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  1. Good productivity right there One throw two touchdowns
  2. Wow, you are right! How odd. Not odd that you are right but that I had him pegged in my mind as one of those guys who was pretty good after he left us. I just checked his stats. Hrrm... I wonder who I am confusing him with. In any event I withdraw my original comment.
  3. Sponge Bob. An American Icon. Things are pointing up!
  4. Honestly, the avatar was a random choice made many years ago and I have paid it little if any mind since that time TBH. Interesting that it is still generating whatever attention cycles that you are giving it. As I said, swimming against the tide a little bit so I expected some instinctive reactions to that in support the OP's creation of the thread in the first place. That is where I am pigeonholing your post above.
  5. Oddly enough that is exactly what I was thinking when I penned the post.
  6. Right church wrong pew. He is in for Team reassignment surgery. I Expect he might come out as JoeClifford16 or some such
  7. Blair Thomas ended up being pretty decent. Just not for us.
  8. I am going to swim against the tide a little bit here. I like Crusher as much as the next guy but I have to say that these kinds of threads make me a little uncomfortable.
  9. A group of average RBs will be as good or as bad as the offensive line who is blocking for them. Our running game will live or die this year based in large part on AVT and Becton. Personally I think we will be fine.
  10. Over a number of decades this fan base has been forced to become connoisseurs of suck. This evaluation does not meet the smell test. Better luck trolling next time.
  11. First of all.. way to represent man!!! You are a Jets fan through and through Secondly I had this operation around ten year ago and it was no big deal. Very little for me in terms if permanent side effects. I hope yours turns out the same way. Gangrene baby!!!!
  12. Sigh. After not following any of the ins-and-outs which must have lead up to this thread I approached the whole thing with a bowl of popcorn and a "this is gonna be good" frame of mind and, at least in the beginning, it did not disappoint. Max's posts were a rude awakening and a reminder for those who would hide behind the partial anonymity of message board attacks that there are things in the real world which are way more important than the deranged machine gun fire from someone who is clearly not a happy person. DWC, please take your punishment like a man and seek life elsewhere. I was one who tried not to pile on when the temptation to do so was very strong. You need to look yourself in the mirror and ask why it is that you find yourself constantly in so many viscous fight all of the time. There is only one consistent factor in all of these things and that is your involvement. In any event. Max, your team has done the right thing here. Maybe long overdue or maybe just at the right time. Who knows? But the decision was a good one I think and maybe it lets DWC get himself a fresh start somewhere else.
  13. How did it ever get this far? NVM, I think I know how
  14. LOL.... Yes I see your point. In this case the story has the virtue of being a reasonably true as far as it went except for the idea that there were other considerations in addition to the insurance rate quotes I was receiving. The most significant being that the future Mrs. EM31 told me that the hang glider was a deal breaker for her and I needed to sell it. BTW i work for a national organization and vaccinations will be a mandatory term of employment for us as of November 1st this year. We expect to lose anywhere from 3%-5% of our workforce either as a result of voluntary retirements or forced separations.
  15. If his body holds up just run behind him all day and all night. Questions about his pass protection may never even be relevant.
  16. Back in the day when I became self-employed for a while, my medical insurance people asked me if I particiapted in any dangerous sports. At the time I was taking hang-gliding lessons. THe insurance broker told me that I had three different CHOICES. I could lie and not disclose the activity and pay the normal rate for my age and general health. If I got injured while doing it then basically that basically broke the deal and they would not to cover my medical bills I could pay a sharply higher premium for the EXTRA RISK the I was injecting into the situation Or I could quit the sport and pay the same rates as everyone else. So many choices. I the end I chose not to become a future world champion hang-glider and I also chose to keep my insurance rates in line with everyone else. For about one nanosecond I considered whining like a little schoolgirl about how all of this was unconstitutional and a violation my freedoms but after that nanosecond I decided not not to be a little b$%tch about it. Go figure
  17. Yes indeed. Stadium rules but oddly enough rules that only apply to home team players. Well, maybe not so add after all. Weird how business owners want the public to feel safe when coming to their places of business. How un-American is that?
  18. Employers have choice too and you have a choice as to whether or not you want to work there. Choices all around. Nothing to see here.
  19. Walmart probably has a team but on the other hand Walmart will probably have a vaccination policy too. Play by the rules or seek life elsewhere.
  20. NFL rules provide terms of participation for franchises and to some degree the rules of employment for players. Players questioning the rules would carry about as much weight as a Jets player refusing the wear green uniforms or refusing to line up for kickoffs where everyone else does. Players are not slaves. They always have the choice to withhold their labor if they don't like the rules. Any of the rules. In this case they are self-selecting themselves out of a job and probably out of a career to boot. Good riddance to them. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
  21. Nothing to see here. Players on the bubble and in this group have self selected. Good riddance.
  22. Thumbs up for the obscure Q reference
  23. Can never have enough Q's
  24. For Chelsea I need to see a little more before I am convinced that the defense really is fort Knox instead of the sieve that it was under Lampard. This is setting up to be a really fun season where the early nod still needs to be given to City until we see differently. As for United, they may not be as deep as Chelsea or City but their weakness may actually be the in the Manager's job. He is no Ted Lasso
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