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  1. In truth the right answer today is "sit Stanton" but there are 30 million reasons each year why they would never do that.
  2. EM31

    Go Nats!

    Mets fans probably looking over there at the Nats and thinking "that could have been us" Dodgers loss mean that the AL will have home field in the Series no matter what.
  3. Welcome to the NHL Mr. Hughes. Needs to get a little meat on his bones. This isn't like the old NHL where the Oilers provided 24/7 physical protection for the great one.
  4. Now all we need to work on is the whole not giving up the equalizer within 30 seconds of taking a lead thing.
  5. I thought Hank was done three years ago. Ugly win but still a good win last night, THAT Jets team is a talented team which I think will become clearer as the season goes along..
  6. If we end up with a very high pick (big IF) then that will give our GM the ammunition he needs to complete a rebuild more quickly. Silly point really since Miami looks like a mortal lock for the #1 overall. In any event. Don't tank for Tua but tank for the King's ransom that he might bring.
  7. The defense before Mosely went down was looking like 0-16 would not be possible. Miami are a lock fro the top pick 5 wins (two against Miami)
  8. As for Sam here's hoping it is only the Mono and not the HIV
  9. Tank for Tua baby! Think of the picks and players we can get.
  10. Comeback route proficiency.... Comeback player of the year.... Comeback sauce The question is not whether or not the Raiders knew it may be did the Steelers know?
  11. Or lose by the same. The Bills have a habit of not losing to us when they are "supposed to"

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