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  1. Talk about poster child for term limits
  2. We have cap room and enough prospects in the pipeline to be able to offer one, the other or both if the deal is right. Question is are we looking for a short term rental or someone who is going to be retained for 3 years or so? The 2nd issue is that sellers probably already know they will be sellers but they hope for a last-minute bidding war to drive up prices. Buyers (who may be correct this year) have the exact opposite hopes. i.e bargains to be had if you wait long enough. All of which means that it is unlikely that many of the bigger deals will happen early. We have to wait for
  3. In an era where the rules have been changed in ways that almost always favored the offense we saw two pretty decent defenses utterly shredded by the offenses they faced when it mattered most late in the 4th quarter. Amazing game which a few questionable coaching choices late on. Both of those QBs were passed on my the NY jets in the years that they were drafted. And so it goes.
  4. I may have watched the greatest NFL game ever played last night between the Bills and the Chiefs. It is hard to answer the OP's question given that we may never get to that level.
  5. lol.... too damn close by half! But I will take it.
  6. As a Jets fan I look forward to a time when I can celebrate the NY Jets winning games in the post season again but until that time comes I plan crack a beer whenever the Patriots are eliminated and/or when Tom Brady is eliminated. 50% home on those beers as of last week and putting the 2nd on on ice now. Go Rams!
  7. The pundits and "wise men' in the TV analyst jobs have not been believers in this Rangers team all year long. First it was that Shesterkin was stealing wins that the team did not deserve or that we basically got lucky when the schedule-maker served up teams with COVID. More recently it was that we are not able to get results against top teams. All of which is why The game against Leafs yesterday and the next on Friday against the 'Canes are the right tests coming at the right time for the Rangers. Still under the radar even though we have one of the best records in the NHL. Just
  8. Good comeback win against the Maple Leafs tonight. Carolina Hurricanes up next.
  9. What is right is Right. But I have a better rule which eliminates some of the variables involved in the draft itself. How about instead of giving the referee-impacted team the #1 overall pick for the upcoming draft, what about retroactively giving them the #1 overall pick for last year's draft? This way if there is a QB bust at the top then a team could avoid that player (or those players). The team that loses a player here could then be compensated with future picks.
  10. Toronto, Carolina, Arizona and The Kings up next. 3 of 4 are stiff tests, particularly the first two. Time to start getting results against top teams. In other news the Islanders showing signs of waking up from their slumber. I know Lith likes to pooh pooh the idea but I am still not putting it past them to make some noise yet.
  11. With the top-8 in the east and the 9th-placed team beginning to show signs of separation already there is some thinking that the number of non-playoff teams looking to improve by trading away good players now might be larger than normal years earlier than normal. years The signs are pointing to a buyers market at the trade deadline and the Rangers have both the cap room and the talent pipeline to be very active. Claude Giroux is the bast option I have heard and I think he would change the team in a heartbeat.
  12. Good win last night against the Sharks bringing us to .500 on tough COVID-racked road trip. Shesterkin looked great on his 37-save shutout return. In other news I think the Rangers front office has been too cute by half by bringing up other highly regarded blue line players before they gave Braden Schneider a look-see. I guess they know that they cannot keep them all and may have been looking to showcase/package some of the others in exchange for help elsewhere. Braden Schneider had his first NHL game last night and now we can see why they may have been trying to keep him a sec
  13. So we made it into the bedroom with the supermodel and we have even managed to get most of her clothing onto the floor but all of that means nothing unless we close the deal.
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