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  1. I confess I did not know that the OP had been gone
  2. Neil O'Donnell and those two bookend tackles were pretty bad.
  3. Luv me some Teddy. I quote from that movie all the time.... (comes from hanging out with poker players a lot)
  4. EM31

    Le'veon Bell

    "make a run" with Bell. I get it
  5. EM31

    Dowell Loggains Hired as OC

    Dowell for no gains... Sounds like a future meme
  6. NVM.... old joke... new policies
  7. Getting to be OK with the Dolphins sloppy 2nds is a high bar for this fan to reach. On the other hand this is a done deal and so I have no choice but to root for the best. Still and all. sloppy 2nds. <conflicted>
  8. Is best served with a roast including some kind of stock or preferably gravy. On its own it is a little bland. If you do go that way enjoy!
  9. Looks like Yorkshire pudding.
  10. And yes, this topic is deserving of it's own thread. Although I will concede that for me at least, the Name Jeff Monken is an impressive second place finisher, it is also quite clear to me that Matt Ruhle wins the contest for best name for a new Jets coach. He should therefore be hired immediately. To channel one of my favorite instigators for a second Don't argue with me, just don't.
  11. The recent adult content restrictions are seriously constraining at times. This thread is one such time.
  12. I agree. It might cause some candidates to stay in the hunt where they might otherwise bow out of consideration if they thought would be reporting to a potentially lame duck GM. At some point however we do need to get back onto a more traditional cadence where a new GM hires his choice of HC.

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