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  1. Bruins have really lost their way a bit but let's see if they manage to right the ship. If not...
  2. It was a very impressive game from the Rangers yesterday (outside of period 1). How many times did we hit the post or crossbar? A good game against a very strong team and a team who were clearly motivated to pay us back for the Friday result. We can play with all of the teams above us but it just took us too long to get up to speed. Everyone else had a long winning streak at some point in the year and we did not. That is the difference in the standings today.
  3. Devils in spoiler mode themselves. I think we may end up with 5 points out of a possible 8 against them.
  4. it could have been 5-0 islanders after one and 5-5 after 2
  5. The future is bright I agree Brooklyn Jet, but I fear we are not going to be able to get any playoff seasoning this year. A pity really since I think we pose a matchup threat against the Islanders to some degree and against the Capitals especially. It is an odd year, the division rules for this year have made it incredibly tough to get one of those top-4 spots and I am not 100% sold that Quinn is the long term answer behind the bench either. Still we can play spoiler for the rest of the year and if one of the top-4 teams goes into a serious tailspin maybe there is hope for us yet.
  6. Another opportunity this Sunday to follow up a good win against a good team with a repeat performance. Let's see if we can get the second one done this time. The "kid line" has been really good. Still worried about Mika despite the empty netter at the end. Kravtsov was good once again. Really good. A very promising start to an NHL career so far. Blackwell! Where the hell did he come from? Did anyone think he would be playing like this?
  7. Couldn't miss on Tuesday and couldn't put it in an open net tonight. So it goes with this team. Kravtsov looked pretty impressive so there is that
  8. Palmieri was a good get for the Islanders, Bastids. A particularly good get since NJ is eating some of the contract $$$ apparently. Not sure how much Zajac has left. In any event better the Islanders than the Bruins I suppose because we are more realistically battling them for a playoff spot and Palmieri was being rumored to be going to Boston.
  9. Last night was definitely a winnable game and an important one in terms of what may be down the road. This team needs to get better at winning the ones it *should* win. I know that is new territory for this group but all good teams need to learn how to win on nights where the dealer isn't giving them a royal flush.
  10. Icelanders are playing tough right now. They grind teams down and win 1-0 and they are good at it too. Maybe if Shesterkin gets red hot then we have a shot of going onto a real run.
  11. I get what you are saying but this season was always going to be a coming of age season anyway. Hopefully we finish well enough to earn a winnable playoff series. That and Robinson making it back into the lineup.
  12. Four in a row against the Devils is going to feel weird next week
  13. Good win. Hopefully they left a few goals in the bank for Thursday. Now we just have to get ruthless and complete a sweep of the back to back.
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