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  1. Me too (intrigued) but I fear that it isn't so much about the size of biceps as much it is about the durability of the wheels with him.
  2. <chuckles>.... Sorry bud but the typo just tickled my funny bone right there
  3. Devils are looking good on a very small sample size. That division just got more brutal than it already was.
  4. Shesty stole one for us last night against Toronto. Absolute theft after that 2nd period
  5. Things can always get out of hand against the Caps at any time pretty quickly and they did for us on opening night. Chalk that one up to too much adrenaline and a bit of opening night jitters. The Dallas result was disappointing in the end and Montreal was a scrappy win, albeit an ugly one. This team is still finding it's bearings right now, Fox looks great and so do some of the offseason acquisitions (Blais, etc.). Overall it isn't 100% clear what we have here yet and the big unknowns remain whether or not our high draft picks take the next step as well as whether or not Mika is rea
  6. I think there is a bit of that. 2nd half "prevent" defense syndrome by the other teams. A more telling factor is that even in the first half and before the defense has had a chance to get "worn out" we consistently show an inability to get off the field, especially in 3rd and long situations. The first-half time of possession differences are not all on the inept first-half offense and turnovers by Zach. Is it good that the defense stiffens enough in the red zone resulting in FGs against as opposed to TDs against? Yes but I think that overall the FGs against statistic probably make our def
  7. Clearly you are undervaluing the whole plucky Smurf angle. He may only be a BB gun but he is our BB gun. Hater.
  8. England back to old habits of laying an egg when minimum expectations were much higher.
  9. Tough division unless you are in the camp that feel the Penguins and the Caps may be in a pronounced decline. I do not. Both the Devils and the Rangers expect to be better this year and someone will be disappointed from the Metropolitan. For both teams it will come down to how quickly or if at all their very high draft picks start to dominate at this level. I think Jack Hughes is close to being there already. For the Rangers I would like to see Kakko take the next step (fingers crossed). I am not sure Laffy will turn into THAT GUY any time soon and Kravtsov needs to become more consi
  10. Wilder needs to worry about cumulative and possibly permanent damage from this series. Boxers never really accept this idea until it too late however.
  11. And I miss talking Rangers hockey with my friend. There I said it.
  12. Good job by the kids in the and and a win too, albeit a preseason win against one of the best two or three teams in hockey last year. Georgie always seems to play well against them Kakko is going to be a big boy when he finishes growing in the next few years and he looks like he enjoys playing with size already.
  13. Rangers and Islanders getting a little chippy. Islanders are used to being able to push the Rangers around and they are acting like nothing has changed. The Rangers at least standing up for themselves a little bit tonight. Good tone setter for the season in the final preseason game. We need to put on or two of theirs into the trainers room at some point this season just to be even or they will keep on doing more of the same.
  14. How long would an Adams "hands of stone" video be I wonder?
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