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  1. Must be a contract year and you know the man has got to put food on the table.
  2. Not pretty but they had the better of the chances to go up 3-1 I think we just need to settle for the fact that the margin between these two teams is paper thin.
  3. Honestly I hope that the Islanders get in and match up against Boston in the first round. Otherwise we will see Boston in the conference finals assuming we last that long. Right now our path shapes up to New Jersey. Carolina and then Boston Talk about a murderers row.
  4. Good testers coming up. Back to back Carolina (the right team at the right time?) followed by a Panthers team that is making a pretty good playoff push.
  5. I agree that things are looking pretty nice around now. A pity that Carolina got that equalizer with less than a second to go against the Flyers or they would still be within reach. Now it is time to tuck away a no-frills no-heart attacks win against a good but not elite team in the Predators tonight. Teams need to peak going into the playoffs I think and I would be a little worried now if I were a Canes fan or a Bruins fan.
  6. All of this is why Derek Carr was the cleaner option, By far. Carr would have given us 3-4 years for "just" dollars and we could actively work on Carr's replacement during that time. In any event, the well has been completely poisoned between the Packers and Rogers and there is no way the have him anywhere near their facility next year (or even credibly threaten to do so). Green Bay needs to move him or cut him outright and the Jets are the ONLY move him option. On the other hand there is the Woody Johnson wild card where we are at a major risk of a James Dolan/Carmelo Anthony scenario where the owner steps in and forces an expensive deal on the GM for a player who we could have obtained for next to nothing by simply being patient. Right now my money on on Woody to cave and force the deal now because he is not patient and he does not want the Jets to look bad for missing out on other (better) options.
  7. Was hoping to avoid the Devils in the first round if they would catch Carolina but that seems like a bit of a log shot. Team is coming together nicely. We really really need Lindgren back even though Harper has played reasonably well. Season outcome will rest on whether or not Superman gets his cape back in the net for us. Some signs that he might but nothing concrete as yet. As an aside I think the Islanders are built for playoff hockey and they could throw a scare into whichever division winner they get if they make one of the wild cards. For the 2nd year in a row they spotted the rest of the division too much ground before they started to play well.
  8. EM31


    Fair enough i was repeating something and I cannot now source it with any reliability. In any event, the whole "bad teammate" thing was primarily as a result of him not putting in the time early enough or often enough with his young receiver corpse after his #1 receiver was allowed to leave. The somewhat predictable "lack of chemistry" results were there for all to see last year. There are many reports out there that he is self centered and that many of his teammates do not like him and never did. So while the initial "not my job" quote may have been incorrect, the larger background noise is probably not. All of this is moot basically. He will be coming here and Zach is as unsalvageable as the Titanic regardless of who comes in to QB this team.
  9. I don't know if this has been tracked anywhere but geez... how many times do we give up goals in the first minute of a period and particularly the first minute of a game?
  10. EM31


    Completely delusional. Rogers is famous (or should that be infamous) for being a crappy team mate. Self-centered to a fault,, not wanting to attend off season practices when chemistry was needed with his new young receivers. Or maybe putting his team through his drama-queen will I retire? Wont I retire? offseason nonsense on a regular basis. Specifically on the development of young QBs he famously declared that developing Jordon Love was "not his job" so I stick to my original point. Maybe he was texting Zach because he wanted to nail Zach's mom because you know she is a receiver who likes to work on new routes into the end zone. That is far more plausible then your explanation.
  11. EM31


    Zach is a bust, if he magically turns things around then nobody would be happier than me but the chances of that are mighty thin. Rogers is a selfish prick. No reason or historical evidence to suggest that he would be helpful to a youngster Get Rogers, draft his replacement in the 3rd round this year and have that player take the reins three years from now after a couple of deep playoff run years. Three years from now Zach will be on a reality TV show where formerly famous people compete to bang the most leathery-skinned cougars in a mansion that is normally used to shoot porn movies. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
  12. Or "Aaron Rogers lands in NY" even better
  13. We effed up when we got utterly stupid and completely indefensible wins at the end of the year when we already had Trevor Lawrence locked up. Zach was just the extra mayo on that sh1t sandwich
  14. We need to commit our money and potentially our other resources somewhere and what we don't want to do is have the clock start making that decision for us if the available QBs start to come off the board.
  15. The theatrics here are getting a little old. We should make a take it of leave it offer to Carr in 24 hours and let Rogers know that he has that much time to inform us if he would like to be our QB before we do. I assume we have already discovered the general parameters of the Green Bay asking price and would be OK with that before we do anything with Mr. Rogers. If neither of them wants to come here then we need to be ready to shift focus to Lamar (cringe), Jimmy G or Tannehill (any of whom would be a big upgrade over Zach) We do not control very much here but we can at least stop the decades old custom whereby agents players and other teams look at us as little more the a means to drive up the asking price before going elsewhere. We have the young talent and we have the promising future more than any of the other teams in this conversation and if a player wants the best shot at winning then the NY Jets should be top of his list.
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