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  1. Good comeback win against the Maple Leafs tonight. Carolina Hurricanes up next.
  2. What is right is Right. But I have a better rule which eliminates some of the variables involved in the draft itself. How about instead of giving the referee-impacted team the #1 overall pick for the upcoming draft, what about retroactively giving them the #1 overall pick for last year's draft? This way if there is a QB bust at the top then a team could avoid that player (or those players). The team that loses a player here could then be compensated with future picks.
  3. Toronto, Carolina, Arizona and The Kings up next. 3 of 4 are stiff tests, particularly the first two. Time to start getting results against top teams. In other news the Islanders showing signs of waking up from their slumber. I know Lith likes to pooh pooh the idea but I am still not putting it past them to make some noise yet.
  4. With the top-8 in the east and the 9th-placed team beginning to show signs of separation already there is some thinking that the number of non-playoff teams looking to improve by trading away good players now might be larger than normal years earlier than normal. years The signs are pointing to a buyers market at the trade deadline and the Rangers have both the cap room and the talent pipeline to be very active. Claude Giroux is the bast option I have heard and I think he would change the team in a heartbeat.
  5. Good win last night against the Sharks bringing us to .500 on tough COVID-racked road trip. Shesterkin looked great on his 37-save shutout return. In other news I think the Rangers front office has been too cute by half by bringing up other highly regarded blue line players before they gave Braden Schneider a look-see. I guess they know that they cannot keep them all and may have been looking to showcase/package some of the others in exchange for help elsewhere. Braden Schneider had his first NHL game last night and now we can see why they may have been trying to keep him a secret. He looked more than solid defensively. Downright poised in fact. He was hitting everything in sight and even scored a 3rd period goal when the game was still in doubt. 20 years old and already able to play physically at the top level is a big thing. Let's make sure to let other teams know that he is untouchable in whatever trade discussions are taking place right now
  6. So we made it into the bedroom with the supermodel and we have even managed to get most of her clothing onto the floor but all of that means nothing unless we close the deal.
  7. Becton has just one job this year. Stay on the damned field. Discussions like this one will be pointless until he does that.
  8. Stinkers happen and that game last night was one of them. It does show up the concerns that the pundits have been voicing about this Rangers team. This team still gets pushed around by the "heavier" teams in this league and playoff hockey, by it's nature, is a heavier game. First Nashville and and now Vegas for a 2nd time have shown us up here. If Drury is going to be "trader Chris" then I expect this will be the primary need
  9. I have already been surprised by the early results this year but as good as those have been we have had a few blow out defeats against top teams. Calgary twice, Colorado twice and even the opener against the Capitals. I think we have become stingier on defense recently but until we start to get results against top teams with greater consistency I think that concerns about this team may be well founded.
  10. Strome is selfless. in addition to apparently being great with the younger players in the locker room he does whatever the team has asked of him. Often that means a supporting role on a line with bigger stars. At the end of the day that impacts his own statistics and probably the size of his next contract but he seems to have no issues being a team-first guy. I would go for this trade. At the risk of sounding like a politician. This thing, the winning a Stanley cup is "a journey". I don't think I can remember where a team went from missing out on the playoffs in one year to winning it all the next year. For most teams it takes two to three years being blooded in the playoffs until they are truly in a spot to win it all. More if you are the Capitals. I like getting some additional help for this year (and the next few), but winning a cup now is probably unrealistic. At the beginning of this season I think most Rangers fans would have accepted making the playoffs as being a good year. Given how well the team has played so far I have raised my own hopes/expectations to making the playoffs and winning the opening round series. I do like Claude Giroux but it may be that a trade to bring back JT Miller might be better for us over a 3-year span. Even that trade would come with issues like how to solve the logjam on the powerplay where we already have challenges about how to fitt both Mika and Breadman in on the first unit. All of these things are good problems to have. We could be Edmonton with maybe the best two players in the world but no prayer of a cup because of defense and goaltending. Edmonton need Georgie big time but have nothing to offer us in return.
  11. One thing about being chin deep in crap for years is that the prospect of being waist deep (or even chest deep) in the same crap might look pretty appealing. Let's not be fooled (yet again) by signs of life in mostly meaningless games at the end of a season. There is a truly enormous amount of progress that is needed even to be a wild card team from where we are now and it is not completely clear that we have turned any kind of a corner. Yet
  12. For the teams who let Ryan Strome go (Islanders and Edmonton) ........ Thank you. thank you, thank you! Just sayin'
  13. A couple of things need to happen for you guys. First of all the new stadium needs to become an advantage as opposed to the liability is seems to be today. With a disproportionate number of your remaining games at home that would then become a good thing. Obviously they also need to get healthy and stay healthy. This season and last season for that matter have been seasons of very long streaks for many teams (Rangers, Penguins, you name it). If the Islanders can get a streak going it changes things up in a hurry. As for the Rangers they apparently have tons of cap space compared to some of the other contending teams who are over or about to be over the cap. If the new GM is a deal-maker there may be some TDL deals to be had (Claude Giroux anyone?) Longer run the Rangers have almost too much talent in the pipeline. No way to keep everyone or even get a good look-see at everyone so we will likely be trading away some really good packages of prospects for help-me-now type players. I hate that model but there seems to be no way around it.
  14. Unfortunately you guys are only seven points out of the last wild card spot with five games in hand so even though it has been a nightmare up until now all that is really needed is a single hot run of some length. More than possible for this Islanders roster. Your team is built to roll in the playoffs and they have a couple of solid post seasons already under their belts. My team? Who even knows at this point but teams almost always need several practice runs (at least) of playoff hockey before winning a cup. More if you are the Capitals. I am going to stick with this take on things closing in on halfway point. The West: Who the hell knows? Maybe Colorado. The East: Live contenders: Washington, Tampa Bay, Florida, Carolina In the conversation: Penguins, Rangers, Bruins, Maple Leafs Dangerous if they get in: Islanders Team you don't want to play if you NEED 2 points down the stretch: Devils Completely Overrated: Blue Jackets, Flyers, Sabres Properly Positioned: Canadiens
  15. Agreed but lets be honest this last 4-game stretch included Florida, Tampa b=Bay back to back and then Edmonton looked a little dicey but we came out of it with 7 or if 8 points. None of us are getting ahead of ourselves but honestly, other than a game here or there, the biggest impression I have taken away from these first 34 games is that the team is figuring itself out a bit and working towards improving. All good signs for further on down the road. If Igor and now Georgie keep up the great work in goal then we are golden.
  16. Still flying under the radar a bit since ESPN only has us in 9th spot in the power rankings. This is a good thing. I start to worry more when the bandwagon fills up. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/32868139/nhl-power-rankings-1-32-poll-plus-every-team-superpower Next up is a five game road trip the first four of which are out west (Vegas, Anaheim, the Kings and San Jose). A good test.
  17. Georgie was great tonight. Maybe for one night only but still, I give you your new York Rangers hockey team...
  18. Back to back wins against the two time Stanley cup champions is nothing to Sneeze at. Yes they had significant injuries and COVID players sitting out but so did we. Mika has finally kicked it into gear at the right time as the Kreider goal scoring machine seems to have shut down. Bread man goes on the COVID list. Unless this team seriously goes into the toilet we are looking at 2022 as a playoff year. It would be nice to do some damage when we get there but for now let's enjoy watching a team that is still figuring itself out while they get better. In other news the Islanders seem to have woken up. They have a very steep hill to climb from where they are at but the nucleus of that team is a bona fide cup contender so I am not expecting any less from them.
  19. Somebody will pay him. Maybe not that much but someone is going to do it.
  20. Does a meaningless win in today's game screw us out of a franchise-altering draft position? IF so you can lock up the win for us.
  21. If you are shooting for s DWC-type vibe here then I think you are missing a certain implied punishment of the nonbelievers. You know, in the parking lot of Applebee's or some such. As for the game, Trevor and the Jags achieve better "ball-ance" and take the gane outright. In the battle of QBs, they basically finish up in alphabetic order.
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