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  1. The people who are saying that now we are going to be great are, by and large, the same people who have greeted every change that the Jets have made over the last few years by saying much the same thing. This may be the stupidest thread in the history of threads. For someone who claims not to care about the media this strikes me as something a 9 or 10 year old schoolgirl might come up with in response to perceived slights against their favorite K-Pop boy band. Bizarre. But by all means let us not let them get away with it! (whatever that means).
  2. Note how still the head is in both pictures a
  3. In other news Eric Mangini developed Darrelle Revis
  4. I took issue with the idea that he developed them which is what you were/are claiming. I did not say he was nothing without Brady. I think both of Brady and belichick are probably the greatest of all time in their role but I think Brady would have been equally as good on other teams albeit without as many rings.
  5. Would a check that large from Scout actually clear?
  6. Agree to differ in that case. I think Bill Belichick lucked into a once-in-a-lifetime QB who was going to be great no matter where he landed. The whole "lucked into" part is because he was taken by the Pats in round 6 after they had already passed on him five times. If they really thought he was going to be anything other than camp fodder he would have been picked far higher. There is zero evidence at this point that he has developed anyone else. Look at all the notable flops who backed up Brady and were horrible elsewhere. Garopolo is the single exception to that rule and , while he has been promising, the book is still out on him as well.
  7. If he had any idea what Brady was then he would have drafted him in rounds 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 when he had that chance. By every account Tom Brady came in and was killing it in the film room and on on the field and that everyone on the team knew he was better than every QB on the roster including Drew Bledsoe from the first day he got into camp. It took Mo Lewis knocking out Bledsoe to give Bill Belichick "courage" enough to go with that evaluation if he had ever even made such an evaluation in the first place. So peddle that rubbish of yours some other place.
  8. So you are saying that traffic is starting off on the girthy side in 2019 which is probably a good leading indicator for the final numbers on the length?
  9. If you look at player salaries alone you could be forgiven for thinking we have two different sports entirely and not just two different pay scales. The problem being of course that large payments to one are directly taking dollars from the pool which is used to pay everyone else. No way to put this genie back into the bottle as far as I can see unless the next CBA puts a cap on any one player salary. A very unlikely possibility. With that being the case i would be in favor of opening talks with Sam as soon as possible to talk about an extension. Obviously taking the twin risks that he does not pan out as expected or that he might be fragile. Since both of those seem unlikely (albeit with little in the way of evidence), it is time to start talking IMO. We tried the cheap game manager route with money to spend literally everywhere else and where did that get us?
  10. It is definitely between some guy and some other guy with one guy already pretty much being a done deal and where the announcement is most likely to get made next week or possibly maybe at some other point in the future after Jets minicamp is over?
  11. Does this impact a player's completion percent stats?
  12. The Jets cup is never half empty it is always and forever half full and half full of ambrosia at that It never rains in Florham Park Every move by the Jets ownership or front office is always the correct one even if said move is directly at odds with previously "correct" moves. Anyone who disagrees is a chronic same old Jets fan whose opinions are not worthy of serious consideration.
  13. Or even sooner if Bell gets traded 👍 amirite???
  14. It is possible to be both high effort and low impact as the girlfriends of fellas with small equipment might concede on any given day of the week.
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