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  1. BT was actually a better deal by the front office. I think they snagged him to an extension before he had a full season of improvement under the new regime. His cost to the Jets was far more reasonable at that point than it would be if they were to sit down today and do a deal IMO. Cotchery on the other hand has had a breakout season and I am sure that that will transalate directly into much higher expectations on his and his agent's part. Yes, get the deal done and the same with Rhodes before either of them get voted to a pro bowl but the NFL is awash in cash right now and I am sure the agents for these players know it.
  2. There is a Springer-esque quality to this thread.
  3. I would love to move up and take Okoye. The problem is that #6 is probably a little early for him just as #26 is clearly too late. Too much to hope that we could swing two deals and get ourselves positioned somewhere in the 10-15 spot.
  4. The ones I have seen play. Joe Klecko Al Toon Wesley Walker Freeman McNeil Mickey Shuler Victor Green Wayne Chrebet
  5. Catwoman was hot in that one.
  6. Does the board software actually allow for the category of "BANNED MODERATOR" ? Now that would be cool
  7. Parcells decides that he is really a Chardonay-sippin' west coast kinda guy and could un-retire one last time for a "small consideration". Other than the timing it really fits his Modus Operandi which is to identify a team with underachieving talent, ready for a savior and then go into that situation and clean up some of the messes that the former coaching staff had made. A bit different here of course. The only mistake the Schotty Sr. made was same one he always makes, being the Head Coach for a playoff game.
  8. Do the Jets offer a dental plan? Coupons to local pole dancing establishments? Strahan is indeed a great great player but he already has FOURTEEN YEARS in the NFL. I would give him a two year deal at most. He gets to stick it to the other NY team and our defense gets instant credibility on the road to building an identity.... Still and all, FOURTEEN YEARS....
  9. So long as they did not dislodge the smoke detector I am not sure what the issue is here.
  10. In other news Sirius NFL radio once again went out on a limb and predicted that it would be either hot or cold tomorrow depending on the weather.
  11. Part of improving your position within the division includes standing by while division rivals take a hit. Either the Pats and the Bills overpay to keep their own guys or they get weaker talent-wise. It is all good. A young healthy corner in their prime is a good thing to pick up in free agency (Ty Law was one of those things), we don't want to be caught being the team who overpays.
  12. Rex baby. Unghh... You have such a tight spiral man....
  13. If Chad leads us to a superbowl next year he will have led us to one more than Curtis Martin ever did. I would have to think that at that point one wuld need to give serious consideration to his entire canon of work in terms of his eligibility for Canton.
  14. Oh well, I haver been in a minority of one before. Put me down as one who would take a flyer on Moss. Maybe the Marshall thing. Maybe the three strikes and you're out thing or maybe just that the upside outweighs the downside by a country mile. Assuming no new signing bonus money, if he screws up we move on without taking a huge cap hit. I do not consider him a cancer in the same way that TO is a cancer.
  15. How do the people on this thread feel about Thurman Thomas? Personally I thought the guy always killed us and I thought he was a HOF'er although not in the "elite of the elite" group. In other words I could understand why people might not want to see him in the hall if they are already worried about talent dilution. In an earlier discussion I stated that if Martin gets in then Thurman should also get in because in my mind they were very comparable in terms of their careers. Martin did it for longer but not by much. Thurman was the better all around running back IMO, but again, not by much. As much as it galls me to say it, Tiki also needs to come into the discussion because his career totals are (barely) good enough but his 4.6-4.7 YPC average is downright gaudy and ranks him up there with the elite backs of all time. Ultimately not enough year and/or not enough years as the feature back but if he would have continue for one or two more years, the all around numbers would be compelling.
  16. Smith was a bit of a stat compiler too. Ask Jimmy Johnson about how PO'ed Emmit would get if they would try to take him out of a game that the Cowboys were already winning by three TD's. Emmit always had his eye on the record books even when what was best for the team (keeping you star reunning back fresh) was at odds with what was best for the player (compiling those career numbers). In other words Emmit was greedly and jealous of his carries. I think all RB's who have that amount of persistence and durability are intensley aware of their places in history. Curtis is no exception to this rule. Emmit played most of his career in Dallas with a tremendous cast of characters around him. Especially the offensive line. So Emmit had an easier road to Hoe in that regard. Emmit on the other hand was always a threat to take it to the house or at least to get long runs. Not so much as LT for example, but more than Curtis ever was. Emmit was better.
  17. And Morton Anderson is the greatest offensive force in the history of the game. Or maybe he he was a decent kicker with freakish durability who did what was expected once his heam had got into the postion to make the kicks. First of all I think the world concedes that Curtis Martin maybe the most durable and consistent running back ever to play the game. I think he is. If durability gets you in the hall then he gets in. Is the hall of fame for durable runners as well as the Jim Browns and Gayle Sayers of the world? Maybe so. For those in the camp of "He is a first ballot lock to make the hall of fame", I would ask you to look at the list of running backs in the hall of fame and honestly ask yourself which of them you think Curtis is a better runner than. Please list them here. Not which of them Curtis can go punch for punch with (at four whole yards per carry) for a decade, but which if them was the better runner in one game on playoff season or one regular season. If that is the acid test for the hall of fame then I think it is borderline at best if Curtis gets in. List of modern day hall of fame running backs with a lower yards per carry average that Curtis = ONE, John Riggins. Riggins was a dominant runner who carried the Redskins on his back to a couple of superbowls. Is anyone here claiming Curtis was better then Riggo?
  18. Jeff should go and back up Romo in Dallas. I think TO would appreciate him more now that he is dropping so many balls... Maybe he could get a hand massage from Jeff, loosen his fingers up:wink: I think NYJ553 is leaving money on the table as it were by not attempting to harvest the "It Rhymes with Romo" angle. Sometime rising above the obvious is the right thing to do, avoiding the low-hanging fruit.... But this is not one of those occasions IMO. NYJ553 just needs to sort of work it on in there ya know? Garcia is experienced as a backup. Would prefer to be the starter and have someone else back him up. Low hanging fruits abound. (Now that would be one kick-a$$ third line of a Haiku) Max, let me know if I am stealing your thunder here.
  19. Other players trying to come back from the same injury as Pennington as well as players coming back from other "sugically repaired" injuries such as MCL (knee) tears, have stated that you do not get your full strength back until the season after the one where you are cleared to play. So if you believe those players then the answer to the original question is YES. Personally I think it was reported that the second surgury was minro in comparison to the first and that in some respects, last season was the 2nd season after surgury. I also think that Chad is probably an extrodinarily dedicated workout warrior in rehab so he was probably going to get as much juice out of the lemon as there was to get. He clearly had put on upper body weight coming in to last year. On balance I think his arm will probably be a little stronger but not all that much. The bigger difference will be in the consistency and the confidence that comes for a second year under a new offense coupled with the knowledge that he finally played a full season including some big knocks and he lived to tell the tale. Before the errant lateral we were going toe to toe with possibly the best team in the NFL and wearing down their defense on the road. Make no mistake about it if the Patriots go to the big dance last week they would have buried the Bears in a deep deep hole. Maybe the Chargers were better but Chargers, Colts and PAts were IT last year. Chad was doing all of this without a running game to speak of. Give Chad even the semblence of a running game and some more weapons at tight end and a deep threat at receiver and I think he will be fine.
  20. This is the year that players agents are seeing dollar signs scrolling before their eyes. All of that extra cash money!! It is going to be a gold rush out there and consequently value is going to be hard to find. A better investment for the Jets is to rework contracts for our own younger players like Cotchery and Hobson and be very frugal on the FA market. If there is an opportunity like a Mawae type deal for example then go for it but no more Ty Laws. We are not one piece of the puzzle away.
  21. Absolutley sets them back. One man is bigger than the franchise and his incescent flip-flopping on the subject of whether or not he will be coming back places the organization in a position where they simply cannot plan for the transition to the future post-Favre universe. How many years left I wonder on the first contract of his supposed successor? Favre is a colorful gunslinger who always threw too many picks but in recent years has reached the point where the on-field downside outweighs the on-field positives. The pack finshed waht? 8-8 in a truly pathetic conference this year? That team was maybe 5-11 if they play in the AFC. Sorry but the NFL, the networks and even the Packers may enjoy another year of slow motion torture, another year of "is this Brett Favre's last game at <insert names here>" but it fails to make the Packers any better. Ah well. At least we are beyond our own mini-version of that with Curtis (bigger than the franchise) Martin.
  22. The real question is why is "Tw*t" forbidden?
  23. Somewhere out there I think John Madden has a boner right now.
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