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  1. The gift that keeps on giving

    The way Mo Wilkerson plays is so.... so.... effortless. It is truly a sight to behold.
  2. Washington Redhawks

    Or even the fanbase getting fired up. I think Tom is right. There is gold in them thar hills
  3. we only re-signed him in the first place so that the Jets front office could PROVE that he sucks irrespective of the successes that he has had elsewhere. Told ya so NFL!
  4. Hansen has been holding back?
  5. I would have no issues with the front office finding out what the price is but would not go anywhere near as high as a 2nd. A 5th maybe or a conditional 4th. We have rolled the dice on other less promising "investments" before.
  6. In other news the Sanchize still has vast amounts of untapped potential and he is a stone cold natural for games to be played in Mexico City. My Brunswick Gold Crown IV has vast amounts of untapped break-and-runs in it.
  7. The 2017-2018 New York Rangers Thread

    So the ship has been stabilized to some degree. .500 as of the result last night against Columbus. I remember the super-fast start last year so I don't hold a lot of faith in early season results being as good indicator of post-season success. On the other hand it would be nice if we did not feel the need to spot the other team a couple of goals head start in the games. PP is looking good early.
  8. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Yeah... Good job Houston. That was a great series to cap off an unbelievable post season. It will be interesting to see where the Yankees go from here. I do hope for Carl's sake that he discovers a Rex Sox fan site where presumably he can sit around the campfire with like-minded folks comparing the smallness of their equipment.
  9. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    1. Keep the pipeline of kids flowing which means that space has to be made at the big club. Hard choices 2. Starting pitching. We need more. Ours over performed to some degree but then failed at the end. 3. We need to get some guys who can hit or learn to hit a curve ball/slider. That was embarrassing at the end.
  10. I thought you were not dipping back into all things college QB.
  11. Pole dancing: Could it one day become an Olympic sport? http://www.bbc.com/sport/41652997 I vote yes.
  12. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    omg! It feels so weird to be the front runners for once.
  13. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    It looks like Giradi's lobbying of the umps for a better strike zone for Judge has made a difference. There were a bunch of balls called in the game last night which have been strikes throughout the rest of the playoffs. We will know for sure tonight if we see the same thing on Keuchel. He has been living down there with low strikes on Judge and some others.