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  1. City in the Champions league final. Chelsea need to hold serve on home court to join them. I fear they blew this whole tie when they did not score a hat full of goals in the first 25 minutes of game 1. There were chances aplenty, Can Real Madrid possibly be that bad twice?
  2. It feels a bit like the magical ride we went on with Jeremy Lin for about 10 minutes one time. I hope/think that this magical ride may be more durable and lead somewhere interesting. I know Brooklyn are all wall to wall superstars and good for them but assembling a team this way feels more satisfying somehow.
  3. Bandwagon is filling up. ESPN power ranking put us in the 8th spot which is the highest all year and a long way removed from the Week-1 ranking of 29th (out of 30). If the rest of the road trip is decent the people who are thinking this is just an anomaly will be running towards the bandwagon. Payton even played pretty well last night, It is amazing how the next man up (Pell?) mantra continues to work so well given the number of injuries we are currently carrying.
  4. EM31


    Max keeping his pimp hand strong?
  5. LOL... Buddy, buddy, buddy.... I would be happy to be winning the games that we "should win" like the one against the Rockets last night but even that is skipping over several milestones. I am ecstatic that the Knicks have reached a point where the general consensus is that there even exist teams, any teams that the Knicks "should" beat. This fact in and of itself that is a huge lift from the last 10 years when more often than not we were at the very bottom of the bottom. And yes, this team is getting pretty automatic against the group of bottom feeders and I like that too. I also lik
  6. Then he probably should have graded the trade (or the non-trade) separately and stuck to a straight evaluation of the picks when they were taken. Can you imagine for example, if Tom Brady's draft grade was dinged a notch because New England should or should not have traded out of that sixth round spot?
  7. Is there a Mr. Good looking front runner this year yet? We have had some pretty immortal talent in years gone by here.
  8. Until they pull a muscle and then they are not. In any even Tom get with the damned program already. Every late round draft choice and especially UDFAs are diamonds in the rough at this point. Every last one of them. Future stars unearthed by a relentlessly hard working scouting department and selected by a shrewd and parsimonious GM. That is true at this date on the calendar or it is true at least until some other, later date on the calendar.
  9. This Rangers team is not playoff ready and the Islanders are very much just that. The Islanders are better than us right now. No two ways about it. But with that said the team was not ready to play last night and gave a really subpar effort IMO. That is on Quinn and the entire coaching staff and it isn't the first time. To my fellow posters in this thread it has been a fun ride. Thanks for allowing me to share it with all of you.
  10. The long slow motion wait is almost over
  11. Sadly both of these things are true
  12. All games are effectively elimination games from now on. All six are against teams who are higher than us in the standings. If you assume we are 40% to win any one of these games then winning all six would be roughly a 244-1 proposition. So, a very long shot indeed. Even if we climb that mountain it may not be enough. So with that said, play loose because realistically there is nothing to lose. Maybe we reassess what it is we have to lose if we manage to take these next two games against the Islanders. Let's count on the fact that they may be thinking about other things including
  13. This is not a team built for a deep playoff run but it is a team that I expect is going to be deeply unpleasant for our opponents to play against. As fans we get to enjoy that part of it as we are enjoying this spectacular/unexpected run that we have been on this year. Speaking for myself I have only been a casual fan in recent years as the product being put onto the floor each night has been an embarrassment. Props to fans like @Philc1 who have clearly remained fully invested throughout the lean years. Again speaking for myself this upcoming offseason I will be paying closer attention
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