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  1. I would not have paid him what we paid him but I think he has given fair value, or close to fair value within the context of the situation he parachuted into.
  2. Was reminded of this. Sweep the leg kid. Just sweep the leg.
  3. Just so long as he is mindful of the safety in the end zone all is good.
  4. I know that the 6-4 record coming in was likely very VERY generous to the Raiders but it was still six wins in the NFL. We beat a team that will be in playoff conversations the rest of the way even if they go on a losing run. Honestly this game has convinced me that we are clearly better than the group of bottom bottom feeders in the NFL. A club that I thought we were in once again this year. The offense is showing what it can do with just a teeny little bit of protection for Sam and I am excited to think what a more stable and better talented OL group will do for him next year. once the GM has had an off season to start doing his job. Plenty of other positives today but KRL nailed them as usual. The passing game can be effective without any clear number 1's out there. We will have to pay Anderson and we should think about trying to get that done sooner rather than later. We might even save a few shekels. Enjoy the win everyone. Well everyone except for RaidersFan that is.
  5. Threads where I started a fight or those where we all took a trip to Applenees.
  6. Adams being moved into the role of a Greco Roman cabana boy for Tomshane might be an interesting outcome for both of them. "It puts the lotion in the basket" ... or some such Make it happen Tanny
  7. Good grief. Did we not establish years ago that the parking lot at Applebees (not sure which location) is the place where these things need to be sorted out?
  8. i would have given Pouncey just one game, maybe not even that much and a smaller fine.
  9. Trade them both for draft picks and/or for legitimate O-Line talent. The latter if it is ready to go now would actually be preferred. Build a wall around Sam and then figure out the receivers and running backs.
  10. EM31

    Let's go Yankees

    Sanchez, Stanton and unfortunately Encarnation and Didi..... Strikeout rally-killing machines all of them. No team can carry that much dead wood in the playoffs and expect to win.
  11. EM31

    Let's go Yankees

    Tired of these "big bats" turning into strike out machines and double play machines come playoff time.
  12. In truth the right answer today is "sit Stanton" but there are 30 million reasons each year why they would never do that.
  13. EM31

    Go Nats!

    Mets fans probably looking over there at the Nats and thinking "that could have been us" Dodgers loss mean that the AL will have home field in the Series no matter what.

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