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  1. Somebody is going to give him a Kreider-type deal. At the end of the day "not us" was probably the correct answer.
  2. Good. I think he is far from his ceiling. All the right moves so far. Buchnevich was a close call but I agree with letting him find his fortune elsewhere.
  3. Difficult to get a read on what we got back and it depends on which Buch is the real Buch. He does not play to his size although he was better/dramatically better last year. With that said he is going to expect to get paid like a premium player and I am not sure we want to sink all that money into a player who may be on the soft side and who has only been dominating for one year. Classic conundrum. Pay him and you may end up with another Kreider or don't pay him and end up like CBJ after Panarin left.
  4. Looks like we have signed a bunch of free agent defensemen to relatively short term deals. This tells me our pipeline for Blue line help is not ready yet but maybe next year.
  5. Good riddance but was there any information about what he actually did? Other than being a d1ck that is. I assume it needed to be more than that.
  6. The thing about hockey is that while super-premium talent is well scouted prior to the draft there are still a bunch of all stars each years who were never drafted at all. That tells me that any of these lower down picks could turn into something really good. <edited to add> Look no further than Artemi Panarin and Barclay Goodrow for examples of undrafted all star talent on this current team alone. And, for those with longer memories, Dan Giradi Crazy list right here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_undrafted_NHL_players_with_100_games_played
  7. Question for @BROOKLYN JET Which of these picks are we likely to see first and when?
  8. @Defense Wins Championships I was simply trying to be a good citizen by pointing out that everything seems to turn into a war with you and that kills off the debate that we all come here to enjoy in the first place. There is no "minimum height to ride" in terms of the number of posts that are needed to establish how good of a fan we are. If number of posts in Knicks thread is a measure then I would fail. I may have more than four but not all that many more. So pointing out that another poster only has four posts in 12 months is meaningless. I have admired the passion you brin
  9. That display just reminded me how good Kravtsov was in very limited action at the end of last year. Even though I am still expecting big things from Alexis and Kaapo this year, I am really excited to see what Kravtsov can do in a full season. Miller has already arrived as far as I am concerned.
  10. There is a "make your point crisply and let things go" aspect of this that probably needs to be embraced more fully.
  11. Ermmm.... Don't care a hoot about actual dollars passing between the Johnsons and whichever player is on that list but the accounting cap charge is the ONLY number that matters here. Those are 2021/2022 dollars that count against our cap this year and dollars which can therefore not be used to improve the team elsewhere. Because they are "dead" it means the Jets are receiving no on-the-field benefit as a result of those "spends". A bit like starting a 400 meter race $24M behind most of the other teams. Or at least some of the other teams.
  12. I think the "we are rebuilding with a bunch of kids" card is a thing of that past. Two reasons to feel good about a playoff run this year. Make that three reasons. 1) I think the Rangers were disadvantaged to be in the extremely strong "East" division which was manufactured to keep COVID somewhat under control. They should do better being in the top-8 when they revert to a normal schedule 2) We were the youngest team in the NHL last year I think and the lids will have an additional year of NHL experience under their belts. 3) I like the change at head coach. Actually
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