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  1. Sand in vagina can be rough I should think
  2. I fear this test is coming too early for us and that the team really has not figured out how to do well in open play. This leads to long periods where other teams are dominating us both in possession and territory. This Rangers team is really not playing well yet overall and we have been relying too much on our goaltender to bail us out. And to some extent relying that the other teams are going to be inept when it comes to putting the puck in the net. Neither of which are likely to be true on Friday and Saturday.
  3. Stupid topic i know but still, the question stands.
  4. Always liked JT when he was here. Loved his ability to pass the puck. It was a numbers game for us not being able to keep him. He seems to have put on some size and is clearly playing well in Vancouver. We were due for one of these results and at least we got a point out of it. The real problem comes next with the two back to back games on Friday and Saturday against the Oilers and Flames
  5. My concern with Becton even last year when he was "highway 77" was that his body might not be one that would be durable at this level. Would have been happy and still would be happy to be proven wrong. This has not reached Dee Milliner lack of being able to stay on the field levels yet but let's be honest here it is closer to Dee Milliner than it is to D'Brick
  6. Enjoy the ride. It is pretty remarkable right now. Say what you will about Abramovich and his sometimes overly quick trigger finger, He does not allow a situation to fester.
  7. Anyone else feel like Jerry Jones probably thanks God every day for the bullet he dodged here?
  8. Team signs Adam Fox to a 7 year extension @9.5M/yr. Great deal by the font office. I thought it was hard for him to be better than his Norris year last year but he has convinced me already that he is better. Amazing talent. If this keeps up they can pencil him on the the Norris for the better part of the next decade. Vancouver tonight and then a real tough Friday/Saturday back to back against the Oilers and then the Flames. Look at this Metropolitan Division. It is insane! Every team is 500 or better and only the Penguins are at 500. I had penciled in the Flyers, Devils, Penguins and possibly the Rangers or Columbus as the teams who might not make the post season but now, who knows?
  9. EM31

    Mike White

    It is a single game and I am just having a little fun with probable (over) reaction from a fan base starved of good things to cheer about. With that said, O-Line issues do not get magically solved from one week to the next so one can reasonably assume that Mike White was getting the ball out quicker and making the correct reads more often than Wilson did. As a result we were getting first downs and moving the chains which in turn loosened up the run defense and our run game magically came out its season-long toilet. At least for this one week Mike White did that and it also confirms my own nonscientific eyeball test. Some people just look more comfortable than others behind center and for one week at least Mike White had that look against a pretty good team. Just like the proverbial 5000 dead lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, it is a "good start".
  10. We knocked him out a couple of weeks ago. It just took a few weeks for the domino to fall. Heil hydra (or some such)
  11. EM31

    Mike White

    I am guessing the Colts concentrate on defending screens and underneath stuff and dare him to beat them on middling to deep routes. We will also get to see the Jets running game being defensed straight up. None of this has any chance of course if the defense does not also show up again on Thursday.
  12. EM31

    Mike White

    Wilson never has a 400 yard game, let alone one against the team who had the best record in the conference going into the game and so one might argue that earlier Wilson optimism might not have been based on something that was real Just sayin'
  13. EM31

    Mike White

    Yeah but this is the morning after the first night of great sex. When will there ever be a better time to be insanely optimistic about the future of the relationship?
  14. Jets nation is "Miked up" this morning. Good for us.
  15. Another heist last in night's game. We had no business escaping that game with points after that awful second period let alone with two points from a win in regulation. Mark of a good team regardless of the sport = Manage to find a way to win in games where you do not play well. Realistically we have one game (Columbus) where we played well everything else is a smoke and mirrors path to a 6-2-1 record. Crazy yes but good crazy.
  16. CBJ game was the best all around performance of the year so far but this is a tough road trip where we might play really well and still end up a 2-2 or worse. Need to start off on the right foot against the expansion Kraken tonight.
  17. Not so much bad characters as not currently playing together consistently well. There is obviously still time for the team to gel but having a competitive top of the table is a double-edged sword. Yes, nobody likely to run away with it but once you do go on a run yourself you will have to pass ALL the other top teams. As for Ronny, Obviously a great performance today. Nobody is suggesting he is done just questions about how the rest of the cast are going to get their looks. It is going to be a good year. As a Chelsea fan I think it will be City in the end this year but there are enough good teams in the chasing group that one or two of them are going to make a strong run. If Chelsea's defense keeps on being this good then maybe it will be them but it is a very long campaign.
  18. Cristiano Ronaldo: Are Man Utd being helped or hindered by Portugal legend? https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/59055179 Interesting read on United and the impact of Ronaldo. I am curious to get the take of the United faithful on these questions. My own opinions on United have not changed since early in the year where I thought the manager was the biggest impediment to any return to the top of the European pile but it is not 100% clear that bringing in a Thomas Tuchel-like replacement manager would result in an immediate change of fortunes the same way that replacing Frank Lampard did at Chelsea. Not sure the current core group of players can be fashioned into an effective force by anyone. Maybe yes maybe no.
  19. Mourinho redux for the win! (spoken as a Chelsea fan) On a more serious note I wonder if they got rid of David Moyes a bit too soon
  20. i guess the Islanders woke up, What a division eh? Every single team over .500 Every one. Calgary Flames next up tonight.
  21. My God but this sport could benefit from the same kind of promotion and relegation rules that exist in most of the top flight soccer leagues around the world. Finish in the bottom three? Get relegated to a lower league. Finish in the bottom three of the lower division next year? Get relegated again. Give a more successfully run team a chance. There is zero punishment for owners who run their teams like incompetent asses year after year, decade after decade. In fact the estimated value of your team probably goes up and you get to hear from pundits about what a great businessman you are. Go Rangers!
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