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  1. Big game tonight against the Toronto Maple leafs. We stole one in their building earlier in the year, 2-1 against the run of play when Shesterkin played out of his mind. Fast forward to tonight with both teams at 23 points sitting 2nd and 3rd in their respective divisions. Once again this game is in Toronto and my gut is telling me that Toronto will even up the season series tonight but if we can nick one or both points again that would be just fine too. Time for Laffy to step his game up. <post game> Well it was going to happen sooner or later. A game where we basically played well and deserved one or maybe even both points but one where we lost. Good game, let's start a new winning streak now. COVID holiday coming up next courtesy of Ottawa.
  2. Last night was a bit of a trap game against a team with one of the worst records in the NHL, lots of injuries' and a rookie goaltender making his first NHL start. What could go wrong after all? Well, we made plenty of chances, missed on several wide open looks and I do mean wide open looks and we managed to make the rookie net minder look like he was standing on his head most of the night. Despite all of those things we escaped the game with what ended up being a narrowly decided regulation win (phew). We continue to rack up points in the standings while at the same time looking like an ordinary team on the ice. Kakko looked sharp for the second straight game. Fun times.
  3. Another win last night albeit another ugly one against the Devils. Still, four points from the weekend back to back games.
  4. No Belichick fan here. Quite the opposite in fact. Much as it hurts to say it i think he gets to credit for at least some of Vrable's successes as much as i would like for it not to be true.
  5. Saying he is not from the Belichick tree does not pass the smell test, sorry.
  6. The thing about trees is that they get to claim credit for all of the branches or fruit regardless of whether or not those branches came from the main truck or from other branches. Vrabel was widely viewed as a coach on the field during his playing days and like it or not he is fruit from that tree.
  7. Are the Islanders that good that they can just turn it on come playoff time and go deep again?
  8. Nice divisional win tonight. 2nd period was good. Chances are that Georgie was going to get the game tomorrow against the Devils anyway. Devils will be annoyed after they stubbed their toe against an improving Boston team today and after back to back statement wins against Florida and the Islanders Bottom line anyway is that we banked two points against a division opponent in regulation. I know it is early but right now if I had to make a bet I would say five teams will be going to the playoffs from the Metropolitan so the three that will be left out might be Pens, Blue Jackets and I think it is between Flyers, Rangers and Devils. Before today the Devils were looking really really dangerous Good test tomorrow I still don't think we have seen the Rangers play a complete game except maybe the first win over the Blue jackets 4-0. It is a good sign that the team is getting points without playing their best yet. Very good. 11/13/21 Standings
  9. Maybe he has had the long covid and we can use that excuse to cover the entire season? J/K - particularly since Mike Zibanajad of the NY Rangers had exactly that last year but seriously, we need a little gallows humor around this bust.
  10. Devils with a couple of really nice wins. First crushing Florida then blanking the Islanders. Metropolitan division is flat out crazy in terms of top to bottom strength and i cannot for the life of me come up with a solid favorite at this point. Not fully buying into the Carolina Hurricanes yet but if they keep this up for another week or so then it just may be them. Now starts a phase where the division starts to play each other more and so we get all of those 4-point games back to back for a while.
  11. Please consider before using "finger" and "teenage girl" in the same sentence. Or "teenage boy" for that matter.
  12. At last we have an explanation for his inability to catch potential interceptions being thrown his way. It was the finger all along! And nobody seems to care very much
  13. Who would be the Prez on the Seahawks in that case?
  14. That team has an insane amount of talent. The McDavid goal which tied it at 5-5 with 4 minutes to go in regulation will make every highlight film and could very well be the goal of the season. Positives? We hung with one of the best teams in the league on their home ice and nearly got out with a regulation win. Instead we get only the one point but overall we are at four points on this road trip and will end up no worse than 500 regardless of the result tonight. Protecting a lead s a little worrying. We seem to go into a prevent defense type shell and that needs to be fixed.
  15. Unable to catch because his confidence is shot or unconfident because he cannot catch? "My horse would have won today if only the trainer had agreed to use the Titanium horseshoes. The pick was a good one"
  16. "Twas a dark and stormy night..."
  17. Sand in vagina can be rough I should think
  18. I fear this test is coming too early for us and that the team really has not figured out how to do well in open play. This leads to long periods where other teams are dominating us both in possession and territory. This Rangers team is really not playing well yet overall and we have been relying too much on our goaltender to bail us out. And to some extent relying that the other teams are going to be inept when it comes to putting the puck in the net. Neither of which are likely to be true on Friday and Saturday.
  19. Stupid topic i know but still, the question stands.
  20. Always liked JT when he was here. Loved his ability to pass the puck. It was a numbers game for us not being able to keep him. He seems to have put on some size and is clearly playing well in Vancouver. We were due for one of these results and at least we got a point out of it. The real problem comes next with the two back to back games on Friday and Saturday against the Oilers and Flames
  21. My concern with Becton even last year when he was "highway 77" was that his body might not be one that would be durable at this level. Would have been happy and still would be happy to be proven wrong. This has not reached Dee Milliner lack of being able to stay on the field levels yet but let's be honest here it is closer to Dee Milliner than it is to D'Brick
  22. Enjoy the ride. It is pretty remarkable right now. Say what you will about Abramovich and his sometimes overly quick trigger finger, He does not allow a situation to fester.
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