start realizing that... MOga
  9. hilarious. I heard some people saying that the Dolphins could very well havee had the worst draft in NFL history. They are finished as an organization. FM
  10. Yea, perhaps....but the Jills should have traded down and selected another similar back and acquired another pick. It seems like only Mangin and Bellicheck know what the hell they are doing when it comes to draft day picks and manuevering. It is like neck and neck with us and them. Moga
  11. Well it is over and I think we as jets fans can be very happy at what transpired this weekend. My overall assessment is this: Jets A: This was an absolutely marvelous draft job by Tangini. We get an automatic shutdown corner in Darrelle Revis. The guy is simply amazing. Great job in giving up a small amount to what may end up bing a faster version of Ty law. This was a great great pick. The pick of David Harris was also great. He is a stud LB with great east west speed and will help out Vilmma tremendously. These ar two probowl picks we got...for comparetively little. Jacob Bender is a stud Ol who will challenge for a starting spot. I am telling you folks, this guy was way undervalueed by Mel Kiper, etc. We got him in the 6th when he was 3rd round value. I like the final pick of stuckey...he had some injury problems for the Tigers, but when healthy he is a great slot WR. He should replace Mcareins. Overall, we did the best job af any AFC East team. Patsies B: Did ok overall. Nice value in giving up a 4th for Moss. I also liked thre 1st riund slection of Meriweather. The selction of Kareem Brown was also a good value pick. Nothing else they did was worth mentioning. Pretty avergae at best, and most scrubs who will be cut come August 231st. Bills C-: They reached on the 1st selection of Marshawn Lynch at RB. He could have been had in the 2nd round. This was a waste of value. They had a nice pick of Paul Poslusny in the 2nd round, and Trent Edwards in the 3rd wasn't bad. Overall a slightly below average day for Marv Levy and those geezers. Dolphins F: They had by far one of the worst drafts in NFL history. They blew a chance at a top QB in Brady Quinn and instead reached for a unpolished WR who may be injurd well into the 2007 season. Ginn is still in a boot and wont be ready till August At BEST. There selction of John Beck at Qb is laughable. He was a 5th round pick in my book and is only trading camp fodder for most teams. They did not have another meaniingful pick in the draft and overall are being crucified by the national media. It is awesome to watch how they are getting killed. So, I think as this draft ends, we all should feel good. The patsies have made alot off season splash but it is all BS. There wiill be no chemistry and those players will implode. We will overtake them for th AFC East. F. Moga III
  12. This POS needs his a$$ kicked. He cheap shots Chad into the ground and then mocks him afterwards. If I ever see Colvin a public venuw I will go off on him. I would love to punch that M-fer in the face.
  13. Yes, there are premium members there, and I pissed one of them off and have been reported. Moga III
  14. Well,, I see the biggest internet village idiot in the world is over here now. Oh brother. I missed beating his A$$ daily anyway. MOga III
  15. Hello all. I am a regular over at JI.com, and essentially I am going to be banned from that site as I apparently pissed of a JI VIP premium pay member and was reported. Thought I would transfer over here in the meanwhile. Good to be here. Frank Moga III
  16. Dude, you just postyed this over at JI.com.....WTF? You are contributing to the drama....putz... Moga III
  17. Bill, I don't want to get in an argument with you over this. I think youra good guy. I don't understand why you feel that you have to defend Tx so much. That guy is an "internet message board pro"..he can defend himself just fine. Anyway, don't call me franky......ya putz:box: Franklin Moga III
  18. I didn't know that...that site pisses me off. Moga
  19. LMFAO....Hoss, I have a nice piece of plush Florida swamp land that I think you might be interested in purchasing from me. It is "prime" for real estate development..... Good god, some people..........LMAO Frank Moga III
  20. Bill......I don't need to clam down Hoss, I am calm. I have always thought Tx was a steaming pile of cow dung...and that guy has taken many many shots at me in front of and behind my back. But I never said I agreed with his banning here in this situation. The guy is a moron, and is a Patsie bandwagoning homer, but he is good for the board. He is like algae that is needed in an ocean. I AM NOT FULL OF MYSELF AT ALL hoss. Tex antagonizes alot of people, and today the guy got burned on it....no biggie, he will be back with his BS in 24 hours. I want him back because he is gonna get ripped intio by me when we smoke the Patsies tommorow. I thought it was interesting that you had to run over here and make a post that "this was Moga" on someone's post. Tx doens't need all of these people defending him. He started this $hit and has to live with the conseqences of the moderators at JI.com. You should calm downyourself Hoss. Regards, Frank
  21. Biggs, you obviously don't know the history at JI.com with Tx and all of the $hit he starts. I was banned on TGG.com for purely BS reasons....Tex earned his ban, although I don't have a problem with his recent antics..he is who he is...A Patsie homer douchebag. I am kind of embarassed that so many fellow Jets fans brethren are clamoring for him to be unbanned at the JI.com. Kind of sad, and hopefully just a moment of temp insanity from those used to having him around to kick and make fun of. Regards F. Moga III
  22. The facts of the matter are that PatsfanTx should have been banned many years ago. I don't agree with the banning as he is simply the same piece of $hit today as he has been for his entire 20,000 posting career. It is all good. I don't have any idea why alot of you guys make the disparaging comments abouts JI.com...that is the mothership of all Jets Fans site...I will however be a contributor to this site now also. I was temporarily abnned from theganggreen.com a year and half ago, and never returned. Seems like many of you have a little more tolerance here. It is all good. Jets win tomorrow....all Jets sites will be mobbed with people celebrating at this time tommorrow. Frank Moga III
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