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  1. Like Leo, if that draft draft were to be done over again I seriously doubt he would go as high as he went but he isn't terrible either. So not in the pantheon of Jets first round "immortals" like Vernon Ghoslton, Dee Milliner or Quinton Coples to name just a few.
  2. If the "talent" is as good as we hope it is. There will be enough talent if We stay healthy The 2nd and 3rd year players progress as we hope, and if at least some of the rookies make an impact right away. Two out of three of these and we are a 7-8 win team IMO All three and who knows but it all rests on how well and how fast the young talent develops.
  3. My mistake. Well if we have him for two more years it givers us that much time to line up his replacement. In the final year of his deal he is going to be singing for his next supper anyway, whether with us or elsewhere and so I expect his motivation level will be high.
  4. Why wouldn't you consider the parking lot at Applebee's instead of White Castle? The place has a bit of a history with posters from this board and this way you will be properly situated for some conflict resolution in case things between the two of you go south. South even of innocent butt play that is.
  5. If you are at or near the bottom of the ocean any buoyancy at all and you will move upwards. Nowhere else to go really.
  6. CJ got his money and basically did not provide full value to the team due to a variety of factors. He needs to be quiet now and just check his bank balance. The team will be better this year. I expect him to play well in a contract year but I do not think anyone here feels he will be part of the NY Jets renaissance that is coming in future years.
  7. I get the whole tough schedule and in a tough division and that we could be much better and still not go over the 5.5 wins that Vegas thinks is the correct number. I get all that but screw it. I think we will be much better and in the mathematic conversation for a WC until late in the year. 8 wins, maybe 9. Wilson in the conversation for the most improved player.
  8. The problem is that he must have been told for years what the dangers are on the overeating side, Especially since he has been a professional. Injuries happen it is a rough sport but he does not seems to have done he best job at looking after his body either.
  9. Sounds like he has his tackling fuel although he should probably stay away from the word "eat" in his press conferences.
  10. Rangers Islanders are a special rivalry to be sure but in some ways it was a little resentment from the Islander fan base who felt they did not get the full respect of NY after their dynasty in the 80s. Maybe they are right to feel that way. After all they the the team with all the rings yet any time they played the Rangers in their own building the Rangers fans would outnumber them. In their own building let alone at MSG! Maybe the Islander fan base is right to feel; like they were being short changed in the respect department. But let's be honest here. Rangers-Devils rivalry became the bigger story in the 90s than Rangers Islanders. As a Jets fan I hate the Dolphins but the Patriots moved to #1 on my hated franchise list a long time ago.
  11. Carolina may have the best press in the NHL and seven games against them got us to the point where we were either going to figure it out or go home. Right now when Tampa tries to press us it looks really weak and slow compared to the 'Canes. We should thank Carolina
  12. Nowhere to hide today is you are a lightning fan. There was a narrative that they could almost spot the other team a game-1 win before they kicked it into an extra gear that they had along. Or if you don't like that one then then there is the whole "Rest vs Rust" narrative. Both of these told us that Tampa was going to come out focused and pissed off after game-1 and that we had better watch out. And then they played the game. I know it got ugly in the last 5 minutes but other than that I don't recall ever seeing such a one sided ass kicking in a 3-1 game. We had chances galore and they did not get as much as a sniff before that mad scramble at the end.
  13. After last season I thought the Islanders franchise was tracking for a trip to the finals this year. It was a crazy year for them and I am not really sure if this was simply a one-year anomaly or if that team needs more serious tinkering in order to make another run. I fear it may be the latter. With that said this Rangers team is ridiculously young and built the right way. I think that the playoff run this year is like cramming several years worth of invaluable experience into a single year. The window for this team to be really good may be open for a very long time. Obviously we still need the kids to continue to develop and there will be challenges to manage the cap but those are good problems to have. But then there is this year. Some players and teams go their whole careers never getting to a conference finals. We need to continue to chase after the prize this year like a starving man will chase after food. Colorado certainly looks scary but the idea that we can go toe to toe with the 2-time reigning champions is very appealing. Clearly that team feels as if they have another gear and that they intend to bring it tonight. As a fan I feel like we are playing with house money but I am also greedy and find myself wanting more. Another win tonight would go a very long way towards shocking the hockey world, Again.
  14. 2nd youngest team in the NHL. Even if they lose this one they have managed to cram 2-3 years worth of playoff experience into a single season. Not a bad investment in a sport where everyone says that playoff experience is a necessary ingredient to a successful cup run.
  15. Canes will be tough. They score in bunches so we cannot be giving the lead up the way we seemed to do all series with the Penguins. if we do we may never get it back again. Still, we are basically talking about house money at this point.
  16. My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
  17. Some players do manage to reinvent themselves after a really poor start to their careers but it is extremely rare. Until we hear some evidence out of training camp or better yet until we actually see some evidence showing up in games then Mims is a colossal bust. Not a Vernon Gholston level bust but not too far off that either. For all we know he hired himself a media consultant and this is nothing but pure spin. I am with you freestater. The history of the Jets suggest that we are not real lucky with these kinds of things. Fingers crossed but expectations are low until Denzel gives us some reason to change them.
  18. And before that every Chad Pannington shoulder reconstruction came with 20%-30% extra on has fastball
  19. My thought exactly. He was very careful about navigating some silly questions with well thought out answers.
  20. Amazing what can happen if you basically stick to the standard draft slot contract terms unlike what we tried to do with Revis back in the day. Before it blew up in our faces that is. Good news.,
  21. I am going to argue that getting up and out of the cellar in the East is not all about the QB, With a stronger defense and prospectively a MUCH stronger running game I think this team can compete with Wilson in a Mark Sanchez just-hand-it-off type role. If Wilson contributes more than that to the passing game then we may be off to the races. Obviously we have little chance at the big prize carrying a just-hand-it-off QB but that is a question for next year or the year after. The question as posed was where do we stand in the division right now. I hate to be "that guy" but until all of our major pieces make it through a full TC without season ending injury, or a protracted holdout or some incident involving 150MPH car chases with Florida police I am still very nervous.
  22. Probably still the worst in the AFCE but it might depend on things like how effective that Lawson and Becton are going to be coning off serious injuries. If they are both fully back then we are automatically better, possibly much better even before the talent that has just been drafted over the last three days.
  23. When the fluids from day-2 begin to dry and crust over the already crusted over fluids from day one, does it all congeal into a single layer of crust or does it form more of a laminated two layer, puff pastry type crust? These are the questions which occupy my mind going onto day-3 where the rough diamonds never fail to disappoint.
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