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  1. Meh. Why do I feel that we are just being used to gin up interest from other teams where he would actually prefer to land or just to get Houston to change whatever it is that he feels needs to be changed so that he can be happy. In the porn industry that would make us perennial fluffers.
  2. Well the Jets owner is/was the Ambassador to the court of St. James so there is that.
  3. Of the countries who take this kind of thing seriously, Australia and India are right at the top of that list. Test match cricket is a bit of an acquired taste (not much acquired over here) but it is still big time sports and India pulled off a true win for the agers yesterday down in Australia, 1.3 Billion Indians probably went crazy as their team locked up the series in the final game. With injuries everywhere and the Australian fast bowlers head hunting most of the day, India managed to overcome a final day run chase of 328 which is a pretty massive total as these things go. Well done India.
  4. Season preview right here in these first two games. I think the entire division is strong and our teams are going to be beating on each other all year long. Happy about the Rangers win but both games were far from time-capsule material TBH. Finally managed to get off the PP Schneid which was a good way to end the game I thought.
  5. Owner hires GM. GM hires head coach. Hopefully head coach hires his own team around him. What a novel idea
  6. Dak has priced himself beyond all sanity IMO and a contract like that would fatally weaken the rest of the roster for any team.
  7. Oddly the Islanders are almost a mirror image of the Rangers in terms of being a high-grittiness, lunch pail, blue collar, you name it type squad who grind opponents down and wear them out over the course of a series. Not that the Islanders have no talent but it seems to be that they built from the ground up with a no superstars type philosophy Interesting matchup I am more interested in their last regular season game of the year (going into the playoffs) more so than I am their first.
  8. Rangers have plenty of offensive talent even today and more than that if you measure the potential for improvement of our young players. The next step for the Rangers will be to get stingier on defense across the board and maybe a little tougher.
  9. And if Adams keeps getting burned deep and missing interceptions (shockers both) maybe our first rounder next year will be even better eh?
  10. bu... bu.. but... Fitzmagic ????
  11. I think the jump from Secondary coach to HC is too big of a jump. I would love him to be considered for a DC position but dear God can we please, please, please get back to owner hires GM, GM Hires HC and HC hires coordinators? My initial point about the size of the jump is a concern but who knows? The Giants coach seems to be doing OK and his own jump was the same as this one would be. Part of the genius of Parcells (and I personally think it is smaller overall than many others do) but a big part if his genius was to choose the right people to put into leadership positions around him. I want at least some evidence from our next HC that they have talent in this area and you really are not going to get much of a read on that from a coordinator.
  12. I just looked up his numbers with Carolina.... 17th overall in QBR and yards... Just behind Ben and just ahead of Mayfield. Sam was 33rd. Given the desert we have been living in for so many years, 17th looks pretty damned good. In any event, it was just a thought
  13. Honestly I think he is a solid NFL QB. Not a liability and maybe that is enough if you can get enough other players.

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