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  1. Maybe the actual playbook he thinks he is getting is the "How to backup an oft-injured noodle-arm starter" playbook. Just in time inventory management doncha know
  2. Well that's two bites at the Apple. SouthernJet, Are you sticking to your last observation?
  3. So now we know the purpose behind the Patriots holding themselves $12 million under tha cap was. Brilliant move by Belichick. Brilliant. If he can win with a washed up old "never-was" like Vinny Intercepterverde then it will cement his legacy as possibly the greatest coach of all time.
  4. Be careful what you wish for. Remember the last time we knocked out a Patriots QB.
  5. Yeah, and wearing one of those Village people leather outfits too!
  6. Vinny has been brought in to coach the exchange from center. Seriously folks I think we roughed up Brady pretty good this weekend.
  7. Jeez the guy needs to know when it is time to exit stage left. If another team wanted him then I am sure that plane fare out of town would be forthcoming in somewhere less than a heartbeat.
  8. Actually this is a little more interesting than it seemed at first. Yes the field is awful but the old Patriots used to use that to their advantage. Better coaching, better at taking care of the ball, a smashmouth team on both sides of the ball and confidence that everyone involved could adapt to in game conditions better than the opposition. Take that Peyton Manning. Now they took a bit of a beating on a rainy day this past weekend but I can only assume that their feeling of the home field advantage did not just disappear off one game. It must be that the league is finally forcing the Patriots to do something that they wouldn't otherwise want to do. Kewl.
  9. Man I feel bad for those guys. Season in the tank already and nary a first day pick to show for it.
  10. 16G, I was indeed sticking the knife in and twisting it but in a way that is somewhat peculiar to the pattern established by TX in some of his interactions here. Think of it as somewhat along the lines of me offering TX a chit sandwich on a silver tray and then inquiring if he would like any Grey Poupon with that. And you're right by the way. It is FUN !!!
  11. TX, Just having a little fun. I am not sure that even a weakened Pats team is not still the prohibitive favorite to win the division this year. My opinion for what it is worth on yesterday's game is that the Jets were highly motivated and healthy coming off their bye week and they got blitz happy for almost the only time this year. Your team got caught napping just a little bit. Add the rain and the crappy field conditions into the mix, a recipe for a low scoring affair, and you had the ingredients for what we saw unfold yesterday. Still and all for a team who started the year in bottom feeder land (the Jets), wins like this are more important to our franchise than the importance of any damage at this point is to yours. If Coles doesn't drop the bomb and a couple of other very catchable balls did not get dropped then the game yesterday was probably not as close as the final score makes it seem. I can't blame the recievers too much since Cotchery bailed Chad out of an interception late and the receivers were winning 50-50 balls all day long. Chad is indeed disproving critics and think that this much is beginning to be obvious. If it is one step at a time and one disbeiever at a time then that is how it needs to be. It seems we are doomed to not have a very high draft pick next year and so I am hoping the Redskins #2 pick turns out to be a good'un.
  12. By the way, the sister looks like she could do a little damage at the point of attack.
  13. Center is a tough position to break in to a pro bowl because the voters seem to like to vote guys in there for a decade after they make it in the first time. So "perennial" is not too far fetched if he makes it in once. On the other hand we prefer him to play at a pro bowl level and be stiffed in the voting every year. Will make him easier to resign. Mangold was a great pickup and the only part of not getting Maroney that makes not getting Maroney palatable for me. With the Redskins pick looking better and better that draft is still looking awesome for us. Now if only Schlegel....
  14. I remember when the NASDAQ was in full scale meltdown a few years ago going from ~5000 down into the 1250 range. Equities hawks would come onto the TV almost nightly and tell us what a great buy stocks and particulalry dot com tech stocks still were. Of course, so the logic went, statistically speaking stocks have had a superior rate of return every year since blah blah blah.... As the meltdown continued, those same people would tell us that hey, if you invested in stocks in 1990, then the average rate of return for stocks beat the the average rate of return of bonds. Over time of course, the dates would keep getting further and further back in the past in order for the overall claims to be true... "If you invested $100 in 1985...." then 1980, 1975 and so on..... Hey if you invested in Tulip bulbs in Amsterdam back in the day.... But I digress..... The fact of the matter is that people who invested at NASDAQ 5000 still lost three quarters of their money on average when it hit 1250. So now PatsFanTX is moving the goalposts on us. What a shocker!!! It used to be "Come and talk to me when the Jets beat and elite team"... Now it is "Come and talk to me when they win a division without benefit of a tiebreaker".... Whoohoo!!! Hedging your bets much there TX? TX, don't think of this as gloating. It is not. We are not here to gloat. We are simply concerned about what appears to be the beginnings of a meltdown by the Patriots organization. The Patriots are a rival yes, but any concern from here is for a fellow AFC East team. What do you think could be the cause of this meltdown? Do you feel that this is only a temporary choke or are the ingredients in place for a more permanent trip into "bottom feeder" land? Are we witnessing evidence of deeper problems up there in Foxboro I wonder. Clearly since Belichick was unwilling to sit Tom Brady down, the Jets decided to "sit him down" in the mud all day long on Sunday <nudge nudge wink wink>. It was a beautiful thing. I think that the whole disillusionment amongst the Patriots players with the Deion Branch situation did not just go away simply because the Pats front office wished for it to go away...
  15. Maybe Seau learned the whole crying at the end of a football game thingy from Jason Taylor. After all they spent time together in Miami.
  16. Man that looked like one of those hair gel commercials.
  17. You need to get into the spirit here PFSIKH after all you wouldn't want to develop a reputation as someone who can dish it out but who cannot take it. Please enumerate if you would the ELITE teams in the NFL so that we can be assured that we take notice when Chad beats ANOTHER one of them. Are the Patsies still an ELITE team despite having been outcoached? At home... By a hated former assistant... In a game with all kinds of Divisional and home field playoff implications.... Who are the BOTTOM FEEDER teams in the NFL PFSIKH? Are the Jets a BOTTOM FEEDER in your book? If so, then how does it happen that an ELITE team like the Patriots get smacked around by a BOTTOM FEEDER?
  18. How many games has Pennyboy won agaist team with a winning record where he has a higher QB rating than the opposing QB? -
  19. Given the recent loss of his ability to use some of his more trusted and time worn comments, I was hoping this thread could serve as an opportunity for the Jets faithful to offer PatsFanTX some suggestions as to how he can amend his statements to account for the new realities after this past Sunday's game. Please feel free to add your own. Extra points if you can find a way to use the terms "Pennyboy", "Bottom feeder", "Elite Team" or "Noodle arm" in your responses.... My own humble offerings and to get everyone started... How many games has Pennyboy won on the road against teams with a winning record WHEN FIRST PLACE IN THE DIVISION IS ON THE LINE? - (Answer none becuase first place was not on the line). What is Pennyboy's record against winning (non Bottom feeding) teams OUTSIDE THE DIVISION? - (Answer none because, well you catch the drift) How many games has Pennyboy won against Elite teams IN DECEMBER OR JANUARY When the all the really important games are played?
  20. Climbing the ladder up to a point of respectability requires that we win a game like this one sooner or later. As a nice aside it means that Tx needs to ammend at least a couple of his favorite one-liners. "When was ther last time that Pennyboy beat a team with a winning record... APART FROM THE PATRIOTS in Foxboro?"
  21. Garb/Verde do seem to be afflicted with the disease that results from the imbalance between the numbers males and females in places like this. They laugh at your jokes because they think they might have a shot at getting onto your virtual pants one day my dear, not because you approximate the sharpest tool in the shed I do agree with the idea that the spell check police should holster THEIR firearms. TX, I could send you pictures of a nine dollar bill and tell you it is an elephant. Does it mean that either the nine dollars or the elephant belong to me?
  22. Don't be silly PFSIKH, just because the center got A CONTRACT does not mean that he necessarily got paid the going rate. All Deion Branch was asking for was a little respect and the going rate, probably a little less if truth be told but the cheapo organization tried to play hardball as they have with so many others. Do you really think that Tom Brady is so stupid that he does not read the newspapars and see where his own compensation places him in relation to his peers? Players I might add with far less impressive resumes. If team happiness is not important why does everyone talk it up as being such a big thing? You are in a very weak division this year and I do include the Jets in that evaluation. Playing six games against the east will mask a whole boatload of internal meltdown. Picture Dorian Gray. There is unrest on the good ship Titanic and it is only a matter of time before players start to keep mental note at all times about how far away they are from the nearest lifeboat. Whether or not Branch is happy in Seattle is neither here nor there. The point in case it escpaed your attention is how happy are the players left behind after the Pats front office forced him out?
  23. Tom Brady's condition is technically a case of degenerative pastosis (Throwing arm becomes progressivly more noodle-like over time). The causes for this condition can vary from person to person but in the case of Brady it is suspected that he is suffering from buyers remorse over his contract renewal after seeing the large dollars being handed out to QB's across the league. "Large dollars" let us remind you that he left on the table so the organization would have enough to pay for other people to get theirs like, well like Deion Branch for example or the brown envelope of used 100's that was used to pay off BB's mistress. HGow stupid does Tom Brady feel about that now? Can a hold out be too far in the future for our Tom? How much does his fastball measure on the radar gun nowdays? With pitchers they become "crafty" as their fastball disappears. What I wonder is the euphamism in football? Did Deion Branch call him up after last week to talk about how there is no QB in Seattle now that Matt has gone down with a dinged-up knee? I think it is time for Tom Brady and all New England Patriots players of note to recognize that their club will simply never spend the going rate for their services and if they should happen to get injured that the club will just cut them loose without even a single look back in the rear view mirror. Time to engineer your exit strategy Tommy boy.
  24. Do administrators have double secret permission to read beneath the asterisks Max?
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