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  1. Add to that the question of the type of candidates we could even attract to this GM/HC merry-go-round in the first place.
  2. Namath drew up plays in the dirt and then Maynard ran those plays. Maybe that is exactly what Mims cannot do. I don't know I am not inside the bubble. I just don't think the idea that they are committing professional suicide by keeping a player on the bench without justification while the team is losing horribly does not pass a smell test.
  3. And it is not just NY, Boston and Toronto in the race for the two spots either. Yankees still have the toughest 5 games remaining (2 against the Blue Jays and 3 against Tampa) but the current 2.5 game cushion over the 3rd place wild card team (Seattle) with five to play is getting closer to a lock. The trick right now may be to avoid a 1-game play-in to the real 1-game play-in game
  4. W-L record early in a GMs tenure for a franchise as deeply in the sh1tter as we were is not the correct measure for a new GM. Given the mess he inherited it is reasonable to think that year-3 at best is when we would hope to see serious forward movement. However, Year-1 is getting his guys in place, eliminating bad contracts and laying the draft foundation for the future Year-2 is cementing the draft progress and showing some measurable improvement in team quality on the field (a W/L record - maybe going to 7=10 for example). Year-3 would be serious improvement and being in the wild-card conversation until late in the year. While he does still get time to implement his program (who else would ever come here again if he does not?), it does seem pretty clear that the year-1 plan did not work at all and year-2 is looking horrible so far and in part this is because drafts 1 and 2 have not worked out at all. Talk of Axing JD should not happen until the end of next year no matter how much some people think it should happen now and how ready they are to say "I told you so" if and when it does end up happening. This is why we had to give him a 6-year deal to begin with. The rest of the NFL wants nothing to do with us and our GM/HC game of musical chairs. JD is where we placed our chips and the croupier has just said "no more bets"
  5. I am referring to the universe in which you compared Denzel Mims to Randy Moss. It is an old rhetorical trick. It is easy to simply throw that stuff out there because it is utterly impossible to either prove or disprove. It reminds me of some of the debates we had on here about running backs of offensive lines in years gone by. "Even Jim Brown of Gayle Sayers would not have been able to make any yards behind THAT OL". Denzel Mims is not Randy Moss. He almost certainly did not commit some kind of an ethical infraction like getting the owner's wife pregnant or something like that. It is insane to think that a rookie-year coaching staff is going to cut off their own noses just to spite their face and keep Mims on the bench as some kind of a messaging play to Mims and the rest of the team. Failed rookie coaches will often never get another chance for their entire NFL careers so that idea does not pass the smell test either. Occam's razor (paraphrased): "the simplest explanation is usually the best one." or in other words, Mims is not seeing the field on game day because the coaching staff do not feel that he is currently good enough to do so. Period. i know that means we picked ourselves a dud in the 2nd round but that may be the beginning, middle and end of the story no matter how much we wish it otherwise.
  6. Two words Clifford Franklin. Confuscius say "Man who go to bed with sexual problem wake up with solution in hand"
  7. I remember when there was a cadre of posters around here who felt that the coaching staff at that time were conducting a vendetta against Vernon Gholston. That theory made about as much sense then as this one does now.
  8. Gutsy effort by this team down the stretch. Hopefully it translates into something more than a one and done. Red Sox fans must be apoplectic after this weekend,
  9. Not sure if it is too much new all at once or too much substandard all at once but either way the product on the field right here right now is appalling. If it carries on this way it will surpass the final season under Rich Kotite in terms of sheer futility. Up until these last few weeks I would have said could never happen. I could always look over at the Browns and say "Hey, at least we are not as badly run as that franchise over there" but even that small comfort no longer exists. We are worse today than the NY Knicks for most of the last decade which is also pretty difficult. Fun times indeed.
  10. Bingo. Us fans are the ones who ultimately act as enablers for this hot mess decade after decade.
  11. The thing about absolute zero is that it provides us with directional certainty.
  12. No doubt about it, this is right up there (down there?) as bad as it has ever been. I kid myself that the defense has shown something but in reality I think any time opponents wanted to turn up their own offensive intensity that they could do that with little in the way of opposition from us. Mosely has been good. Hard pressed to come up with many others. Wilson may even be the real deal but we are going to get him killed before we ever haver a chance to find out. Kicker seems decent.
  13. Maybe now if i thought they would make wise choices with the picks.
  14. Steven Hill all over again. It turned out the reasons he was not seeing playing time were good ones. Pretty sure the same is true here.
  15. Personal Uniform Licenses. Fans get to subscribe to a plan which permits them to purchase new uniform shirt designs as an when they are released. Please sir, may I have another?
  16. EPL to support Chelsea and NY Rangers and NY Knicks should both be a decent watch this year. The Jets are a bottom-5 team yet again this year and could be a bottom one or two again
  17. Chelsea, United, City and Liverpool. Pretty much what people thought. I have been impressed with Villa and Brighton so far.
  18. If the Jets do win it probably says more about the Pats than us. Good news though that would be,. The Jets in white uniforms are going to be hard to watch. I like cricket but white uniforms should stay there. Hopefully week #2 of Zach and we get to watch him do some things against an old enemy. Don't get killed.
  19. One of the concerns going in was how durable would a player of that size be? Call it bad luck or call it whatever you want but so far the durability factor has been poor. He has been injured a lot. I wish him well and a speedy return but until we see a long run of solid games without serious injury those concerns are still a thing.
  20. Maybe the "it" that is going to be hard is a sign that he relishes the challenge.
  21. How much worse would this be if Darnold was more accurate?
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