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  1. "Let's just say there was a miscommunication and leave it at that" <wink> <wink> "I did MY job" <wink> <wink>
  2. So is the thread supposed to magically reappear to us on the forum after being invisible once we get our secret decoder rings?
  3. Preparing to feed the underside of the bus again I see. How about he take some responsibility and acknowledge that it is the coaches who put the product out the one the field. Home and away. It is the head coach who puts the Coaches out there. The buck stops where again? What a slimeball
  4. Permission requested to wallow in the green-only mire.
  5. DW10, Weren't you the guy who was claiming last week the the Dolphins were the best team in football and that you weren't even kidding? I am guessing that this makes you something of a subject matter expert on all things "most overrated" perhaps. Hrrm... How does that work exactly? Is it the Best team in football EXCEPT for the Jaguars this week? By the way, did you guys start to mail it in yet? How are those geriatrics, Thomas and Taylor doing? Did Zack get any slower? I know your coach ("In Saban we trust") is making a visit out of town this week (Alabama is it?). I hope things go well for him there. I do hope your team puts forth a good effort against the Pastries this week. "Go Phins!" <puke, puke.... man that was nasty!>
  6. Buffalo are our trap game. Historically anyway and especially in the 2nd game. I don't think it is any different this year. The Bills really had to give us the first game five times over before we finally got the message decided not to give it back. I think both team will be improved from where we were back then and it should be a good game. This time (I hope) is that we have a new found stout run defense which is a big difference from whatr you saw from us the first time around. That, and the fact that this is a good and appropriately timed test test for Mangini's ability to AVOID the trap game. I also think that Buffalo lost their last realistic crack at the playoffs by going to 5-7 last week. Often the week after the prize has moved out of reach is the lowest point for a team. Welcome to the site!
  7. Possibly even another handshake photo opportunity. Group hugs at the 50 yard line anyone?
  8. LOL... OK TX, I admit it. You're good. That one tickled my funny bone. Now if only you would develop some kind of a distaste for doing business with pugilists in the lighter weight classes.
  9. Tell me you would not relish a Jets-Pats playoff game. Tell me there would not be just a little extra involved over an above what comes with any other playoff game.
  10. You miss the point. I am not predicting anything. Like any other Jets fan I would be rooting like hell for my team to succeed but I certainly would not go so far as to predict a win for the Jets. My prediction is simply that BB has a hell of a lot more to lose in such an encounter than Eric Mangini or the Jets do. Simple as that. End of story. If you ask what I think will happen? Well I do not think that game would be a lock for the Pats. Regardless of all that the game would be as big a spectacle as we have seen within the AFC East as any in my memory. Maybe not as big as an AFC championship game would have been a few years ago if we make a kick in Pittsbugh but actually I think it might even be bigger than that one. We have the whole non-handshake thing going on here in addition to the snippiness that has existed between the two franchises in recent years. That game if it had happened a few years ago would simply have been Herm's Jets Vs. BB's Patriots. This would be The no handshake Professor Vs. Disciple. Please tell me that you understand how much interest such a game would generate, particularly here in the north east.
  11. "Entirely different animals" eh? No sh1t, really? Please tell me that they should play them one game one at a time or that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes it rains. Guess what? Everyone you play on the road in the playoffs is likely to be pretty darned good er... chief. Unless you play in a totally crap division that usually means you are a wildcard going on the road to face a divisional winner. So to get a team you have already split two games with and where you have already won at their house is almost certainly no worse than anywhere else you might be called upon to play. Bub. But that wasn't the point of this thread. The point of the thread was to consider this whole scenario from Bill Belichik's perspective. I cunningly and subtly disguised this under the thread title of "Belichick's worst nightmare" so as to throw off unsuspecting posters such as yourself. The case, as it was laid out there by yours truly in the ORIGINAL POST was that, should this scenario eventuate, that the professor would be in something of a "no win" situation. He wins, so what? He only did what he was supposed to do. If he loses on the other hand then sports writers across the planet have headlines for weeks, if not seasons to come. Not to mention we all get to opine over the likelihood of a another non-handshake handshake at the end of the game. In any event I for one would be more interested to belly up to a bar and watch THAT playoff game than any other matchup I can think of. Capiche?
  12. Yeah but an IQ of 67 would win the Division in New England
  13. Since we have already gone 1-1 against the Pastries I assume that would also be your prediction for them if they were in the AFC West. KC aint all that and I think you know this. 0-2 against the bolts? Maybe so but they have their brain-fart moments too and they simply do not play us very well if recent history is a guide. Plus lil' Schott is our secret weapon.
  14. Who cares about Strahan?.... Are you nuts ??? It is hilarious to watch those guys self destruct. Sign me up for that soap opera every day and twice on Sundays! What Jets fan dones not appreciate a little Shadenfreude Yeah baby...
  15. The Jets at Foxboro in the playoffs. There is ZERO and I do mean ZERO upside for him in that matchup but there is a Grand Canyon's worth of downside if the Patriots should fall to the Jets. Setting aside for the moment the mass suicide's of people named Shasta and PatsFanTX.... If the Patriots were to win such a contest, well then the 3-time Superbowl winning New England Patriots wuold simply have done the expected. *yawn* They would have beaten a rookie head Coach and coach of the Year candidate who got the previosly 4-12 Jets into the playoffs against all the odds in his first season as a head coach. Maybe all they did was beat a bottom feeding team who lucked into the playoffs because of an easy schedule. Now if they were to lose on the other hand.... Now that is almost too delicious to contemplate. The Jets are simply not lucky enough for the gods to give us such a matchup but my fingers are crossed.
  16. Yes but it is actually more like one and a half for the purposes of this discussion. The Jets would have to win out for there even to be a possiblility and the thread started with the idea that we need help from Miami. If those tewo things happen we have the divisional record tie breaker aganst the Patriots by virtue of a better divisional record. Two losses, Miami plus one for the Patriots and the Jets have the AFC Eastern divison title in their own hands. Not likely exactly but hardly out of the question.
  17. I prefer the old Peter King who would pick against the Jets no matter what. This king love is giving me the willies. Anyone else feeling.... "jinxed" by this?
  18. EM31

    Cedric Houston

    Houston has been injured but even so we might not have sufficient information on his to make a good read even by the end of this year. I can't help thinking about all that time last year that we wasted trying to get Curtis the record and which in retrospect could have been spent on the seasoning of a young running back. What a Micky mouse franchise this was under Herman and Bradway.
  19. Seriously if your measuring stick is TD's I will quote Brad Baxter right back atcha. Doh! Also Curtis has traditionally been taken out in goal line situations for much of his career so I would stay away from the TD stat if I were you. This was a trend that was started under Parcells by the way. Curtis was generally regarded as only partially effective punching it in or in short yardage situations in general. Consequently he often was taken out for a more effective runner in those situtations. Lamont Jordan when he did get into the game usually got in on 3rd and short. Incidentally these "trends" also helped out his overall YPC average taking it up from "life support" and into the "merely anemic" territory. If you would take any other running back in the league and tell them they were going to be lifted out in obvious short yardage running situations then every one of them would recognize and understand that this strategy would benefit their overall YPC. See what happens when your HS coach is your OC? Here are the (un cherry-picked stats). His YPC average was better in the Hackett years and number of carries was generally higher also. Since if you take off your shoes to help you count and try hard enough you might recognize that this translates into a superior total yards stat. (You know... avg * number of carries = total yards ). How is any of that related to your point obut apponents putting fifteen men in the bax to tackle Curtis having hurt his career again? Year Team G GS C Yds Avg Lg TD 20+ 1st 1995 New England Patriots 16 15 368 1487 4.0 49 14 11 80 1996 New England Patriots 16 15 316 1152 3.6 57 14 3 76 1997 New England Patriots 13 13 274 1160 4.2 70 4 8 46 1998 New York Jets 15 15 369 1287 3.5 60 8 2 69 1999 New York Jets 16 16 367 1464 4.0 50 5 9 84 2000 New York Jets 16 16 316 1204 3.8 55 9 8 61 2001 New York Jets 16 16 333 1513 4.5 47 10 9 77 2002 New York Jets 16 16 261 1094 4.2 35 7 5 54 2003 New York Jets 16 16 323 1308 4.0 56 2 5 53 2004 New York Jets 16 16 371 1697 4.6 25 12 7 90 2005 New York Jets 12 12 220 735 3.3 49 5 4 35 2006 New York Jets 0 0 0 0 --- 0 0 0 0 TOTAL 168 166 3518 14101 4.0 70 90 71 725 The thing that strikes me about these stats (above) are that they are almost eerily consistent year in and year out. Curtis was just and unbelievable consistent player who showed up to play every day year in and year out. He had the good fortune to play for teams where the HC was in favor of going to his horse early and often. If you stay healthy as Curtis did, the numbers will come. And they did.
  20. And you are starting to sound like a substance free dope. *gong* - If you measure "best" by total number of yards at the end of the year then he was one of the better ones. Once you factor in the number of carries or better yet if you actually watched the games you would be able to see that the number of times Curtis actually took over a game would not have put him into the elite category. Do you actually watch the games Peter? Rubbish. Running backs under Hackett always fared well statistically. Usually at the expense of other areas of the offense. Jeez you guys are funny. First it was eight in the box, then nine and now "ten in the box".... Will the excuses for Curtis' ordinary performances never end? One of the mods around here used to have the top twenty "excuses" used by Curtis Martiun supporters for why it wasn't his fault that he was a 4.0 ypc runner. Perhaps he should resurrect it. He is going to the Hall of fame because he was an iron man. Not because he particulalry scared anyone as a runner.
  21. Do YOU know ANYTHING about football? Do you ever feel a need to support your arguments? Curtis had freakish durability and freakinsh longevity. Aside from that he was a solid running back who benefitted greatly from a run oriented Offensive coordinator who also happened to be his high scool coach. A coach who was run out of Kansas City because of his refusal to deviate from his "run first run second" philosphy. If you take a league high or near league high number of carries every year and freakinsh durability you get good statistical numbers at the end of the day. All of those infernal third and forever draw plays (which drove Jets fans nuts) which never made first downs but often got the running back 12-15 yards also tended to pad his stats mightily over the course of a career. Curtis gave us dependability at a cost of one of the highest paid running backs in the history of the NFL. Curtis may have been a lexus but we paid Ferrari prices for him. Those Ferrari dollars meant there was less to spend elsewhere. What you did not get was a guy who was a force who had to be dealt with the way the TD or LJ or Priest Holmes or Marshall Faulk or Shawn Alexander or Edge or any one of a number other running backs were a force on the field. Curtis came up small for us in big games. Freeman was a better running back for one game than Curtis was. If you are happy with "a bit better than average" for ten years then you are easily pleased.
  22. And he is kind to animals and gives to charity so let's open up the bank book and pay him more than any running back in the history of the NFL. Let's overpay every nice guy on the team and retain them well past their fresh date. Let's continue to run the offense around them even when they are injured and ineffective so that they can achieve personal career milestones even if doing that will prevent the franchise from moving forward. Incidentally Dierking's "facts" are incorrect. Martin's was on a pace that would fall short of 1000 yard season. Not really by a huge amount but if you get into someone's grill to dispute a "fact" and then observe that they are not letting "facts" get in the way of their arguments then I think you should at least be correct. 2005 New York Jets 12 (games) 12 220 735 (yards) 3.3 49 5 4 35 Actually for those of us who watched all the games last year it even more painful than those horrible numbers. Apart from one freak game against the Bills, Curtis sucked even worse than that for the eleven other games he was the starter last year. If someone needs help with the math I think we could arrange some remedial classes. Here's a "fact" If Curtis does not play another down in the NFL and if he goes into the hall of fame then he will have the 2nd lowest YPC average of any HOF running back in the history of the game. But hey, as has been observed, he is nice to children and animals. 4.008243320068220579874928936896 What that says is exactly what that says. Average or a bit better but for a boat load of years but with good total yardage numbers because of the HUGE amount of carries he recieved. On any team with a sane balance between run and pass, Curtis would have disappeared. Not great but "great" longevity. But wait you say, what about his receiving skills? Sorry but those are downright weak when measured against his contemporaries. Here is where Curtis supporters usually start yakking about his ability to pick up the blitz. But let's not worry about all of that. He was nice guy and a class act. Wouldn't want any actual statistcs to get in the way of other people's "Phacts"
  23. Cheap if you expect him to to be more than a JAG and if he stays healthy (his history).
  24. Speaking of decisive moves. I woud be really really happy if they announced a new contract for Cotchery. I have to think his price already went up by a bunch.
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