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  1. I am not shy in real life unlike this place where I am entirely laid back and downright cerebral.
  2. To steal a line from Wargames... "The only way to win is not to play".
  3. I assumed the thread had morphed from Chick rockers into hot Chicks who played in bands.
  4. One note about the so called bad offensive coordinators. Yes, they were bad, but no, that did not affect Curtis's ability to put up numbers. In fact it is 100% in the other direction. With Hackett and then Dinger, the structure of the offense seemed designed with the single purpose of giving the ball to Curtis (and only Curtis!) so that he could rack up his personal career numbers even if that ended up being bad for the Jets (many times it was). Curtis played for possibly the most Run-oriented OC working under the most run-oriented HC in the NFL. I guess that is what happens when your high school coach ends up being your Offensive coordinator. I would definitely say that Curtis was better, over the course of his career than Eddie George. It is not all clear to me that the same could be said about Curtis and the bus. Tiki has clearly put together a stretch of dominant seasons better than anything Curtis even came close to doing. Other than that the Jets paid a boatload of money, more than has ever been paid out to any other running back in history, for a player who was better than fair-to-middling on the field. But not all that much better. Curtis managed to perform this feat year in and year out without major injury for an ungodly amount of years. Curtis was never smaller than when the game was big. Curtis did not make the newspapers for beating his wife or waving a gun at somebody in a club at 3am in the morning. In New York with athletes often making headlines for the wrong reasons, that was a good thing.
  5. Tell me I don't get points for mentioning Suzie Quatro.... Um...
  6. So many to choose from.... Belinda Carlisle...(go go's) a bit chunky but good pipes... er... Susanna Hoffs (Bangles).... <walk like an Egyptian...sings>... Posh Spice... I agree with those who wrote in Chrissy Hynde. Honorable mentions to Annie Lenox, Shiela E. and probably several others whose names escpe me.
  7. I agree with this altohugh they would certainly seek contractual protections against his "fragility".
  8. Quick poll, who thinks and processes information more quickly on their feet? A) Drew Bledsoe Daunte Culpepper C) Herman Edwards
  9. Because we have a QB who can do the business?
  10. And the offense batted 1000 causing the Colts to scramble and chase. That was a thrashing on both sides of the ball and it is disingenuous to suggest otherwise. And the only reason that Kicker had the opportunity to miss was because of some horrific plays by the defense in the last minutes of the game. We beat a top NFL team on the road and when they were healthy and well rested. Chad was playing that game with a torn rotator cuff. We can play "what-if's" all day long, every game has tons of those. That Steelers team on that field and in that point of the season were a fearsome opponent who looked for all the world like they were going to steamroller everyone. Lucky for the Pats that the Jets softened them up some and provided a roadmap so that you guys could once again "back door" it into the big dance for the umpteenth time.
  11. TX, Please consider carefully before answering this question. Do you count the Patriots win against the Jets to be a win against a "team with a winning record", with all that implies? If not, why not? Discuss
  12. I hear ya and "on any given Sunday" BZ but that Colts running defense looks made to order for Maroney and Dillon to feast upon. The Vikes might hold a surprise though.
  13. Yes it is an improvement TX. If you are not prepared to directly concede that the Jets are much improved then we have to take our concessions wherever we can get them. Even if that is incrementally. The fact that you are no longer referring to the Jets as bottom feeders, but rather observing that they are getting their wins (read "cheap wins") at the expense of bottom feeder teams is implying that they have moved up in your estimation. Fair enough as far as it goes but that still represents movement from your offseason positions on the Jets. The Pats are Passe. Yesterday's news and the rot is already taking hold if truth be told. Move over from the dark side and embrace Chad as your spiritual leader on the field and the Penguin as your new Sensei. Life is good
  14. Notice that TX does not use the term "bottom feeder" about the Jets any more.
  15. I would be surprised if the Raiders would let him go for "just" a low first-rounder. That would value him at the same amount as Branch which is patently absurd. If that is the cost I would give up a higher first rounder than NE's in a heartbeat.
  16. I agree with 124 that Houston is the best every down running back currently on the roster. I would take Lamont back in a heartbeat at his very VERY affordable price tag. The same people who whined about the amount given to Lamont fail to mention that this supposedly huge overpayment was actually about 50%-60% of what Curtis got over the life of a much longer deal. And the is IF lamont makes all of his incentives (big IF given the current state of the Raiders). Curtis was the most overpaid running back in the history of the NFL. We paid him like he was Secretariat whereas in reality he was just a decent stakes horse with freakish longevity. Although several currently active players may overtake him in the next year or two, the numbers I have seen suggest that Curtis was the highest paid running back ever to play in the NFL. A product of a long career, renegotiation early and often, a smart agent and the dopiest front offices in the history of the game this last time around. When Curtis goes int the HOF he will have the 2nd lowest yards per carry average of any hall of famer ever. The lowest was Riggins who was a player who really did know how to carry a team on his back on the big stage. Very unlike our Curtis. Let's face it, Curtis = ARod except he is smarter about his comments to the media.
  17. EM31


    With the team around his as currently constituted the amazing thing is not that he has a bad game, it is that every game is not a bad game. Zero defense run defense and zero running game. Please show me any team in the history of football who can be even marginally successful with that recipe. C'mon TX, fess up. You just like saying "boy" right? The Jets are rebuilding and there are going to be plenty of things to take shots at over the next little while until (or unless) we reach the level of respectability. We may be like the Dolphins nad never get there but for now I am still on board with the idea that Mangini has shown progress after being dealt a pretty bad hand by the last guys. Sometimes you have to pass on by the low hanging fruit in terms of taking shots TX but I am guessing that you just have too much skin in the game at this point. Please do some self-scouting and try to come up with a good reason that you seem to be so fond of the term "boy". Did that whole Congressional page scandal thingy get you all worked up did it?
  18. EM31


    Sunday's game was a good reality check for this Jets team. The Jags are exactly the kind of smash mouthed team for whom the Jets were made to order. When you have zero defense and zero running game the QB is under the gun every week. This week was a bad performance but hardly all onto Chad. We are a team that could have been 0-5 very easily and who should probably be 1-4 right now if the Bills had not imploded multiple times. We are beyond soft up the middle we are nonexistant there. Until we can even offer a credible pretense that we can stop the run everything else is meaningless here. It is going to be a long season at 6.5 yards per carry or whatever the number is. TX trying lay all of this onto Chad Pennington if just his way of trying to have another thread say the name "Pennyboy" again. Something about stroking off and sentences containing the word "boy".
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