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  1. I guess it is too much to hope that they would open double secret talks with Herman (It isn't luck) Edwards about the vacancy.
  2. Just wait till LJ breaks down after breaking the NFL record for number of carries in a season. Way to ruin the future of the franchise there Herm.
  3. This is a cool place. I haven't been banned. Nice job Max, Smizzy, Sperm, faba and the rest of the gang. NYJChat is fun too because all of us inveterate potty mouths can indulge freely. Take that all of you <deleted> <deleted> <deleted> <deleted> ...ucker's
  4. Yep, he/we sure did. Two of our three playoff appearances involved getting last week help from other teams after we had blown the chance to win out wehen we controlled our own destiny. Our game 16 loss to the Rams or the absurd confluence of events that led up to us having an unlikely last week shot to get in by beating Green Bay. I think an honest assessment is that we were lucky to get in on both those occasions. Herm is just spinning. If it aint luck then he gets to claim credit for it.
  5. How convenient for TX. The man makes a career out of taking chump change from newbies and others less well equipped to defend themselves and then the universe up and decides to put him "all-in" on a winner-takes-all rubber match between the Patriots and the Jets. Yeah baby! (<--Best Austin Powers voice). Trust me, TX did not want this matchup. Nothing much to gain and oh so very much to lose if things do not go well. Come on back TX. Man up here. No hiding behind feigned hurt feelings after the PM exchange with Max. Do you really want to be posting here next year having been conspicuously missing in action during the biggest Patriots-Jets week in the history of the two franchises?
  6. A far fetched as this rumor might seem to be, it might actually have some legs if you buy into the theory that Belichick, having gone through all of the front office wives up in New England, might be tempted to come back to New York if there were any worth doing down here.
  7. I have a strong preference for the Patriots. It would be the "Handshake bowl". Nothng on the enttire planet for the Jets to lose in that encounter and everything potentially to gain. Imagine somebody handing you a million dollars to play with in Las Vegas and telling you that you keep your winnings but are not responsible for any losses. OK, you get the basic picture. Plus, it would be in Foxboro so there really is absolutely nowhere to hide for the Pats. I wonder if snow could be arranged? All the ex-spurts would already have the professor in the next round and the student in search of his golf clubs. Plus, let's be honest, the two teams to avoid in all of this are the Ravens and the Chargers not the Patriots or the Colts.
  8. The pass to Cotch was tipped from the replay. The Washinton play was indeed a hospital pass of the worst kind and so were some of his other balls both on Monday as well as throughout the season. We need a tight end to reduce the wear and tear on our wideouts. Unfortunately we have paymakers who have turned very similar plays into big gains for us this season. So for right now anyway, those are staying in the playbook. I think you are correct and there may be no more than half a dozen true difference makers at QB in this league, possibly fewer and it would be nice to have a Carson Palmer or one of the other ones. On the other hand, a team is far more liklely to have QB play drag them down and out of a playoff run than they are to have one of those half a dozen whose play can drag them up and into contention for the big prize. Chad may not be able to win it for us all on his own but he is not going to be losing it for us either. I think Chad when he is on his game is in the bottom half of the top ten QB's in the NFL and I am OK with that. So long as we don't overpay.
  9. Ignore(nce?) is in the eye of the beholder. It is entirely possible to ignore someone without the benefit a software assisted ignore "feature". Think of it like getting a boner the old fashoined way rather than via the miracles of modern chemistry. In any event, Chad had been durable this year. Half the battle won. All unbiased medical opinions during this past offseason were that 2007 is the earliest he would likely get back to whatever his new physical peak turns out to be. Give him the semblence of a running game and a bona fide pass catching tight end and stack those two things up behind a young improving offensive line and I will take our chances behind Chad. The IQ thing trumps the bazooka thing every time.
  10. The Jets coaching staff is the wrong color. Plus he would be tagged. He is someone who probably would command two first round picks. Always assuming your coach is the right color of course.
  11. Well we marched up and down the field on that defense for three quarters in the first game. Only the early tortoise shell manoever made the game close. That and Joey having an all world Q4 against a bad defense playing prevent. Now we even have a semblence of a running game as well. All of which makes me pretty worried about this Monday. Our own experiences in previous years plus the New England and Buffalo results this year should remind us that sweeping a divisional series is TOUGH under the best of circumstances. And this is the Jets and the Dolphins we are talking about here. And on National TV to boot! This would be a big game if both teams were 4-10 just becuase of everything that has gone before. Santa brought me my present. A meaningful game 15 for the Jets this year. everything else is gravy. If the Jets play to their historical form they will win against the fins and then lose at home to the Raiders in week 16.
  12. Big John Big John Every mornning at the mine, you could see him arrive. He stood 6 foot 6, weighed 245. Kind of broad at the shoulders, narrow at the hip. And everybody knew you didn't give no lip to Big John. Big John Big John Big Bad John Big John Nobody seemed to know where John called home He just drifted into town and stayed all alone. He didn't say much, kind of quiet and shy And if you spoke at all, you'd just said hi to Big John. Somebody said he came from New Orleans, Where he got into a fight over a Cajun Queen. And a crash and a blow from a huge right hand, sent a Lousiana fella to the promise land. Big John Big John Big bad John Big John Then came the day at the bottom of the mine, when a timber cracked and men started crying. Minors were praying, and hearts beat fast and everybody thought they had breathed thier last cept' John. Through the dust and the smoke of this man made hell, walked a giant of a man that the minors knew well. Grabbed a sagging timber and gave out with a groan, and like a giant oak tree he just stood there alone, Big John Big John Big John Big Bad John Big John And with all of his strength, he gave a mighty shove. Then a minor yelled out, 'theres a light up above!'. And 20 men scrambled from a 'would be' grave now theres only one left down there to save, Big John. With jacks and timbers, they started back down, then came that rumble way down in the ground. And as smoke and gas smelched out of that mine, everybody knew it was the end of the line, for Big John. Big John Big John Big Bad John Big John Now they never re-opend that wortheless pit, they just placed a marble stand in front of it. These few words are written on that stand, 'At the bottom of this mine, lies one Hell of a man, Big John' Big John Big John Big Bad John Big John.
  13. Definitely a funny thread over there. I think some of those fans are already trying to blame-it-on-anyone-but-Herm. One thread talks about how all the problems are O-line related and how can that be Herms fault? Interesting that they don't seem to be aware of the history of O-line neglect over here during the last little while. In any event I think Herm was given too mucch blame for the drafts. I think Bradway tried to get him the people he said he needed (mostly on D) but other than that the great talent evaluator over here was TB. Over there I doubt they let Herm within sniffing distance of an actual draft day decision outside of "would you like one lump or two Carl?" Sperm you are just a first ballot hall of fame compiler of quotes. If the best interests of your own career quoting milestones were ever to conflict with the best interests of JetsNation I wonder which would prevail? In any event you should rework your contract to get a big signing bonus and make it impossible for ownership to sign another quoter on the open market.
  14. Of the site becoming more populous Max. Pretty soon you need to have explicit set of rules to codify the limits on behavior. Then you need to revise said set of rules as the I's get dotted and the T's become crossed. Sections will gain subsections, etc. etc. At that point you will need to consider hiring extra seasonal help to take out (whatever has been deemed to be) "the garbage" day or night. Read "deputies" and canditates for a posse should one be needed. Finally you get an infestation of lawyers wanting to litigate the furry edges on the rules of behavior. Mods who used to be able to maintain a somewhat bawdy sense of humor on here will find themselves accused of being a example of a double standard. (these always make me laugh since, amongst other things, what is a mod if not someone whose login and password will confer certain rights and privileges beyond those enjoyed by the regular user?)... Anyhow I digress... All of this of course being a far cry from the small club-like atmosphere that prevailed when, if TX got out of line for example, you could simply take him out to the woodshed and kick the crap out of him for a bit. Finally, when your patience has been worn down to a nub, you will consider banning the formerly unbannable, taking the site private or in a last ditch effort, introducing a pay-for-play section at, say $55 a year or some such. The slippery slope "getting bigger" I hope that clarifies my admittedly poorly phrased original comment.
  15. Be wary of getting bigger Max. All of a sudden you have to sart soming up with rules for the kinds of things that used to be handled out by the woodshed.
  16. Decent 37" LCD's in the sub-$700 range http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16889022032&CMP=EMC-PR-CE-I-121006&ATT=N82E16889022032&CMP=AFC-C8Junction Premium 40" Samsung available from a reputable retailer http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/messageview.php?catid=18&threadid=684854&highlight_key=y&keyword1=samsung I went for this deal today from Sears using and easy price match to Circuit City. Rule of thumb. Try to get last year's top of the line model. Stick to premium brands where possible. This way you get the best bang for the buck. Of course if you can hold out just a little longer the pre superbowl deals are usually pretty cut throat for large screen TV's. Also, make use of sites like Fatwallet or Slickdeals and indirectly AVSForum because between the three of them they will let you know if you are being screwed, getting a good deal or getting a great deal. AVSForum, whilst full of pompous jerks is a really good place to get the technical skinny on a prospective buy.
  17. No idea, a web find. The file name was "sister.jpg"
  18. Clearly I have missed some happenings
  19. I came to New York (Manhattan) in 1982 from England. I needed to "Pick" my local sports teams. The Rangers and Knicks were on the Island of Manhattan and so they were easy choices. I went with the Yankees because they were a hair closer and at that time they really stunk up the joint so there would be no accusations of bandwagon jumping there. The Giants were already in the Meadowlands so they were out. Thinking about the question of a football team, suddenly the answer came to me in a flash. I was smart as a whip, a good looking guy and available (at that time) with a substantial package and the boyish charm to be able to bring it all off while brandishing a British accent! Clearly god had intended that I become a Jets fan.
  20. Color me as one who is underwhelmed by Vilma. Sure scheme makes a difference and he is in a scheme which does not seem to fit him right now but it has to be said, this guy gets freight-trained way to much for my taste. Maybe he just isn't big enough to play the middle but let's not pretend it is just the big mean offensive linemen, from who, he is not being protected who are the ones carrying him five yards backwards. Because it isn't. I think it is another in the Curtis Martin mold of "superstars". Players who are pretty good but in the Jets fans despration to have an all-world hero to call our own, these players get inflated way beyond their actual on-the-field impact. Incidentally, this "disease" of the Jets fans also leads directly to overpaying said players (by a lot) when it comes time to redo thier contracts.
  21. We really could not have asked for any more than this, 12 games into the season. Even Trey Teague going down ended up being beneficial. Good stuff.
  22. Maybe when Mangini wins coach of the year, the league in a spirit of reconcilliation, will order Belichick to present him with the award. And be nice about it to boot
  23. Belichick is a noodle-brain! Mangini has more zip on his IQ. If you want proof I offer you the opinions of Pats fans on this very forum. Clearly (in their opinion) there is a "talent-gap" between the Jets and the Patriots.... Just as clearly the Jets went up into the Patriots back yard and kicked some Patriots ass. Nobody is claiming they were lucky that day. Nobody has claimed that the refs affected the outcome. So if it wasn't talent and it wasn't luck then the only other explanation is that the Patriots were out coached. And by a first year former assistant to boot. Mangini smarts > Belichick smarts. Maybe it is the syphilis taking hold with BB.
  24. How many rings did BB win without Eric on the team? That's right NONE!... Clearly Weiss and Crennel picked up a lot from working alongside the Penguin. I think the time has passed where BB can simply do nothing and allow the credit successes to fall onto his plate. In retrospect it is pretty obvious that this was the reason why BB got so pissed when Eric accepted the position with the Jets? Did the ugly sisters like it when Cinderella moved outta da house??? NOOOOO!!! They were pissed because now the house was going to be dirty and maybe people might begin to question why it was clean in the first place.
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