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  1. Benjen Stark (Uncle Benjen) for the improbable comeback win
  2. EM31

    At least we're not the Raiders....

    Enemies enemies everywhere... I think they are likely going to call fake news preemptively on anything else out of Raider town.
  3. There was a whole thing at one point about the first rule of fight club...
  4. EM31


    You keep going back to Mahomes. Why not stick with the original topic Jamal Adams. Adams is the topic of this thread. If someone were to offer two first rounders for him right now i would take it in a heartbeat and feel as if I had robbed the other team. Nobody would likely offer such a price because he is not even close to being worth that much. Yes, Jamal Adams is still on a rookie deal but he is also only cheap for another two years given that he is already half way through the four year deal. At some point between two number ones and a single top five pick is where I personally would lean towards taking the deal if another GM were to offer such a thing. Obviously such an offer would be predicated on some kind of reasonable prediction about where in the first round those pick would fall. By the way this is a message board. We bat around all kinds of strange and not so strange ideas every day. That is what this place is all about. Last time I checked neither of us are GMs for an NFL team. But to your point. Fine. I will live in my fantasy world while you agree to stay nicely ensconced in your own. Me considering different potential offers before I would say yes or no and you carefully not taking phone calls and not listening to any information from the outside world. Which of us I wonder really has the more fantastic world view? By the way this is where you get to bring up OBJ or some other player I have never referenced in order for you to be able to slip in your own pre-canned counter arguments for why the position that I never actually took is the wrong one.
  5. EM31


    Apologies for the delay. Work interfered. First of all stop responding to positions that I have not taken. I have not mentioned Patrick Mahomes at all but since you want to bring it up yet again I do not think that even the most ardent of Adams' supporters are saying that Adams is even close to being as impactful of a player. Because he is not. I did however note that Khalil Mack, arguably the most impactful defensive player in the NFL.... Well now, he just got traded. You can argue that the Raiders did not get enough in return or that they got way too much but either way they found out what the price was before they decided. I have no position on either side of any potential Adams trade. I have no position because nobody has come up with a price where I would decide yes I would take that or no i would not take that. The ONLY point I did make and the one which you seems to have trouble grasping is that a policy of rather determined ignorance, you know the ostrich with his head in the sand policy is pretty much indefensible. And finally I am very comfortable with the notion that every single player in the NFL has a trade price where it would be negligent on the part of the GM not to pull the trigger on a deal. Every single player. Period. Yes that includes Mahomes too.
  6. EM31


    This policy if ignorance. Does it extend to other parts of football? To your life outside of football? Should we not scout the combine or the draft class in general on the grounds that not knowing stuff is the winning hand here? Should the HC not scout the opponent for next week's game? Do you avoid things like reading books or consuming news for fear that you may find something out that conflicts with your already constructed word view? Are you a consumer of Fox news by any chance?
  7. EM31


    You seem to have the same problem as the other fellow. Finding out where the market is at is not the same thing as accepting any offer. I have not advocated for the Jets to consummate any trade. On the other hand it is stupid not to listen to offers if offers are being made. Teams make stupid deals all the time and not just this franchise. Who knows what other teams might foolishly offer. The only sure fire certainly here is that a policy of maintaining willful ignorance should be am immediate firing offense for any GM as well as a stern warning for a message board poster IMO.
  8. EM31


    If that is your definition of "play" then I think your "game" may need a little work. Perhaps more than just a little. Try to follow the bouncing ball here. Everyone... is... tradeable... At some price. Everyone. Two #1 picks? three? twenty five? While there are recent examples of players who you may consider to have other flaws who were traded there are also numerous examples of players much MUCH better then Adams will ever be who were traded and recently too. Khalil Mack is just one recent example. So we can take the position that no, Adams is not available at any price and we don't even want to hear what that price may be or we can listen to where the market is at and then make a decision based upon more information rather than less. As fans we get the privilege to 2nd guess any and all decisions made by our front office and we are not being asked to surrender that right here. So I ask again. You specifically in this case. What is the virtue of covering our ears and not finding out that information BEFORE we make any decision? If another team wants to call us and make an offer should we not pick up the phone? If they want to shout it over the fence in Florham park or fly a plane with a banner behind it should we then cover our ears and eyes in order to not listen? You may see where I am going with this one. Exactly how far would you personally be willing to go in order to remain ignorant? Noise cancelling headphones? Blindfold? Stay of the Internet and email? Would you be willing to give it just that little extra effort?
  9. EM31


    At some point everyone is tradeable. One million.. ten million.... a gazillion.... five first round picks... and so on and so forth. Can someone explain why understanding where the market sits becomes a bad idea? In terms of raw instigation this thread is not a terrible effort by the OP
  10. EM31

    Best photos of new unis

    But seriously am I the only one who thinks this whole thing has been a 9 month tease? A bit of a lead balloon? Yay us. Go Jets
  11. I will love whatever uniform this team wins in.
  12. EM31

    Petition to bring back Bilal Powell

    Derek nibbled on more Victoria's Secret appetizers and parlayed his time here into an ownership stake of a MLB team. Then there is the whole jersey number in Monuments park thing. But other than that pretty identical I agree.
  13. Definitely getting all moist now that this is so very close.
  14. EM31

    Happy birthday, Patriot Killa

    Am I the only one wondering when Tom's hammer is going to drop?
  15. EM31

    Trading before draft day

    Google is your friend https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/87600.html What's the meaning of the phrase 'In the catbird seat'? In a superior or advantageous position. What's the origin of the phrase 'In the catbird seat'? This is an American phrase - which is unsurprising as the grey catbird which is the probable source of the phrase is a North American species (there's also an Australian catbird). It's one of a group of birds called the mimic thrushes. They include mockingbirds and, as you might expect, they are adept mimics. The catbird is named for its ability to mimic the sound of a cat's miaow. Catbirds seek out the highest perches in trees to sing and display. The allusion to that is most likely to be the derivation of the term. It may also be the source of an earlier term with much the same meaning - 'sitting pretty'. The phrase appears to have originated in the American south, although the date and circumstances are uncertain. There's certainly an association with the sport of baseball, and most of the early citations of the phrase mention the game. That includes the first mention of it in print, in James Thurber's 55 Short Stories from New Yorker, November 1942: See also: in the box-seat.

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