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  1. I hate this endless cycle of "What coach worth his salt is going to come to a team with a lame duck GM?", followed by... "What GM worth his salt is going to accept a sitting coach as a condition for taking that job?" Keep 'em both or fire 'em both. Mac accepted the crappy end of the stick when he took the job.
  2. EM31


    Joe must go
  3. EM31

    Goff was a bust

    I stand corrected. I wonder how long before 71 is exceeded.
  4. EM31

    Goff was a bust

    Makes one wonder why we even gave him as many starts as we did TBH.
  5. EM31

    Goff was a bust

    54-51 in a "marquee match up". Practically a basketball score. Can it be long before we see our first 70-point team score in an NFL game? I get it that some of the rules changes have been put in place to protect the health of the players, particularly the long term health but geez, many of the changes have not been done for that reason. Particularly the ones about how pass interference is called.
  6. EM31

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    I hate it when this argument is used to support/trash other first year QBs so I am not going to use it directly here by citing the notable QBs who have thrown a lot of bad picks in their rookie years. You all know the players as well as I do. Nor would I cite a lottery winner as evidence that playing the lottery is a good deal. A rookie QB throwing a lot of picks on an otherwise bad team is simply not a good indicator of where that QB is going to end up. I have no issue with Sam "getting out the bad" in a year that wasn't going to go anywhere anyway. That is, I have no issue with it so long as there ends up being some reasonable evidence that he is beginning to eliminate these errors. Obviously this has not been shown at this point. Shane is back. Ain't that a thang.
  7. EM31

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    If Joe Thomas is so smart how come he has two first names? Amirite? Joking aside, it is juuuuuuust bit early to tell although the final report card on the Darnold draft could be anywhere on the Bust-->HOF continuum. Baker Mayfield was not an option for us and so the team (and fan base) who needs to worry whether or not they made the right decision is the one who actually had to make that decision. To these eyes Sam looks like he has more upside potential than any QB we have had in a very long time so I vote HOF. At least for now.
  8. So if Harbaugh suddenly were to become available to us.... does that mean that we are not in the market if his idea of job the description overlaps Macc's? I understand there are those who do not want him at any price but this is more a question about us closing off certain options with the decision here (if true)
  9. At least it gets us out of new coach inherits existing GM followed by new GM inheriting existing coach with both sequentially having a built in excuse for their failure. I would prefer both gone at the end of the season but at least this gets us back into phase. Plus Mehta could be wrong
  10. If it would have been Legget then we could have enjoyed thread titles such as "Legget out". Just sayin'
  11. As a practical matter this means he will be extremely affordable on a new/last deal if we even bother
  12. Does this mean that risque threads and comments are no longer off the menu?
  13. Who was our last practice squad player who graduated into a solid contributor on the big team?
  14. EM31

    Amari Cooper

    Cutting right to the chase... Probably not but it depends on the price to Oakland and his expected contract demands.
  15. EM31

    What Games are the Jets Supposed to Win?

    I think I agree with that but TBH I think there is a flip side to that as well. The offense is beginning to show real signs of life and the defense on the right day can be effective. In short, a lot of our opponents will still be penciling in a win against us but maybe not with quite the same degree of confidence as previous years. I don't think we are an automatic out any more and a win against a legitimate team might go a long way towards reinforcing that. Baby steps

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