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  1. I know there are still questions. I do know that but... If the O-Line just makes a few more holes this year I think Bell is automatically more effective and we have other real options for carrying the rock or even receiving out of the backfield. I think the running game will be better and that is going to give Sam more time when he does pass. I don't think we need a dominant running game but I expect a credible one. I think we will be much better unless maybe Becton is an ineffective sieve up front or we get another rash of injuries to key players. Yes. we lost Robby but overall we are anywhere from better to much better in terms of receivers depending on what Mims is able to do. TEs are uncertain but they are also not a no. Before last year I had our TEs as underperfom but this year I don't think that is such an automatic prediction. If you buy into the whole 2nd year of the offensive and defensive coaches thing then there is also that. This argument never carried much weight in my mind. but it does pertain here I usually suspect unbridled optimism but strangely I am in that kind of mood about our chances this year. Clearly I must be channeling one or more of the sunnysiders. I wonder which ones? Are you expecting Specials to be worse or that we will have a substantially weaker defense? I know we face some challenging offenses this year but do you think the defense is not going to stand up for itself at all? I think there is real potential for us being better in every aspect of the game this year but even if one is better and the others are no worse then we have the chance to be a much better team IMO. Plus NE are no longer the same team for the first time in many years. Possibly a turning point when we all look back on it.
  2. I think he gets an additional year more than likely but there is a win total that would make his firing practically automatic. 5 wins maybe not. 4 or less and he gets fired on black Monday. <edited to add> If this GM makes his mind up ion such a course I would not look for him to delay the actual firing while the best candidates are being snapped up by other teams as we have seen from Jets front offices in the past.
  3. Jet Nut, I don't recall being on the same side as you in too many of the mini-wars that we have had on here but I just wanted to let you know I am on your side for this one without reservation. Max is right we need you back here fully recovered and manning your post. <edited to add> We should start an over under on how long it will be before you have to use that get out of jail free card. I say one month tops.
  4. +1 If history has taught us anything it teaches us that GMs do not recover from a failing GM gig with the Jets. Head coaches might get another shot somewhere else but GMs are done. JD would know that and so he might have a shorter leash on Adam Gase than some others think.
  5. <actively considering becoming a source for Mehta>
  6. I caught the first episode of this on Starz and it was so good I downloaded season 1 and season 2. Absolutely amazing work. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6538034/ US natives will struggle a bit with some of the English expressions but it is gripping and really well written. Subtitles helped a bit fro my daughters. Lennie James wrote and starred which tells me he has a career as a writer if acting gigs ever dry up (which they do not seem to be doing)
  7. All of back into things with the best of intentions sometimes. Perhaps it is time for another Jamal Adams thread.
  8. I'm not sure people really disagree with the position fish. Personally I thought it came across as a bit self serving mate.
  9. Anyhow i am out of this thread... My first and last political debate however tangentially I approached it.
  10. Or maybe because we entrust them to carry guns and enforce the laws?
  11. Maybe so maybe not. He was simply calling out what he felt was unsafe behavior. Technically that might have "started it" but the other fella coming at him was the escalation which precipitated violence. Self defense plain and simple.
  12. In other other news i am racking my brain to try and remember what web sites i have visited recently. I suddenly received several promotional emails for "manscaping" shavers. One of them even featuring the picture of a swimmer under water in a swimming pool in goggles with a cap and touting the benefits of a waterproof manscaping product. Seems like kind of an odd place to go about that stuff but whatever floats your boat....
  13. Understood. The right to freely exchange droplets seems to be a regional assertion.
  14. People are welcome over in the other sports forum where Rangers fans are eagerly awaiting the playoffs to start!

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