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  1. Mike Westhoff

    Dick Curl
  2. Who has/is the bigger dick up in New England... chuckles
  3. Your position is that they all suck but another reading of things is that they were all asked to play in sucky circumstances.... or both. You seem to preclude the possibility of the latter.
  4. All playing behind the same offensive line, handing off to the same running backs and throwing to the same receiving corpse...
  5. I feel about Cousins the same way I felt about Neil O'Donnell back in the day. That we would be massively overpaying for a pretty average player. Draft another QB and keep McCown for a bit longer. Just say no to Cousins.
  6. Prepare yourselves for Alex Smith

    would this move make us the all time kings of veteran hold-the-fort QBs?
  7. Keep Drago, continue to develop Hack and suck again in 2018
  8. The gift that keeps on giving

    Good point. I need to give it a specific and definite ending.
  9. The gift that keeps on giving

    I have Wilkerson's jersey. Oh well.
  10. The gift that keeps on giving

    The way Mo Wilkerson plays is so.... so.... effortless. It is truly a sight to behold.
  11. Washington Redhawks

    Or even the fanbase getting fired up. I think Tom is right. There is gold in them thar hills
  12. we only re-signed him in the first place so that the Jets front office could PROVE that he sucks irrespective of the successes that he has had elsewhere. Told ya so NFL!
  13. Hansen has been holding back?