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  1. A couple of things might make Jones attractive. Firstly the Giants may expect some kind of hometown discount and so he might become available at a reasonable price compared to some of the other options out there. Secondly he is still young and as of now still improving so maybe there is upside that is not present with some of the other options. His personality seems to fit fine in NY which may be a concern with some others and he really has been asked to work with s collection of scrub receivers with the Giants. I am curious how much throwing to Garrett Wilson and Co. will add to his game. I think the Giants will eventually match any offers otherwise they are back to square one at QB which we all know is a terrible place to be but Jones to the Jets? Not the worst idea I have heard on the QB topic.
  2. Carr because the price to us is WAY cheaper both in salary and in trade picks. Even with Carr I would continue to take shots at drafting the next QB (Hooker this year?). Either Carr or Rogers are a rental so we need to work on what comes next even as we get ready for next season.
  3. This is where PatsfanTX would remind us about the Jets winning the offseason and how well that translates. In other news this same old Jets fan feel that the most Jets-like way this will play out is that we massively overpay for Rogers by bidding against ourselves and that he massively fails here for reasons having to do with advancing age, personality fit, injury or lack of commitment to winning. Then we are stuck with a cap hole, no QB and no first round pick for the next <fill in the blank> number of years. This would be the Jets way. Oh, all of this and Miami winning the AFC with Garopolo or Carr.
  4. Yeah but,,,, All of those teams are teams who basically got their franchise QB the old fashioned way and then figured out how to field a competitive salary-cap team once they eventually had to pay him. None of them are teams who paid 50M+ per year for a one or two year rental like Rogers. The closest thing to that might be the Vikings who have a very indifferent record in the playoffs with Cousins. All of that is BEFORE factoring in the draft capital that GB will want in trade for Rogers. The best bet is to get Carr in the house at an affordable trade cost and with a known Salary while improving the offensive line AND drafting a QB like say Hooker in round-3. At worst I think that gets us "competent" QB play with an improving defense and Offensive line while we continue to figure out the long term solution under center. If Rogers was cheap enough he might become a consideration but that isn't happening. Also I really think the Jets may be the only game in town for the Packers and JD needs to pick up any phone calls with not overpaying in mind.
  5. At some price everyone who has ever played the game becomes too expensive, What is that point in 2023 for Aaron Rogers? Who knows but the argument to "Risk <blank check> now and fill in the amount later" is just as silly as the opposite argument. What these kids today are going to cost us in 2-3 years should definitely be a consideration but for a team that has not seen the post season in 12 years to be in a "OUR WINDOW IS NOW" mode seems wrong. Teams take a year or three to get good and then they figure out how to stay good without killing their cap. We are at the front end of that curve. At best.
  6. Pennington always figured out how to do more with less as a player so the idea is intriguing to bring him in in some offensive role or other.
  7. That stinker had been on the horizon for a while. Hopefully it is a "one and done" on not actually beating teams they should beat.
  8. Astonishing win and we certainly need the two points to keep up with the rest of the Metropolitan leaders but boy oh boy, if ever a game had a recipe to put even die hard hockey fans to sleep it was this one. Great win. That is a championship caliber defense over there.
  9. Saleh needs to understand that the "keeping of receipts" is a two way street As far as JD is concerned.... Whiffing on a high first round QB is a thing that can happen to anyone but he does need to fix the offensive line and he has not done that so far.
  10. Kinda relieved after that 2nd period last night,. That game had the stench of one where we might sleepwalk into a loss to a bad team instead of taking care of business. Devils matinee game on Saturday (1pm yuck). 2nd place in the Metro on the line
  11. I am fine with Carr assuming the price is not too high and assuming that we take another swing at finding "our guy" in the middle rounds. JD needs to take another (and possibly final) swing at fixing the O-Line or none of this will go anywhere. I know we have had injuries and being unlucky is part of the Jets curse but maybe that has something to do with who is selecting the guys that are getting injured. Nothing will ever work reliably if the O-Line is broken.
  12. Looks like we are going to need a..... MONTAGE
  13. Honestly, maybe never. We are the Jets after all
  14. And for Tom.... don't forget....
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